General Hospital Monday March 16th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 3/16/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Helen reads a newspaper in the Port Charles Hotel, waiting.  Robin walks by so she stops her and says hi.  She chats to Robin and asks her to tea, but Robin demurs.  Helena thanks her again for Nikolas but Robin tells her to knock it off and says the Cassadines don't owe her anything.  Helena says fine but remember, she has her gratitude.  She leaves and Robin looks wary.  Helena ambushes Nikolas again on the docks and asks him if he'll take a tour of her yacht.  He tells her to buzz off but she talks about how great it is to hear him speak.  She tries to smother him with niceness and guilt feelings.  She mentions Robin and talks about their shared past, Robert Scorpio, etc. and says that Stefan misjudged Robin.  Nikolas is surprised when she tells him that Stefan offered Robin money, but he doesn't let on to her.  Her ride to her yacht arrives so she blows him a kiss and leaves.  Stefan finds Nikolas on the docks; Nikolas blasts Stefan for trying to pay off Robin.  He knows that Stefan was trying to get rid of her.  Stefan tells him there's no future with Robin, but Nikolas says they're just friends.  Stefan points out the danger from Jason and from the HIV.  Nikolas is disgusted with Stefan and defends Robin.  He intends to keep her as a friend, he tells Stefan.

Justus tells Jason that his conversation with Moreno's lawyer was fruitless.  Justus urges Jason to keep considering every possible suspect.  The phone rings and Carly runs in.  She wonders why he doesn't answer.  Jason finally picks it up and says, "Use the alternate phone number you were given!"  Carly bitches at them and suggests strongly that Jason should go to Edward and take him up on his offer.  Justus advises Carly not to trust Edward or his "promises".  Justus walks out so Carly makes a bitchy comment.  Jason tells Carly to go rest (since she's in a such a foul mood) but instead she calls him on the carpet for not making Michael "a priority".  Jason yells at her and they argue loudly.  He tells him how scared he is and she says some really horrible things to him.  He looks hurt but walks out, kicking things as he goes.  She realizes how stupid she was and runs after him, but he's already in the elevator.

Luke tells Lucky not to leave, they have to work this out. Lucky snidely suggests that Luke force him to say.  He yells at Luke to "say it" but Luke tells him it won't make him feel any better.  Finally Luke tells him, "I raped your mother" but says it was a long time ago, "in another life".  Lucky questions him for details.  Luke assures him that this has nothing to do with their family or how they are now.  Lucky calls him a coward in a broken voice, tears flowing.  He says he hates him "more than anyone".  Lucky again asks for the whole story.  Luke says he doesn't know if he even knows the truth about "that night" but says he'll tell him what he can.  He tells Lucky the story of what happened.  We see part of it in flashbacks.  He says he managed a disco and he was obsessed with Laura.  Luke tells Lucky he was going to be executed by Frank Smith.  He got really drunk (not that it's an excuse, he says) late that night at the closed disco, feeling suicidal.  Laura walked in (he describes her fondly down to the last detail), he says.  "How I loved her" he moans.  She asked Luke what was wrong and he warned to get away, but she didn't.  She said her marriage to Scott was over and asked him why he was crying.  Again he told her to leave but she didn't.  She said that she and Scott were his friends and he should go to the police.  He remembers how he felt, he wanted her and she wouldn't go away.  "I couldn't take it anymore" he says, so he told her that she was "a sickness" and tearing him apart.  They touched each other and Luke describes how it felt to him, how she smelled.  "I wanted to die in her arms", he says, but then she wanted to go finally, now that he wanted her to stay.  He grabbed her. Luke describes the scene with the music and lights.  In the flashback, she shakes her head no and he comes toward her and takes her hand.  Luke says they held each other, then "she got scared" and wanted to leave.  They kissed, he says, and it was mutual, but "then she said no".  He says, "I think...she kept saying no" and he raped her.  He says, "I think I blacked out or something" because he came to and she was sitting there "in a ball, her clothes all torn" and he describes how her face looked.  In the flashback, he turns away in disbelief and she runs out.  The phone rang and next thing he knew, she was gone.  She went to the park, where someone found her.  Luke sobs, "And I - I ... that's all I know".  Lucky says sarcastically that the story makes him "really proud".  He walks out with his stuff and Luke just sits there, sobbing.  Bobbie comes in and tells Luke why she's been trying to track him down.  He tells Bobbie that she's too late, he told Lucky.  She feels bad for him and sits down.  Luke tells her that Lucky's "gone".  He seems kind of in shock.  She urges him to go after Lucky but Luke says he can't, he has to let him go if he's ever going to get him back "someday".  He says he won't tell Laura about what's happened.  He doesn't want Laura caught up in it.  Bobbie tells Luke to "stop protecting her".  Luke cries some more.  Meanwhile, Lucky goes to a bus station to buy a ticket to no place in particular.

Robin runs into Edward at the Port Charles Hotel and they exchange greetings.  She sees Justus and waves him over.  He gives her a warm greeting but ignores Edward.  She leaves and Edward asks him how Jason is.  Justus gives him a short answer but Edward presses him for details.  They get into their old argument because today is the 2 year anniversary of Damien Smith's death.  Edward suggests again that Justus give him another "chance".  Justus is unmoved.  Edward tells him that he went by Ward House earlier today and implies that Justus has replaced Damien because of his working for Jason.  Justus tells him he doesn't buy it and tells him how much he likes his new job and penthouse.  Edward begs him again to come back but Justus replies, "Absolutely not".  Edward gives up and says he's going to act now on getting Michael back.  He rushes off and Justus yells after him to stay out of it.

Tony talks to Michael at Mercy.  The nurse comes in and they chat about the baby.  Tony lies that his mother is an illegal alien and maintains that the baby must stay there.  The nurse looks understably confused.  Tony also lies that the baby had " neurological tremors" so he's concerned that they might recur.  The nurse says he can stay.

Jason goes to the bridge and starts pounding it with his fist until Robin comes up and offers to help.  He tells her she can't, "Michael's gone".  She wraps up his injured hand in a handkerchief.  Jason gives her the details about the kidnapping.  He's convinced now that someone took the baby to get even with him.  Robin tells him it's not his fault.  Jason worries about the baby being afraid and with strangers.  He says he knows now what it's like to be afraid.  He also tells her that he can't act on anything because it might harm Michael.  Robin tells him that the baby's safe and he'll get him back.  They hug.  Jason vows to get him back and get revenge on whoever took him.