General Hospital Tuesday March 10th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/10/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Carly naps fitfully on the couch and wakes up suddenly when Jason comes in, calling Michael's name.  Benny knocks and comes in; he tells them there's no word anywhere about the baby.  Jason questions him frantically but there's no leads.  Carly starts to panic when she thinks he's saying Michael's dead but Jason assures her that's not what he means.  She says if it's not business, then it must be the Q's.  Carly begs him to let her talk to the Quartermaines, so he relents.  But he insists on doing it his way, so they leave together.

Carly and Jason go to the Quartermaines' house and Jason tells Edward, "Give him back".  The Q's--Edward, Alan, Monica, Ned, Keesha, and AJ (what the heck are they all doing home in the middle of the day, anyway?) all start to panic when they realize Michael's missing.  Carly accuses Edward of stealing him again.  Bobbie comes up from behind and starts yelling at Carly for breaking the cops' directive but Jason says it was his idea to come here.  Jason asks Edward again where Michael is.  Edward looks concerned (maybe for himself as well as Michael?) but then defends himself.  He says he couldn't possible have gotten through Jason's security.  Bobbie starts to explain, Jason cuts her off, but she tells them the details anyway.  Carly protests when Bobbie says Carly "ditched" the baby.  Ned urges Edward to tell the truth, causing Edward to bare his teeth and get indignant.  AJ gets on Carly's case, accusing her of doing something underhanded.  Carly then demands that AJ give her the baby back.  He says he wishes he knew because then he'd keep it from her "forever".  Edward is leaving when Garcia and Taggert arrive to question the family.  Jason listens in nearby as Taggert and Garcia question Edward about the attempted kidnapping of Michael.   Edward picks up a nearby vase and picks it up.  He says it's worth what they make in 6 months--then he drops it so it smashes.  He tells them he risks things that aren't important like money, stocks, bonds, etc...but not his family.  He says some "idiotic things" happened at the house a few months ago and he's paid dearly for them.  Now he only hears about his grandson second-hand.  Jason, still listening, seems moved a bit (maybe).  Jason walks in to defend Edward from the cops.  Taggert and Gracia get annoyed that Jason spilled the beans.  They ask who else he told, so Jason leads them into the family room where they all still sit.  Taggert yells at them all, saying that if the kidnapper thinks he's not going to win, then he might kill Michael.  They all listen sadly and regretfully.  They all agree to cooperate.  Ned asks about a ransom but Garcia says they're still waiting.  Jason assures him that he has someone by the phone.  Taggert implies Jason might be guilty but Carly stands up and takes responsibility.  She publicly castigates herself for taking her eyes off Michael for a second and admitting her faults, especially running away.  Jason tells her not to blame herself but she won't listen.  Edward comes over and comforts her, saying that he will keep hope alive for her, and they hug.  Taggert asks Alan if they can discuss "the facts of the case" at some point.  Monica tells Jason how sorry she is.  As Jason is leaving, Taggert asks him if he's heard from any of the professional kidnappers he knows but Jason gets annoyed.  AJ tells him that Taggert's just trying to help and whoever did this must be one of Jason's enemies.  He urges Jason to share any suspicions with Taggert.  Jason replies snidely, "Outside of you?"  Ned walks Carly and Jason out.  Garcia and Taggert question AJ a little and he cooperates fully and earnestly.

Carly and Jason go home.  He worries that the kidnapper hasn't called yet, which means they probably don't want money.  Carly wonders what that means, who could have him, and why.  She hopes it's not some "nutcase".  Then she says, "It's Tony!"  She wants to rush over to GH but Jason says he's already working on that angle.  He phones someone.

Nikolas comes in from outside and sits at a table.  He looks at Laura's letter again and reads it in his mind.  She hopes that someday he and Lucky can be friends.  Stefan comes in and wonders what's wrong.  Nikolas wonders if he was wrong about Luke raping Laura.  Stefan assures him that he's not; in fact, there's "proof".  Nikolas finds out that Laura didn't press charges against Luke.  Stefan says that there are records and people who remember, so if he were to question them he'd find out the truth.  Nikolas denies he's interested in investigating but tells Stefan that he "told Lucky about the rape".  Nikolas expresses his frustrations about trying to convince Lucky.  Stefan and Nikolas agree that Lucky is "too smart" not to pursue this.  Stefan ponders what repercussions this will have; he thinks Luke will blame them.

Laura phones Lucky (we don't see her, as usual).  He makes up a school project about the poetry of Keats and asks her what it was like the first time she and Luke met.  Apparently she tells him something nice because he doubts it and asks if she's sure she never had any "second thoughts".  He makes up another lie and hangs up.  Luke comes in so they each wonder why the other is home.  Lucky lies again.  Luke says he's looking for his calculator so he can do his taxes; he finds it.  Lucky says he's doing a "research project", this time about history.  He says he went to the library and looked up some stuff from the 1980's.  Luke jokes about being mayor and Lucky says he found "some complimentary hero stuff" and also some "bad stuff" about Stavros.  Luke makes a disparaging remark about Stavros.  Lucky asks him if anyone else knows about Stavros raping Laura and wouldn't the Cassadines put their own spin on the story.  Luke says no one else knows except both families but looks wary.  Lucky accuses Nikolas of being good at lying so Luke asks him what's really on his mind.  Lucky says he's still upset about Liz and looking for "the truth".  Luke makes a cryptic remark.  Lucky leaves for school.  Luke looks worried.

Lucky finds Scott at the Outback eating lunch.  Scotty reluctantly invites him to sit down.  Lucky tells Scott he's investigating Laura's rape and he is curious as to why she never said who raped her.  Lucky wonders how Scott could not know, since they were married then.  Scott, uncomfortable, dances around the questions.  Finally Lucky just asks if Luke was the rapist.  Scott observes that Lucky has Laura's eyes but Luke's "personality".  He advises Lucky not to look for dirt.  Lucky wonders why Scott won't answer.  Scott denies that he's afraid of Luke or mad at him any more, but Lucky doesn't buy it.  Scott says he would have liked to have put Luke in prison at one point, but not now, things have changed.  Lucky then asks how much Laura was hurt.  Scott says she was physically fine, but he doesn't know how bad it hurt her emotionally.  Lucky goes to the GH records room and breaks into their computer.  He searches and finds Laura's hospital record for the rape.  It says she was treated for rape and shock but wouldn't reveal her attacker.

Luke comes home later to find Bobbie sitting there. She tells him about the kidnapping, ignoring the cops' orders.  Luke laughs when he finds out that Carly "lost the kid" but Bobbie yells at him to stop.  She says she thinks Carly really is worried and scared.  Luke is stunned to find out that all the Q's know and wants to help Jason but Bobbie tells him not to because it's too dangerous for Michael.  He agrees not to get in Jason's way but not the cops.  Taggert's speech really scared Bobbie.  Luke tells her that he will help any way he can but she can still hate him.  She says, "You don't understand" but won't elaborate for Luke.  She's more concerned with Michael right now and this all reminds her of BJ's death.  She reveals she's there so Luke can help her "handle" it.  Bobbie says that Carly doesn't deserve the death of her child.  She adds that she hopes Luke never has to find out what losing a kid is like.