General Hospital Monday March 9th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 3/9/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan walks in and warms himself by his fire; Katherine follows and greets him.  She is curious about where he's been; he says he's been thinking about Nikolas.  He's grateful for his recovery.  They get into another  small disagreement about whether Robin was the one who helped him or not.  Katherine asks if it's okay that she invited "some friends" over for later; he says sure.  She picks up his coat and a check falls out--the one he tried to give Robin.  She looks worried.  She is about to ask Stefan about it when the phone rings.  It's Sarah.  She asked to speak to Nikolas.  Katherine tells her that he's almost all better, so Sarah is thrilled.  But Katherine tells her that Nikolas went to see her.  Sarah is astonished but very happy.  Stefan returns so Kath accuses him of lying about where he went.  She shows him the check.  He tells her to butt out but she goes on to castigate him about lying and trying to pay off Robin.  He tries to put a good face on what he did.  She tries to be nice and ask him to share with her.  He won't, so she asks him why he's so paranoid about Nikolas, why he thinks everyone is out to get his nephew.  Stefan again maintains that he's in danger from Jason (through Robin), but Kath tells him he shouldn't try to run Nikolas' life.  She now doubts whether everyone Stefan has warned her away from is really that bad, like Helena.  He gets really annoyed and warns her to drop it.  He heads upstairs, alone.  Later, Stefan comes back down.  Kath apologizes for getting on his case earlier.  He takes her hand and kisses it, accepting her remark.  But she points out again that he lied to her and asks why.  He says he's not used to having to "answer to people".  She says she wants his trust, so he is sorry that he misled her.  He tells her that he's worried that she doesn't feel danger from Helena, "a monster".  She wonders if Helena is different because of Nikolas but he points out how terrible she is to him, her own son.  When Kath wants to keep talking about it, he puts his foot down and says the subject is closed.  She agrees to shut up about it.

Lucky tells Nikolas that it's ridiculous, Luke couldn't have raped Laura.  Nikolas forces Lucky to listen as he tells him the truth.  But Lucky,deep in denial, thinks it's just another Cassadine plot.  They argue about whose father raped Laura.  Nikolas says he can prove it.  He tells Lucky the story of the rape, as much as he knows.  He suggests Lucky ask Luke, but he won't, so he tells him more details.  Of course Lucky doesn't believe it.  Lucky protests that he "would have known" but he looks doubtful.  Nikolas gives him the date Oct. 8 and tells him to go research it, then he stomps off.

Nikolas shows up on a grateful Sarah's doorstep and says, "Hello, Sarah, how've you been?"  She smiles "Terrible" and he apologizes, but they hug.  He comes in and they chat.  She tells him how much she missed him.  He explains how "embarrassed and frustrated" he felt not being able to communicate, and that's why he dissed her all this time.  They smile at each other in a goofy way.  She talks about school.  Things are a little awkward between them, so they talk about that.  She assures them that they can still have "fun".  He seems more disappointed than she is.  As he leaves, he agrees to phone and kisses her goodbye quickly.  They part but it's strained.

Stefan and Katherine are discussing a trip to the Carribean when Nikolas comes home.  Katherine quizzes him about his visit with Sarah.  He is a bit reticent to discuss it.

Lucky goes home and looks for Luke but he's not around.  As he opens the kitchen door, he spies an old picture of Luke and Laura taped to the fridge and it seems to bother him.  He leaves again and goes to the library to look up old newspaper stories from the time of the rape.  He finds the one about Stavros being killed by Luke, then the one about Luke testifying against Frank Smith.  Then he finds one about a gun battle in the city, and Luke saving the city, and Luke foiling a kidnapping, and becoming mayor.  He's happy about these verifications of what Luke and Laura told him.   Then he finds a really small article about "rape victim found in park".  As he reads it, his mouth drops open.  The date is October 8th, just like Nikolas said.

Carly panics and looks all around the Port Charles Hotel for Michael.  The desk clerk tries to help.  Jason comes in sees that the baby's gone.  He tries to calm her because she's hysterical and he wants to find out who took him.  Carly fills him in on what happened while his men search the hotel.  Jason is uncharacteristically impatient and gets angry when Carly says she turned her head for a second (not so much at her, though).  He knows she was setup by someone and theorizes it's either one of his enemies or the Q's.  She says they should get the police involved but he nixes the idea.  He wants to do it his "own way" so she is forced to agree.  Jason wants to keep the kidnapping mum so he has her go out and tell the desk clerk that it was a mistake, Jason had the baby.  But they run into Taggert and Garcia, who want to question Jason; they heard about the kidnapping.  Carly tells them off, especially Taggert.  Jason says he wants to take care of it but they won't let him.  Garcia seems interested in helping but Taggert just wants to be his usual annoying self.  Carly is forced to tell them what happened.  She gets defensive when Garcia implies she left the baby alone.  Jason gets more impatient.  Taggert takes him aside and tries to blame him for the kidnapping but Jason warns him to shutup.  So Taggert questions him dutifully about what happened.  Carly sobs on the couch.  Taggert guesses that one of Jason's enemies took the kid.  Garcia says that now they have to wait for the kidnappers to phone about ransom.  He agrees to keep it away from the press for now.  Jason reiterates he wants to go look for Michael on his own but they don't agree.  Garcia questions the desk clerk about who knows about the kidnapping and asks him to not tell anyone, including his wife, about it.  The desk clerk agrees.  Garcia tells Carly also to keep mum, so she agrees.  Garcia and Taggert discuss who else might have taken Michael.  Garcia wonders if the Quartermaines were involved.  Carly flashes back to different times with the baby.  Bobbie comes in and demands to know if Garcia knows who kidnapped her grandson.  Carly admits she phoned Bobbie just before he told her not to tell anyone.  Bobbie wonders why they're keeping it quiet so they explain.  Then she blames it all on Carly.  They argue until Jason tells Bobbie to back off.  Bobbie even accuses Carly of letting it happen on purpose.  They argue some more.  Garcia tells Jason and Carly to go home and wait for the kidnappers to phone and not to do anything stupid.  They ask for pictures of Michael but neither Jason nor Carly have any.  Jason defends that idea to the skeptical cops.  Bobbie agrees to keep silent about the kidnapping.  Garcia pledges to do his best to find Michael.  Bobbie offers her help but Carly says, "Go-To-Hell!"  Carly berates herself, thinking that Bobbie might be right, maybe she really didn't want Michael again.  Jason assures her that they'll find Michael and it's not her fault, she just "screwed up".  He has lost every shred of patience and insists they leave.