General Hospital Wednesday February 25th Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/25/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Monica comes in for a drink with Alan. Emily jokes around. Ned comes in and says he had a terrible day. AJ walks in, dressed sharp. Ned says it was AJ's first day, and that's why it was a disaster. AJ tries to chat with Emily but she won't forgive him still for his part in the baby fiasco. She calls him and the others "you people in the kidnapping wing". LOL! AJ's parents tell Ned to stop harassing AJ but they all get into an argument (although Ned stays his usual sarcastic but cheery self). Emily points out that the family has a "culture of abuse". Ned criticizes what she's learning in school. Emily declares she won't turn out like the rest of them. Ned says, "We want you to get good grades, NOT to be clever". AJ applauds Emily's remarks. Emily says that Ned has two problems, that he doesn't get to see his kid and that he thinks AJ should die. AJ and Ned continue to argue about AJ working at ELQ.

Edward meets Carly at the Port Charles Grill. They have a nice chat. She shows him that she's planning to redecorate Jason's penthouse. She wants to make it look more like it reflects Jason's personality and looks more like a home. After some more flattery, Carly says she knows Edward has a proposition of some kind so why doesn't he just say it (she's still friendly, though). Edward pretends to be mildly offended but says he'd like something. He tells her how and why he built his fortune--for his family. But they didn't turn out the way he wanted them to. Carly laughs as Edward describes his family. He says Carly is more like the family he wanted. Just then, Lila comes by and says she needs Edward. She apologizes for interrupting (her voice is very hoarse, I hope she's okay) but Edward has to go get the car. Lila warns Carly not to underestimate Edward, and she says if she betrays Jason, not to underestimate her! We find out that both Edward and Lila have bribed the waiter--Edward to find out when Carly is there, and Lila to find out when Edward is there with Carly.

Jason's guy Rinaldo waits while he gets a package of money together for him to deliver. Jax walks in then, much to Rinaldo's annoyance. Jax insults Jason as he talks about their negotiations. Jax tells Jason that his man Sam claims he can get rid of him easily. So Jason asks why he's warning him. Jax says that he doesn't want Robin to go to his funeral, plus he figures now Jason owes him. Hmm, odd turn of events! Jason confers with Justus about this recent revelation. He admits that any of his people could turn on him, given the right opportunity. Jason asks Justus to snoop around and find out if it's true about Sam. Jason describes where the union people are meeting and gives Justus an excuse to be there. Justus agrees to do it. Carly comes home and is surprised that there's no one guarding the penthouse. Jason seems unconcerned. Carly asks him about redecorating the penthouse. Jason slams something, making her jump. He is not in a good mood but she doesn't say anything. She says she saw Edward but he doesn't comment. She worries about him and offers her help but he says she can't help him. Justus returns and tells Jason there's bad news so Jason orders Carly to go upstairs. She does. Justus advises Jason not to go to his union meeting on Friday because he might get killed. Jason doesn't understand why his people are abandoning him when he makes them more money than ever. Justus gives him a speech about leadership and how you have to put up a good image. (Didn't Sonny already give Jason this speech before he left???) Justus leaves. Carly comes back in. Jason asks for her help. She says she would kill for him. He asks, "Would you shop for me?"

Lila and Edward come home and they all start bickering again. Jax walks in with a business proposition. Most of them go in for dinner, except for Ned, Edward, and AJ. Jax tells them that they don't have a labor problem any more. He tells them what he did with Sam and then Jason. Ned is shocked, he thinks that Jax has started a mob war. Jax doesn't care, he just figures the winner will be on their side. AJ objects, too, saying they don't want Jason dead.

Taggert invites himself to sit down with Dara, who is trying to work and eat. He tells Dara what's going on with the dockworkers and Justus. Dara is outraged that Taggert would have Justus followed. She continues to object to his harassment of Justus. Taggert tells Dara that Justus is "using" her to deflect the police from his actions. She tells him to get the Hell out of there. Instead, he sits back and looks at her. She asks him what he's doing. Being the pig that he is, he tells her that he's imagining her naked and asks her to unbutton her top button. She threatens to have him fired, but it doesn't seem to deter him. She threatens him again. He says he may be blunt and crude, but he is a good and honest cop. Whereas Justus, whom she likes, is breaking the law even though he uses fancy words. Finally he leaves.

Stefan finds Nikolas watching the sunset outside and asks to sit with him. Stefan talks about how the stone bench reminds him of the place at home. Nikolas remembers them, too, as Stefan has more flashbacks of sitting there with Laura. Stefan tells Nikolas that his father would meet Laura there. Nikolas asks, "My father...or you?" Stefan bristles at the idea and accuses Helena of planting it. Nikolas says he'd rather have his mother than Stefan's and Stefan has to agree. Nikolas tells Stefan that Helena claims Stefan is obsessed with Laura and that's why they're in Port Charles and why he knows her whereabouts. Stefan says that if he wanted contact with Laura, he could have phoned her when Nikolas was in the hospital. Nikolas says Laura doesn't care about him, but Stefan says that's not true and he should have never told Nikolas that about her. When Nikolas says that Laura hated his father, Stefan gets angry and demands to know who told him that, it is "a lie". Nikolas admits that he never heard Laura say that. Stefan says that Laura was a captive there, but so was Nikolas' father. He was stuck being a Cassadine, a "prisoner of his birth". He also says, "Falling in love was the last thing he intended". He assures Nikolas that he was a "child of love" and that's Laura's biggest secret. Nikolas looks confused. He goes down in to the basement and uncovers Laura's painting. Stefan walks in and sees Nikolas. He looks surprised and guilty. He quickly covers but Nikolas asks him why he had the destroyed painting redone. Stefan says he got it made after Laura's death but then he knew Nikolas wouldn't want it when he got mad at her for tricking him, so he put it down in the basement, figuring he'd want it one day. Nikolas tells him to leave it there.