General Hospital Thursday February 26th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/26/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Brenda tells Robin that the auto show people want her to be the spokesmodel. She doesn't want to tell Jax yet, but she does have another big surprise for him. Brenda wants to get Jax an expensive gift but Robin worries that she can't pay for it. Brenda assures her it's fine, she'll use what's left on her credit cards and pawn some jewelry. Brenda rushes off to shop but on the way out runs into Jax. Brenda says she has an errand and leaves. Jax can tell something's up. He and Robin chat about her being back in town.

Carly and Jason prepare to go shopping for him. Jason finds out that shopping is more complicated than he thought. He doesn't like the idea of a tie, either. Carly tries different shirts and suits on him. She tells him that she learned about men's clothes at GH and also says, "Men are my hobby, ask anyone in town". Jason looks really sharp by the time she's finished. Brenda comes up and makes nasty remarks to and about both of them, even though she's never even met Carly. Carly defends Jason and makes comments about Brenda's mental health. (Allright, battle of the bitches! <G>) Carly tells her to butt out. Brenda is determined to tell Jason to stay away from Robin. She also observes that Jason seems to be trying to dress like Sonny now. Finally Jason's had enough and tells Brenda off for "hurting Robin to get back at" him. Brenda leaves and Carly apologizes for messing up his life with her lies. Jason says not to worry about it, Robin never believed it. He's happy that Carly's expert shopping help worked--his clothes obviously provoked a strong reaction from Brenda.

Brenda returns home and tells Robin what happened. Brenda again lectures Robin to stay away from Jason. Robin reminds her again not to compare them to her and Sonny. Robin tells her not to worry, she's not in danger from Jason.

Bobbie comes into Kelly's and says hi to Ruby and Liz. Liz is back at school and work now. Bobbie notices she's still a bit jumpy whenver the door opens. Bobbie sits down with Liz. She tells the teen that she doesn't have to rush back into things if she's not ready, but Liz doesn't want to be at home. She says she told Audrey everything but she reacted weirdly. Bobbie says that doesn't sound like her. Liz is worried how other people will react when they find out. She thinks they already think she's "a tramp", even though she was a virgin. Bobbie tells her that rape "isn't about sex". But Liz still wishes she hadn't lost it that way. Bobbie urges Liz to get counseling and offers her to get her medical help from a friend at Mercy Hospital. Liz seems to consider it but doesn't really want to think about it. She bolts up and away from Bobbie.

Later, Sarah comes in and chats with Liz. Liz tells her what Bobbie suggested and Sarah agrees. Liz is paranoid that people at school know somehow. Emily comes in and says she heard all about poor Elizabeth at school. They are all shocked until Bobbie comes up and asks what it was she heard. Emily says she just heard that Liz had the flu. Sarah talks to Emily, who knows something is up. Sarah tells her that Liz is just feeling sick and "edgy". Audrey comes in and asks Liz how school was. She encourages Liz not to "brood about it". Bobbie and Liz look at her doubtfully. Bobbie sits down with Audrey and tries to talk to her about Liz but Audrey seems determined to avoid the subject of the rape. Bobbie apologizes for not telling Audrey sooner about the rape but Audrey says it's good not to dwell on it. Audrey takes Sarah aside; Emily leaves, kind of annoyed at Sarah for her attitude lately. Audrey tells a surprised Sarah that Liz doesn't need any help from outside the family. Meanwhile, Liz tells Bobbie that she will go to Mercy. Bobbie is thrilled and agrees to get her an appointment for tomorrow. Liz tells Audrey that she's going to Mercy and she wants Audrey with her. Audrey says she can't. Liz is disappointed. Audrey leaves. Liz goes back to Bobbie.

Lucky comes into Luke's office complaining about his homework. Luke wonders what's really wrong so Lucky says Liz came back to school but he's concerned that she won't tell anyone about the rape. Luke advises him to leave her alone if that's what she wants. Lucky is determined to find out who the rapist was and asks for Luke's help. Lucky says he admired Liz's guts when he first met her but now she's changed. Luke listens quietly, sadly, as Lucky describes Liz's behavior. Luke is concerned for his safety. Lucky asks Luke if he thinks the man knew Liz. Luke says the man was just "out of control". Lucky says the worst part is that Liz "feels ashamed". Lucky again questions why any man would rape someone and how they could live with themselves. He notices Luke's strange reaction. Luke just gives him some nice answers and says that it's about the one man who raped Liz and they would have no way of knowing how he could think. He also tells Lucky that it happened to her, not him, so he can't live it all for her. Lucky doesn't agree that he should back off from finding the rapist; he wants vengeance. Luke tries to talk him out of it. Lucky tells Luke what a great friend Liz has become to him and how he feels guilty for not going out with her that night. Luke tells him it's not his fault, only the one man is responsible. Lucky cries as he tells Luke how upset he is about the whole thing. But he agrees to go with Liz's wishes and not find the rapist. Lucky says, "I just hope I always treat women the way you've treated mom" and Luke replies, "I hope you do a lot better". Later, Luke sits in a chair with a blanket over him and thinks about the past. He looks ready to cry. Lucky goes to Kelly's and asks Sarah how Liz is.