General Hospital Friday March 13th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 3/13/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Nikolas meets Sarah at the Port Charles Grill.  She is impressed that he remembered that she told one of the kids at GH that she loves the chocolate cake there.  She asks him if he ever read her letter and why didn't he write back.  He says he did but explains that he wasn't capable of writing then without it working.  He is distracted when Robin walks in with Jax.  Sarah seems a bit jealous.  She quizzes Nikolas about his relationship with Robin and who Jax is.  He talks a bit about how he's somewhat involved in the businesses of his inheritance; Stefan makes him learn a little bit a couple of days a week.  Sarah is impressed again.

Robin explains to Jax how she knows Nikolas.  This leads to her observations about Stefan, which Jax is happy to hear.  Jax says he knows that Robin invited him to lunch at the last minute because it's part of Brenda's plan, but Robin won't tell him what it is.  Jax tries to guess, making Robin laugh.

Robin goes over to Sarah and Nikolas' table and asks to sit down with them for a while.  Sarah smiles politely but we know she's not thrilled.  Nikolas only has eyes for Robin.  Robin explains that she's there to help Brenda in her cause for "true love".  Sarah is left out when Robin and Nikolas talk about the French book they've been reading, etc.  She tries to get involved in the conversation and mentions the time Nikolas got suspended and why.  Robin is surprised that Stefan is in favor of Nikolas not going to school.  Sarah is disappointed when she finds out that he's not coming back to school.  Sarah continues to feel left out while they talk about Paris. Robin leaves to go back to Jax's table.

Brenda sits down with Jax, who is not really surprised to see her.  She has his favorite oysters brought in that she had flown in especially for him.  He is flattered despite himself.  He asks who's going to shuck the oysters.  Brenda brings in his friend Scotty Moran to do the shucking (he's the one who brought the oysters).  Jax tells Brenda she "topped" him.  Brenda insists that Jax has the last one, even though he already ate a whole lot more than she did.  Jax compliments Moran and tries to pay him but he refuses since Brenda already paid.  He does advise Jax that Brenda is "a beauty" and "loves" him, so he's "the luckiest man" he's seen "this year".  He gives Brenda a goodbye peck and then leaves.  Jax jokingly asks her how much she paid him to say all that.  Robin returns and asks how the meal was.  Jax tells them mildly that no matter what Brenda does and says, he's "not going to fall".  But Brenda and Robin don't believe him.

Lucky comes in to see Bobbie at home (she thinks it's Felicia at first).  He asks her if Luke raped Laura.  She doesn't want to be the one to tell him, so she says to ask Luke.  Lucky says he already knows now, then he leaves.  Bobbie phones Luke's Club to look for him but he's not there.  She leaves the message that it's an emergency.  She also phones home to leave a message; Lucky, who's at home,  listens while she leaves it.  Lucky goes to his secret stash in the closet to get his run away money and backpack.  Luke comes in and wonders what's happening.  Lucky doesn't answer at first, but when Luke grabs his arm, he asks, "Why didn't you trust me?"

Luke visits Carly, who's not too happy to see him.  He says he wants to talk to Jason about Michael.  Carly is pissed that Bobbie told him; she is also still annoyed that Bobbie first accused her of losing the baby.  Luke doesn't want to hear it so he yells at her and then sits down to wait for Jason.  But they get into an argument about the kidnapping.  Luke says she "should have known better" than to risk her baby's life with Jason's lifestyle.  Edward visits and asks what Luke's doing there, so Luke explains.  Luke leaves, impatient and not wanting to be around the slimy Quartermaine.  Edward gives her another pep talk about family support and asks her to "come home with me".  They sit to have tea. She explains that she feels like the penthouse is home and besides, they all hate her.  They chat a little about the Q's.  He emphatically tells her not to blame herself for Michael's kidnapping, but he does blame Jason.  Carly stands up for Jason, saying that he has kept her secrets and didn't get annoyed when she showed up on his doorstep pregnant even though she had previously claimed it was Tony's, in fact he's done nothing but help her.  She says he should get out if he's trying to get her to doubt Jason.  Edward agrees but says Jason's business is what endangered MIchael.  She says it's not the mobsters that took him.  Edward runs AJ's idea by her, that Jason might need more money for the ransom but wouldn't go to the Q's for it.  She makes some comment about how Michael will be fine.  He agrees and hands her keys to the mansions.  Then he gets an idea and rushes out.

Tony is at his cabin when there is knock.  Two of Jason's men burst in and make him sit on a chair.  Jason walks in, so Tony asks what's going on.  Jason says, "You know".  Tony says Michael's not there and explains that he knows he's missing because of Carly's visit.  Jason won't answer so Tony tries to be nice.  He asks what he ever did to Jason and blames this all on Carly's hatred for him.  Jason's men search the place.  He asks Tony again where the kid is.  Tony says that mobsters must have done it, just like he always feared would happen.  He rambles on a bit about how Michael has a right to grow up, Jason can't have any feelings for the child, etc.  Jason pulls up a chair in front of Tony, looks him in the eye, and says, "You're lying.  You know where he is.  And one way or another, you're gonna tell me".  Tony looks very nervous, avoiding his gaze.  Jason confesses that he never did like Tony because of the way he treated him after his brain injury.  He details the way Tony acted with Carly and the baby.  He yells at Tony about how he has "no right" to take Michael.  Then he says, "Your diagnosis is wrong, Dr. Jones.  I can feel, and I can hate.  Because I hate you."  He repeats the question about where Michael is.  Then Garcia and Taggert burst it, guns drawn.  The cops take the goons' guns away and order them outside, then Garcia asks Tony to show him around the palce (giving him a slight excuse to look around).   Meanwhile, Taggert asks Jason if he found anything.  Jason is understandably hostile and notes that the cops couldn't get their own search warrant.  Taggert says they didn't have enough evidence to get one.  He tells Jason, "Listen, Anger Boy, you did get this time" but warns Jason to stay out of it next time.  Tony and Garcia return.  Taggert pretends to want to put Jason away (okay, he doesnt' have to pretend too much) and Tony says he wants to do that, but when Garcia says it will take months to come to trial and they'll have to do a thorough search for evidence, etc.,  Tony says never mind, explaining that he's trying to get on with his life.  Garcia warns Jason to stay away from Tony's place.  Jason leaves.  Garcia gets Tony to agree not to press any charges or file any paperwork.  Later, A  baby nurse at Mercy tells Tony that the baby is doing fine; he thanks her for taking care of Michael for him.

Jason returns home with Justus.  Rinaldo tells him that both Luke and Edward were there.  Jason tells Justus about his visit to Tony.  He says he can tell Tony's lying.  Justus, who is not familiar with Jason's lie detector ability, thinks Jason is just deceiving himself.  Justus still thinks it's a mobster but Jason says no one has called.  He has Justus phone Moreno's lawyer to feel him out without mentioning the kidnapping.  Jason worries that it might just be some stranger who stole Michael.  Justus tries to reassure him.  Jason says he's "not used to being afraid" and asks Justus to tell him if he makes any mistakes.  Justus says he's doing fine.  Jason phones Benny to get some people to watch Moreno instead of Tony.  Carly walks in and hears, so she realizes he didn't find Michael at Tony's.  They are both frustrated.  Jason now thinks it might be Moreno or some other mobster, since he doesn't think the Quartermaines or Tony has Michael now.  He promises her he'd give "anything", even his life, to get him back.