General Hospital Wednesday March 11th Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/11/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Katherine gets a delivery, her present for Felicia.  She warns the housekeeper, Mrs. Lansbury, that she's hosting a "fun" bridal shower for Felicia tonight.  Nikolas walks in and asks what she's talking about so she explains.  Mrs. Lansbury leaves.  Kath hears a weird sound so Nikolas explains that there's a plumber fixing a leak on the third floor.  Robin arrives and Kath hugs her and they both thank her for her help in getting him to speak.  Kath excuses herself for a moment.  Robin asks Nikolas if he's staying but he assures her that this shower is traditional, all-women.

Felicia tells Mac that she feels weird going to a shower when they're not getting married.  Mac suggests they let their friends in on the fact that they're not getting married, so they return their presents.  They plan it so Felicia will be the one to break up with him, so Tess won't wonder what's up.  They joke around until Felicia leaves.  Tess comes in right after and asks Mac to hire her as a bartender for the Outback.  She tells him that she wants to hang around to keep a closer eye on "James" since he's messed up so much by letting Mac die and proposing to Felicia.

Alan takes more pills but notices he's running out once again.  Monica comes in all dressed up for Felicia's shower and wonders how she will endure it when she's so worried about her grandson Michael.  Ned comes in and Alan tells them that he talked to the cops but there's nothing new.  Ned is worried about some work thing that he has to go to in Europe; he doesn't want to go because of Michael, but both Alan and Monica remind him that they have to pretend nothing's happening.  Ned looks at Alan strangely when he flies off the handle a bit.  Alan says he's going back to GH to get some papers; Ned questions him suspiciously but Alan leaves anyway.

Bobbie and Monica arrive at Windemere, then Dara.  Bobbie and Monica talk about how they have to focus on the shower right now, to cover up about the kidnapping.  Kath and Dara chat about the mansion.  Even Bobbie is genial to Kath.  Kath informs them that she lives in the guest house for now because Stefan thinks it's proper.  When Monica asks after Stefan, Kath says he's out tonight at GH with business.  Dara shows them the negligee she got for Felicia; Robin goes to the dining room to wrap it for her.  Robin is holding it out in front of her when Nikolas walks in.  They laugh uncomfortably.  Nikolas teases her and she tells him she normally wears boxers and a t-shirt so she was just wondering what wearing that would be like.  They chat and joke around.  The plumber walks in to talk to Kath.  He's a gorgeous hunk so Monica and Bobbie laugh, thinking that he's a stripper that she hired for Felicia's party.  Kath gets embarrassed while Dara teases him.  She sputters to them all that he's a plumber, not a stripper.  He offers to be a stripper but Kath stops him from unbuttoning his pants.  Felicia walks in, and then Robin.  They wonder why the others are all giggling.  Robin hands Felicia her present but Felicia stops her and tells them that she and Mac aren't getting hitched.  Their faces fall in disappointment.  Felicia tells them a fairly lame excuse so Katherine tells her she's just got "cold feet".  They all agree so Felicia protests.  But they point out all Mac's good points and how great they are for each other.  Felicia is forced to go along with the party.  She opens presents.  Bobbie gives her bath oils, etc. from Deception.  Robin gives her a picture of them in a nice frame from her graduation.  Katherine gives her a slinky white nightgown.  Stefan walks in just then to say hi.  He admires the nightgown and compliments Kath on her "esquisite taste".  She flushes but not in a bad way.  Later, he gets a drink and chats with them about the traditions surrounding the party, including the stripper.  He wishes Felicia well in her marriage but she has doubts.  Dara tells Stefan that she's just nervous.  Robin confides to Kath that it's hard being around people talking about a lifetime of happiness when she walked away from Jason.  Nikolas asks Robin out for dinner at a fancy restaurant to thank her again and she accepts.  They all leave so Stefan apologizes for interrupting her party.  She's glad he was there and they talk about the sexy nightgown she got for Felicia.  He tells her he hopes she has one of her own and they kiss.

Alan goes to his office to look for more pills.  He is relieved when he finds a bottle, but there aren't many left.  He gulps a handful down. Then he falls asleep/passes out on his office couch.  Amy knocks on his door but gets no answer.  She walks in to give him some papers.  At first she thinks he's asleep but she sees the spilled pill bottle on the floor so she fears the worst.  She slaps him and tries to get him awake but it doesn't work.  Finally he does awaken groggily just as she's going to get help.  He tells her not to get anyone, saying he's "fine".  She says he's not, he's "in trouble" and she knows it.  She tells him that he has a "problem" with drugs.  He denies it so she picks up the pill bottle.  He says he's just been under stress lately but she says she knows that it's been going on for awhile.  She takes the bottle and tells him he has to face his problem.   He denies it again, saying he knows what "a dependency problem" looks like because of Emily.  He spins some more lies and mentions "a crisis" so she asks what he means.  He says he can't say.  She tells him that it's a common doctor problem and she offers to take him to the clinic tomorrow.  He hugs her and says he'll tell her everything.  After stalling a bit, he tells her that Michael was kidnapped.  She is stunned.  She offers her help so he tells her why she must keep it to herself.  He also tells her he won't be taking any more pills.    They hug again.  She leaves.  He goes back into his office and searches for more pills but his desk is empty.  However, he finds another bottle and sighs with relief.  He leaves.

Edward comes in looking for Lila.  Ned tells him where she is but Edward grouses because he's in such a foul mood about Michael.  Edward rails about all the servants.  They discuss Michael.  Edward wishes he had seen the baby more and Ned reminds him he got to see him the night they tried to kidnap him.  They debate who might have kidnapped Michael.  AJ walks in and says they should ask Jason who he thinks took him.  Ned theorizes that some stranger who just wanted a baby took him.  This gets AJ and him into their usual arguments.  AJ blames Jason like always.  Edward interrupts them.  AJ says again that Jason might know who took the baby and can't or won't give into the kidnappers.  He knows Jason wouldn't come to them if he needed money or anything, even though they have more resources.  He suggests that Ned go to Jason, since he trusts him more than the others.  Ned doesn't agree that's the wisest course.  AJ relates that he's been trying to picture himself as a parent and he thinks he would handle it differently than Jason.  In fact, he thinks they should work on this problem themselves.  Ned reminds him that the cops said that would be "the worst thing" to do.  AJ storms out.  Edward and Ned bicker a bit about whether AJ is right.  Ned tells him that he has to go to Europe on business for appearance's sake, but he warns him not to do anything stupid as far as the kidnapping is concerned.  Ned leaves but Edward says to himself, "You're not running this family yet, Ned".

Felicia returns to the Outback and takes Mac aside.  He tells her why Tess is working there.  He smiles and strokes her hair for Tess' sake.  She tells him that she couldn't convince their friends that they're not getting married.  They kiss and hug some more.

Robin stands on the bridge.  She hears a sound and turns around, thinking it's Jason, but it's Helena.  She thanks Robin for helping Nikolas and introduces herself.  Robin looks shocked and maybe a little scared.  Helena pours on the charm.  Robin tells her that she doesn't want to get to know her, then she walks away.  Helena looks confident anyway.

Alan goes home and sees that Monica is upset.  He holds her on the couch to comfort her.  He looks guilty as she talks about Michael.