General Hospital Thursday March 5th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 3/5/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

(I missed Tuesday and Wednesday's while I was out of town)

Robin meets Nikolas outside with a French newspaper. She suggests they could also read the letter he's received from Laura. He doesn't want to read it. Robin seems surprised when Nikolas calls Laura a liar. He tells her about the time that Laura pretended she was dead (although he blames it on Luke). She notes that he must want to read the letter, since he hasn't torn it up. He sighs heavily and then opens it. There is a beautiful picture of Lesley Lu. Robin offers to read the letter to him, so he agrees to let her. In the letter, Laura says that Lesley Lu recognized his picture and said his name, then tells him they both love him and he is always in her heart. She hopes that one day he can be "part of our lives again". Robin realizes that Laura doesn't know about his getting shot or any of what he's going through. Nikolas says it doesn't matter, Laura doesn't care. Robin says she's his mom, she loves him, but Nikolas says Laura abandoned him. Robin makes him see that holding on to the anger is bad; she talks about her parents dying and how that made her angry. She decided to live her life instead of being angry. They discuss forgiveness. Nikolas says it's impossible because of the feud that's been going on so long. Robin says, "I think that's your uncle talking". Nikolas blurts out that he can't hate Laura, no matter how hard he tries. His speech improves as he talks about Laura and the other Spencers. He says the Spencers are more important to Laura than he is. Robin points out how much better he's talking. He's amazed at his breakthrough and credits her. He thanks her profusely and then hugs her joyfully.

Lucky comes home and phones looking for Liz. Audrey answers and then gives it to Liz. Lucky invites her to a movie but she has to study, she lies. He suggests that he bring over a video instead, so she acquiesces. Audrey asks her if she's up for it and worries that she's not getting enough sleep. She suggests "relaxation exercises" or "warm milk". Liz bluntly reminds her that she was "raped" and she can't forget it. Liz confronts Audrey about the weird way she's been acting. She lays her feelings out, saying how terrified she is and how she can't block it out and has nightmares. Audrey is saddened but seems to miss the point. The doorbell saves them from further stupidity. Lucky arrives with popcorn and movie. Audrey says she's going out to run some errands. Liz is skeptical about the movie, a silent film classic. Lucky notices that Liz seems down but she doesn't tell him about Audrey. They watch the movie but Liz falls asleep from exhaustion. Her head falls on his shoulder and then she has a nightmare again about the rape. Lucky notices she's in distress so he wakes her up, leaning over her. She awakens in confusion and starts knocking his arms away violently (she even gives him a little scratch near the eye) until he calls her back to reality. She regrets that she didn't fight harder against the rapist, taking blame. Lucky assures her that she didn't do anything wrong. She says she learned in school about what to do if someone attacks you, but it doesn't work when they're big and "sneak up on you". She wishes she'd had a weapon and feels "ashamed". She sees the scratch and feels bad but he says it's okay. He feels helpless and says that Sarah and Audrey should be there to help her. Liz says they don't help and describes Audrey's behavior. Lucky is appalled and suggest Liz call her mom. She replies that Audrey convinced her that telling her parents would only make them feel bad and come home. She regrets fighting with her mom. Lucky offers to stay with her until she falls asleep. She's reluctant but gives in. He tucks her in and then sits in a chair near her bed. He talks about Lulu and she talks about being a child. Liz drops off to sleep and tells him he can leave. He kisses her goodnight and leaves. Audrey watches from nearby.

At home, Lucky phones Laura to talk about Lulu. He tells her about Liz in a vague way and says he misses them, then he hangs up. He sits at his kitchen table, looking miserable.

Carly excitedly tells Jason that the baby seems to recognize her now and like the sound of her voice. Jason is not surprised. She thanks Jason for helping her out with the parenthood thing and hugs him. Jason seems uncomfortable with the physical contact but assures Carly that she's "a good mom". Tony visits but Jason and Carly don't want to see him. Tony says he found some stuff of Carly's in their apartment while he was packing: letters from Virginia. He is sarcastic but says that he realizes the letters must be important to her. She thanks him and asks about his moving. He says he's leaving town so she wonders about Lucas. He says in a snotty way that she never cared about Lucas. He leans over Michael, saying he remembers when his children were that age, but both Carly and Jason slap him back. Tony says, "You don't deserve this child". Jason orders him out. Carly shakes her head in disbelief. Later, Jason sits down next to her. She tells him how she feels reading the letters. She is disgusted by how she hid her true self from everyone, including Tony, out of fear. She can't believe she lived with all those secrets. She's glad Tony's leaving because he's constant a reminder of her past and Michael helps her think about the future, which seems rosy. Carly asks him about what he thinks about the future. He says he's not good at that but he's glad she can.

Monica visits Bobbie to ask her about Mac and Felicia's engagement party. Bobbie notes that it was a nice party but Felicia "seemed subdued". She tells Monica that Tony's leaving town--for good. Monica is shocked. Bobbie explains some reasons why Tony might want to leave. Lucas overhears them talking and starts asking questions in a panicky way. Bobbie sits him down and talks to him reassuringly. But he gets excited when he hears that he might have to ride a plane to see Tony if goes too far. Bobbie says Tony will be there soon to talk to him about it. Monica compliments Bobbie on how "well adjusted" Lucas is. (Yeah, compared to her kids!) They wonder if Carly will ever get more friendly so they can get closer to Michael. Tony comes in and says hi. Monica says they'll all miss him. Tony is not very friendly but says he'll phone Alan. Bobbie tells Tony about Lucas hearing about his leaving. Tony worries about leaving Lucas but says he must go. He tells her how he's been feeling so rotten since BJ died and he just wants to change "the cycle" (whatever that means). Lucas runs out and he and Tony sit down to chat. Tony tells him he's going back to San Francisco but Lucas is confused about why he's leaving. Tony explains he has to leave in order to change his life for the better. Lucas seems to understand, sort of. Tony tells him that he loves him "no matter what happens". He seems worried about that but Lucas hugs him tearfully.