General Hospital Friday February 27th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 2/27/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

(Missed the first half)

Brenda has her first day of shooting on her job as the Genie girl. She seems a bit nervous when the flashing lights start but does okay. Jax walks in and sees her posing. He watches admiringly. They chat during a break; she's surprised to see him. She asks him to stick around for a "surprise" so he agrees. Later, Brenda has the two of them taken to her house in a limo, with champagne and a catered dinner. She tells him that the best times in her life have been when she was with him. Then she kisses him. Their kisses get intense for a while, then they stop for a moment. She reminds him that it's 1 year, 8 months, and 27 days since he said to her, "Marry me now, or you'll never see me again". So she says the same thing back to him.

Mike notices Jason's new "threads". Jason tells him that he has an important meeting tonight, but if it goes awry, Michael will need his godfather. He asks him to promise not to stay away if the Quartermaines get Michael. Mike is shocked that Jason might die and says, "No, I won't lose both of you" (meaning Sonny and now Jason). He goes on a tirade while Jason listens silently, as usual. Jason says it's out of his hands but admits that someone might kill him. Mike suggests that Jason kill him first but Jason says it won't make a difference. Jason defends his choices and speaks passionately about Michael's future. Mike promises to teach Michael the right values but wants to know where Jason's going to be. Jason refuses to tell him but assures him he'll probably be okay. He also asks Mike to tell Robin he loves her and he's "sorry" if he should die. Jason tells Mike, "You and Sonny are the best friends I ever had" before he leaves.

Jason goes to his meeting with the union people. The guys there notice his new attire. Jason lays out their problem about ELQ wanting to start renovating the docks April 3rd; he wants the unions to go on strike there. Sam and the others tell Jason that he'll be "replaced tonight".

Robin goes to Jason's penthouse to visit but he's not there. Carly asks Robin why she wanted to see Jason "privately" but Robin says it's about both of them. This makes Carly curious and antsy. Robin says she's going to tell AJ that he's the father. Robin tries not to argue about it without Jason there but Carly won't be delayed. She starts raging at Robin, pointing out how much Jason loves Michael. Robin says that it will "kill" Jason when Carly takes Michael away but Carly says she would never do that. Robin, "You're such a liar". Carly gets defensive while Robin lists Carly's lies. She talks about how she's using Jason and says that one day Carly will find someone better to use so she'll be gone, and Jason will miss Michael. Carly makes fun of Robin being so self-righteous and says, "Jason, Michael, and I are a family".

Liz goes to Mercy for her checkup. Bobbie meets her there. Liz is happy that the doctor is a woman. Bobbie tells her soothing things as they wait. Liz sees a nun and worries that she's not Catholic, but Bobbie assures her it's okay. She says more reassuring words and promises to stay with Liz when she goes in. Liz notices her hands are shaking. Next we see Liz in a hospital gown. They've taken photos of her bruises. Liz says she can't identify her attacker. Bobbie helps her to get ready for the gynecological exam; the doctor prepares her for how it will feel. Bobbie holds her hand and has Liz look at her while the doctor does it. The doctor says she'll send the test results out and let her know but otherwise everything looks fine (no tears or scrapes). The doctor leaves; Liz thanks Bobbie for all her help.

Lucky visits Luke in his office. He says, "rape doesn't go away". Lucky continues talking about how horrible Liz's rapist is. Luke listens but we know what he's thinking about.