General Hospital Friday March 6th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 3/6/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Luke and Lucky have breakfast. Lucky tells Luke that he talked to Laura yesterday and tells Luke how he got the scratch on his face. He tells Luke how Liz can't seem to get over the rape, even though physically she's fine. Luke sympathizes that it's "awful". Lucky is curious about how Laura recovered from her rape, so Luke gets antsy until Lucky says he couldn't ask her on the phone. Luke praises his sensitivity but still looks nervous. Lucky still wants to talk to Laura about it, though, someday, but he's not sure he can because he used to blame Laura a bit for her ordeal on the island. He admits that he briefly wished Laura had died there, so he figures Laura must have seen it in his eyes and hated him for that. Luke assures Lucky with grand words that Laura has never hated him. Later, Luke notices that Lucky has broken some dishes. Lucky asks Luke how he got past the anger against Stavros for raping Laura. Luke doesn't answer but Lucky says he wants to kill Liz's rapist. He calls him a "coward" for not showing his face. He is frustrated that he could be interacting with the rapist and not even know it. He says, "At least Mom's rapist is dead". Luke points out that he and Liz will still have pain even if he took revenge on the rapist. Only time will help the pain, Luke says wisely. Luke hugs him and leaves. Lucky had told Luke that he had homework but he leaves right after him.

Nickolas comes in while Katherine and Stefan have breakfast. Nikolas joins them and babbles a long good morning, astounding them. They ask how he made this breakthrough. He is clueless but says it just happened. Katherine hugs him. Nikolas gives Robin all the credit. Nikolas apologizes to them for being so obnoxious while he was injured. They say there's no need. He wants to go into town and tell Sarah he's sorry, too. Katherine hugs Stefan joyously. Stefan is glad he was right to leave Nikolas to "heal on his own". Katherine's going to phone Robin but Stefan says he has nothing to talk to her about. Stefan and Nikolas briefly talk about his going to tell Sarah he's sorry. He says only Stefan and Robin knew that the best thing to do was leave him alone (hey, what about Emily?). Stefan says he just knows him so well, that's why. He relates how, when Nikolas was a child, he would try to climb the marble staircase at home in Greece, no matter how hard it was for him. Stefan talks about how parenting can be difficult, especially when it comes to knowing when to leave them alone and when to protect them. Nikolas tells Stefan how great he's been to him. He gets all choked up when he thanks Stefan for "understanding" him. Then he kisses Stefan on the forehead. Stefan looks all choked up, too, and fights back tears as Nikolas leaves.

Lucky searches for more clues to Liz's attacker in the park. Nikolas comes by and Lucky notices that he's speaking again. He says it's "great". Nikolas starts to tell Lucky that he got a letter from Laura but Lucky cuts him off. Nikolas wonders what he's talking about so Lucky says his problem is what Mikkos did to Laura. Lucky talks about how Mikkos raped Laura. Nikolas is outraged, especially when Lucky say he's the product of that rape. Lucky throws a punch but Nikolas dodges easily and knocks him down. Nikolas wonders what's wrong with him and yells, "My father didn't rape our mother, YOURS DID!"

Robin tells Brenda about Nikolas' breakthrough. Brenda is surprised and tells Robin about her visit to his room when he was in the hospital. Brenda says she's still determined to get Jax back in her life. Brenda gets a package: a new Genie costume. With it is a letter telling her that she has a contract for 6 new Genie commercials. Brenda's thrilled by it, and by the money that she's going to get. She takes it as a sign that things are going fine with Jax. Robin wonders if she's living in a dreamworld but Brenda says as long as Jax still loves her, there's hope. Brenda plans her budget so she can afford to woo Jax with her new income. Brenda wants to get Jax's favorite oysters from a pub in Ireland. Robin wonders about spending so much on a rich guy. Brenda plans to make Jax's life "fun" and to be "persistent". She goes to try on her new genie outfit.

Carly and Jason watch Michael sleep. She asks him if he thinks she has good taste; he says yes, so she plans to meet with a decorator. Jason says he'll take Michael but Carly volunteers instead. Jason is surprised but pleased. She goes on about how she's bonding so well with Michael now. She is grateful to Jason, even though he is modest, and that's why she wants to redecorate. She invites him for lunch at the Port Charles Grill. He says he will come after his meeting on the docks. Jason leaves. Carly puts on the baby monitor and runs up to change clothes. When she returns, she talks to Michael about how happy they are and how great Jason is. She vows not to make any more mistakes (such as fighting with Robin) where Jason's concerned. Robin phones and leaves a message on Jason's answering machine. Carly tries to hang up on Robin but can't get the machine to work right. She is about to cut the phone cord when Michael cries so she runs to him. Robin leaves a message that Mac and Felicia are engaged. Carly is relieved that Robin didn't say anything about their fight. After she hangs up, Robin says, "I love you". Carly is grateful to Michael for saving her from screwing up again. Later, at the Port Charles Hotel, Carly walks a few feet away from Michael to get the phone when she's told it's Edward on the line. There is just musak there so she holds; she admires the wallpaper there while she waits, then she hangs up. When she turns around and goes to the stroller, Michael is gone. Carly freaks out and starts screaming for help.

Jason greets Justus on the docks. Justus speaks sarcastically about the future site of the Quartermaine mall. Jason shows Justus the actual plans that the Q's have for the docks (he has a guy inside ELQ). Jason and Justus figure out what they have planned and wonder why the Q's are keeping it a secret. Jason says that with the Q's plans, they can't do their secret illegal business on the docks any more, so they will lose business and Moreno will move in (er, how can Moreno do it, then? One assumes he'd have to use the same docks). Justus is outraged that the Q's plans make it easier for more drugs to come into town. He points out that Ned, Edward, and Jax will put a lot of pressure on them about the strike, but Jason's not worried. Taggert comes by and harasses Jason about his name ("Why did you drop Quartermaine, anyway, as Morgan easier to spell?"). Justus tells him to buzz off; Taggert wants to talk about Alan. Taggert's phone rings. Dara walks by with her cell phone on, too. She is the one phoning Taggert. She gets on Taggert's case for picking on Jason again. Taggert protests but Dara cuts him off. Taggert exchanges insults with Justus and they seem about to get into a fight until Dara interrupts them. Luke comes up and wonders what's going on. Justus asks to talk to Dara but she suggests frostily that he make an appointment. Then she tells Taggert to leave, then she walks away. Taggert says, "She likes me" and tells Jason he'll see him later. Luke and Jason discuss the docks and the future plans briefly. Luke is glad to see that the docks won't change. Jason's meeting has been delayed, much to Justus' chagrin, but Jason says no sweat.

Stefan visits Robin. Brenda answers the door in her genie outfit, embarrassed. Robin is surprised to see him. Stefan tells her that Nikolas told them about his "recovery". Stefan thanks her. Robin says no problem, she likes Nikolas. Stefan says they will both be busy from now on, so Robin misunderstands and offers to keep helping him. Stefan says Nikolas will be to o busy to see her and offers her money for her "education". She won't take it; she says she and Nikolas are "friends". Stefan offers a cryptic warning and then leaves.