General Hospital Tuesday March 17th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/17/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan brings Katherine champagne breakfast on a cart.  She wakes up and he tells her that he's trying to make it up to her for so many late business nights.  She invites him over to the bed and he undresses (always loving seeing him with his shirt off!).  Later, we see them eating breakfast in bed, feeding each other.  He tells her there may be some new trouble with Luke and explains Nickolas' fight with Lucky.  He reveals the rape to her so she is astonished.  Katherine can't imagine doing what Laura did, but she feels it's Laura's business.  They talk about their own unusual relationship and then go back to kissing.   Aftwards, Stefan sleeps and dreams about Laura.  He is awakened by Katherine's kisses but then realizes she's not Laura.  He pulls away, gets up and puts on his robe.  She asks him about his dream, but he claims he never remembers his dreams.  He goes back and they make wild passionate love again.

A cop pokes Lucky awake on a bus bench.  He wants to arrest him but Lucky shows him his fake ID that says he's 18 and from New Jersey.  He still wants to take him but Lucky shows him his bus ticket for Ohio.  The cop tells him the bus is boarding so Lucky gets up to leave.  He looks around as if in doubt and then suddenly turns around and leaves the bus station.  He goes to see Liz at home.  She wonders why he knocked on the window and why he's got the bags.  He says he's leaving but wanted to say goodbye.  She asks what happened but he can't tell her.  She understands but suggests he go to his parents.  He says he doesn't "know who they are" so she asks him to tell her, since they're so close.  He doesn't want to dump it on her but she asks how anything  could be worse than the rape.  She tells him how great he was for her after the attack.  He tells her he wanted to find out who raped her, but instead he found out that Luke raped Laura.  She is stunned.  He vents a bit and relates how Luke had to tell him.  She feels really bad for him but she asks him not to leave.  He says he has to go so she asks him where he's going.  He says not to Laura because he's pretty disgusted with her right now, too, plus he knows Luke will find him there.  She invites him to stay there, secretly, going in and out of the window, but he doesn't think it's such a hot idea.  She pleads with him to let her help.  Luke comes to the door and Liz opens it.  She's surprised.  He apologetically asks to talk to her.  He tells her it's about Lucky and "he really needs a friend".  Lucky walks out so Luke sees him.  They start arguing about the rape.  Lucky says he doesn't know who Luke is so Luke reminds him he's the same guy he's always known.  When Lucky makes a cutting remark, Luke says they've "been faithful to each other for 16 years" and resents Lucky's comments.  Lucky doesn't regret his remarks, he just tells Luke that both his parents are "twisted" and he hates them both.  Luke urges him to only hate him, not Laura, because she's suffered enough.  They argue about whether the rape is the same as Liz's.  Then Luke asks him who told him about it.  Lucky makes him guess so Luke figures out it's the Cassadines.  Lucky taunts him, saying that maybe Laura told them.  "Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?  Was she kidnapped by the Cassadines...or was she rescued?"

Edward shoots a commercial.  It's a public plea to turn in information about his great-grandson.  He tells everyone who he is and then gives all the kidnapping details.  Carly watches the TV in fear.  Jason walks in and watches, too.  Edward opens a suitcase of money and says they're offering 5 million dollars.  Carly asks Jason if he thinks it might work but he thinks "it's a disaster".  Carly expresses her concern for him, since he stayed out all night.  She apologizes for yelling at him but he says he knows she didn't mean it.  He was out searching for Michael.  But he does agree with part of what she said about him putting the baby in danger.  He wonders if maybe they should tell AJ the truth.  Carly gets panicky and says no way.  They bicker about it but Jason tells her that it's her call.  Carly says emphatically that Jason is the baby's father "in every way that matters".  They have tea together.  Carly talks about how lucky she's been for Jason to be around to help her with not only taking care of the baby but loving him.  He wonders again if he's made the right choices so she assures him he has.  Then Jason tells her that another kidnapping suspect could be this mob guy in Puerto Rico that usually is allied with him but lately he's been acting strange.  He gets his stuff together and tells Carly that he's got to fly down to San Juan to check it out.  She thanks him again for everything he's done and hugs him tightly before he leaves.

Lila talks to Edward after the commercial.  AJ walks in and castigates Edward for putting Michael in danger.  They argue.  Monica and Alan walk in, having heard the broadcast on the radio.  Monica blasts him for waiting until they were at work to do it.  Reginald tells them that someone has called with info.  Edward smiles triumphantly and takes the call.  Some woman tells him that a new baby showed up in some playgroup matching Michael's general description and he didn't look happy with his parents (like maybe they weren't his).  He goes to phone the cops.  Taggert tells Edward off, too, calling him an "old jackass".  Edward yells right back at him and hangs up the phone.  Edward rants and raves.  Alan wonders if maybe Edward had the right idea.  They all argue, as usual.  Reginald tells Edward there's another call, but it's just a crank.  The other Quartermaines laugh.  Emily walks in and wonders what she's missed.  They all look guilty so Emily wonders what's wrong and knows it has something to do with Michael.  Monica tells her about the kidnapping (finally!).  They fill her in on the details.  She is upset that they didn't tell her.  Monica and Alan assure her that there's nothing anyone can do right now but Edward tells her about his TV appearance.  They go back to arguing about whether that was a good idea or not.  Edward defends why he went on TV.  Edward gets another call, this time overseas and collect.  This time the crank says Michael was being taken away "by aliens".  The Quartermaines don't laugh this time, they look disappointed.

Michael lies in his crib in the Mercy nursery.