General Hospital Thursday March 12th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 3/12/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Mac comes up and kisses Felicia for Tess' benefit, but it irritates Felicia.  Tess observes to Mac that it's odd how he doesn't sleep with Felicia even though he's so "hot" for her.  He tells her to mind her own business.  She says something cryptic about their big plans.

Brenda brings Jax a present but he looks grumpy.  She makes him open it: it's a kid's book that he used to read when he was young (she phoned his mom to find out), so he's pleased.  She spies the nearby copy of The National Inquisitor.  She and her mental problems are on the cover.  She gets outraged when she reads Mac's awful comments about her.  She and Jax grab their coats so they can confront Mac.  Mac seems clueless when they get to the Outback.  Jax wonders if Mac was "misquoted".  Mac admits he said those things, since Tess is nearby, so Jax punches him.  Brenda drags Jax out while Tess and Felicia tend to poor Mac.  Mac glares at Tess, since he knows she planted those things to test him.  She says he passed the test.  Mac and Felicia discuss what Tess might be up to with this.  Mac thinks Jax might have something to do with Tess' plan.

Brenda and Jax wonder why Mac did it.  She thanks him for coming to her defense, comparing her to his boyhood hero Ned Kelly (the one from the book).  They flirt and joke around about it.  They are about to kiss but Jax pulls back and Brenda leaves. She rejoices silently outside his door that her plan is working.

Lucky walks on the docks pensively.  Liz finds him and asks him why he's staring at Spoon Island.  He doesn't answer but wonders the same thing I do: what the heck is she doing out at night by herself?  She has an appointment with the cops.  They found out about her exam at Mercy and want her to answer some questions (just how did they find out? Maybe they snuck into the hospital records like Lucky did the other day).  Lucky offers to go with her so she accepts.  Garcia and Dara treat Liz gently as they greet her at the police station.  They all go into his office.  Liz is anxious to get it done with.  She jokes nervously that her attack happened Friday 13th.  She gives them all the details about it, including lying to Audrey about being at the dance.  Lucky looks as sad as she does as she relives the horrible event.  She gets upset and starts to cry when she gets to the rape part.  She talks about how her mind sort of went off by itself during the rape.  Liz says she doesn't know anything about what he looked like or who he was and there's no physical evidence left.  Lucky asks for some water for her so Garcia gets it.  Dara questions her for more details.  Liz says he was wearing "a ski mask and gloves" but she doesn't remember what his eyes looked like.  However, she remembers a strong smell of soap on his hand that was over her mouth.  Garcia says they can ask other rape victims about that detail.  Liz is horrified that he might have raped someone else.  Garcia is honest that they probably won't catch him but they will keep trying.  He gives her his card and urges her to call if she remembers anything else.  Lucky and Liz are leaving when they run into Audrey.  She came there because she was worried; she offers to take Liz home so Lucky leaves.  Liz has to stop at the restroom first.

Lucky confronts Stefan on the docks.  He demands that Stefan tell him that he lied to Nikolas about Luke raping Laura.  Lucky thinks that Stefan's silence means he must have lied because why wouldn't he rush to tell Lucky the awful truth about Luke.  Lucky says Laura wouldn't marry her rapist so Stefan says that "Laura is unique in her capacity for love and forgiveness, for self-delusion".  He says that's "served her well" and walks off.  Lucky looks struck.

Carly paces while Justus tells her to be patient.  She accuses him of hating her but he denies it.  He tells her that Jason sees something special in her and he trusts Jason's "judgement", so...
She puts herself down again for allowing Michael to be taken so he assures her that it's not her fault.  She relates that she and Jason think they know who took Michael.  Jason walks in and Justus is shocked to find out that they suspect Tony.  They tell him how Tony has acted lately, why he's their #1 suspect.  Justus urges Jason to make sure about his accusations; Jason says Tony has lost his marbles.  Justus wants Jason to give the cops the info but Jason says he has no proof and they'll take the good doctor's word over the mobster's.  Jason acts Carly to go upstairs so they can chat about business, but she says she'll go for a walk instead.  Jason hopes that Tony does have Michael because he's pretty sure he won't hurt him.  However, he worries that Tony is not stable and has a temper.  He really misses the baby and worries that he's crying.  Taggert visits so Justus warns him he better leave if he's not there with information about the kidnapping.  Taggert makes his usual insulting comments about Jason but says he wants to tap the phone in case the kidnapper calls.  Justus says he doesn't have permission.  When Taggert keeps making obnoxious comments, Jason tells him off and starts to attack him, but Justus and the bodyguard hold him off.  Taggert tells Jason that he's doing Michael harm by not cooperating and it'll be his fault if he dies.  After Taggert leaves, Justus says the wire tap might help if there is a ransom demand.  Jason asks him to phone Benny for an update.  They're trying to look at Tony's bank records to see if he's moved any large amounts of money out of state and whether he's traced Tony's phone yet.  Justus tells Jason the same thing he told Carly: it's not his fault.  Jason doesn't believe it and compares it to what happened to Sonny.

Despite Jason's warnings, Carly confronts Tony about the baby.  He acts surprised but still makes an obnoxious remark.  She starts slapping him but Bobbie walks in and grabs her.  Carly yanks her arm away and says, "Don't touch me!  He stole my son!".  Bobbie tells her to calm down but Carly goes back to yelling at Tony.   Bobbie defends him so Carly yells at her, and Tony tells her not to do that.  Carly says that Bobbie accused her of being responsible for Michael's kidnapping so Bobbie apologizes and says she was "wrong".  Tony again acts surprised and Bobbie acts him to keep it quiet like the police said.  Tony tells Carly he's "sorry" but she still thinks he did it.  He leaves them alone so Bobbie tells her that Tony wouldn't do that.  He lost his own kid so he could never do that.  Carly calls her "naive" and says Tony is evil.  She starts telling Bobbie how frustrated she feels just waiting around.  Bobbie tries to comfort her but Carly won't have it; she takes off.  Tony returns so Bobbie tells him how worried she is.  He consoles her and offers to stay in town until the ordeal is over.  She tells him it's not necessary.  He says again how their lives might be different if BJ had lived.  They agree that neither of them are good at "forgetting".

Taggert returns to the station to see if there's any news about the kidnapping.  Dara tells him that she wants to take him "off the case".  She yells at him for using the kidnapping to go after Jason.  He wonders why she cares so she says he's risking the baby.  He tells her in no uncertain terms that the baby's welfare is his first concern.  He has her sit so he can tell her about his first case, the kidnapping of a baby.  He made the mistake of not pushing the case because he felt so bad for the parents, so the baby died before they could find her.  She was dumped in a garbage dumpster in an alley, which he sees whenever he's got a kidnapping case.  Justus and Jason walk in to tell them that the phone can be tapped as long as Jason's man does the tapping.  As they're leaving, Dara asks Justus to stay off Taggert's case about the kidnapping because he cares a whole lot about the baby.  Justus looks a little concerned about her sudden  change of heart.

When Carly returns home, Jason tells her about the phone tap.  He knows where she was because he's been having Tony followed since Michael's kidnapping.  Carly says Tony seemed "surprised".  Jason says he is making sure that Tony "can't run", but he warns her to quit doing stuff out of panic because she's risking Michael's life.  He tells her how scared he is for Michael because he's so helpless.  She asks why he doesn't hate her and he explains that it was just as much his fault since he left her go out without any bodyguards.  She talks about how she feels inside and he reassures her.  She leans on his shoulder for comfort.