General Hospital Monday March 2nd Update


General Hospital Update Monday 3/2/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Lucky and Luke continue to discuss Liz's rape and Lucky's feelings about it. Lucky says that, "We both know the same thing that happened to Elizabeth happened to Mom". Luke tries to keep cool and asks Lucky what he means. Lucky explains that he means that Stavros raped Laura on the island. Luke looks forlorn as he goes on about how awful it must have been for Laura to be a prisoner on the island. He doesn't understand how Laura can even stand to look at Nikolas, the product of her rape. Lucky is sorry for bringing up the painful memories to Luke. After he leaves, Bobbie comes in for a drink.

She tells Luke about her trip to the hospital with Elizabeth. She says she realized suddenly how young Liz is, which gets her thinking about her own horrible teenage life. Luke wonders why she wants to think about all that. She says, "The past is not over". He says there's not reason to tell Lucky about the past so she better just get off it. He tells Bobbie about his conversation with Lucky. He says that what happened between him and Laura was nothing like what happened between her and Stavros or Liz and her attacker. "I will not be judged in my son's eyes by those standards!" Bobbie says that Luke is the only one (besides the absent Laura) who can tell that to Lucky. Luke tells her again to drop it. She tells him he's "infuriating" and they joke around warmly before she leaves. He shakes his head in dispair.

Sam tell Jason that he's not fit to lead; Benny objects but Jason holds off. The mob guy goes on about how Jason was just Sonny's flunky and his decision to call a truce with Moreno was a bad idea. Then he proceeds to put down Sonny and his distraction, Brenda. He says they got a better offer from Jax that they should take. Jason says calmly that Sonny's departure left them with depleted funds and he's been responsible for them getting it all back. Benny verifies that their profits are 15% higher than last year. He recounts his other accomplishments. He defends his truce with Moreno by giving up the business that he didn't want any more than Sonny did: drugs and prostitution. Sam protests that they lost millions that way and the truce is not guaranteed. He is not happy with the strike idea, which could lose them lots of money. Jason points out that he's on ELQ's board and knows their financial situation. He knows they won't allow a strike to last more than two months. Jason says that Sonny taught him to look at the long-term profits instead and that their business is less risky than the drug trade. He asks Sam why he's making problems where they don't exist. Sam calls him a "brain-damaged kid who has no idea how to do the job". The other guys look uncomfortable. Jason accuses Sam of trying to take over since Moreno backed off, but he won't be able to hold onto power and they'll all fight over it, giving Moreno a chance to take over. Jason says "the real choice is between me and Moreno". He dares Sam to get rid of him. Justus arrives, breaking the tension. Jason says the meeting can start unless there are objections. Sam objects so Jason tells Justus he might want to leave, but Justus insists on staying. Jason asks Rinaldo to escort Sam out. Sam protests, knowing he's coming to a dire end, but it's too late to make nice with Jason. The other mob guys look impressed. Jason doesn't even sigh with relief or break a sweat as he tells them that the union leaders can't bend to pressure from ELQ no matter what. He phones Mike later to let him know he's fine and to thank him.

Robin and Carly keep arguing about telling AJ that he's Michael's father. Carly tells her emphatically that Jason is really his father in every way that matters. Robin again predicts that Carly will take off when she gets the chance. She calls Carly a liar again and reminds Carly that she slept with Jason behind her back and some of her other misdeeds. She says Carly can never touch her truthful relationship with Jason. Carly makes it sound like Robin bosses Jason around and he acts like a "puppy dog". Plus she blasts Robin for breaking Jason's heart. "You can't stand the fact that I make Jason happy", says Carly. Robin says she isn't jealous because Jason doesn't and won't ever love Carly. Carly scores a point when she says that Robin dumped Jason because she didn't approve of his lifestyle. Robin accuses her of twisting everything but Carly keeps on. Carly taunts Robin for never having sex with Jason. Robin has had enough and tells her to shut up. Carly tells her to go ahead and rat on her to Jason because she knows that Jason loves her and will do whatever she wants, but it won't change anything. Robin leaves in a huff.

Robin goes to the bridge and Jason is there. He asks if she's "okay". She jumps because she didn't recognize him at first with the nice clothes. She asks him to tell him what's happened because she can tell something has, but he can't tell her. She says she realized it's not her place to tell AJ the truth, she'll have to trust Jason to do the right thing. Jason talks about his love for Michael, comparing it to his love for Robin. She asks him if he's "happy". He says sometimes, but not when he thinks about not being with her. She gets cold and leaves. Later, she returns so she can be alone to think about Jason.

Carly talks to Michael. Jason comes home so Carly tells him the very basics of her conversation with Robin, twisting it a bit as usual. He is surprised that Robin didn't mention her visit but corrects Carly when she says that Robin ordered him to tell AJ the truth. He tells her what Robin said. Carly is relieved that Robin seems to have changed her mind.

Jax says he's "tempted" and "flattered" by Brenda's invitation to get married right away but he can't do it, it's "far too late". Her face falls. Jax say she's not right for her and replays their painful history. He's gotten on with his life. She says she's been stupid but he says she just "followed" her "heart". He says they have a friendship "for life" and that's good enough. She asks why he kissed her; he points out that she started it. She gets insulted. He asks her not to kiss him any more because it makes things complicated. She says she's not mad, she knows how she hurt him. He confesses he still loves her but that's not enough. She says it will be different this time for them. She tries to joke around with him. He says he adores her, but that since she left him so easily, something was wrong with them from the beginning, and he got hurt badly. She insists they're "right for each other" and she sees it clearly for the first time. Jax tells her it won't work. She says she'll be patient.