General Hospital Tuesday February 24th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/24/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Katherine finds Stefan sitting at his desk. He tells her again how much he likes her bench. They kiss. She says she hopes to go to Greece with him someday. Nickolas comes in and Stefan asks what he's reading. Nickolas shows him the book and Katherine goes on about how great Robin is for him, which makes Stefan look uncomfortable. She leaves. Stefan asks Nickolas if he thinks it's wise to keep letting Robin help him. Nickolas wonders what he means so Stefan fills him in on the Scorpio family history as it relates to the Cassadines. At least from his point of view. He also points out Robin's relationship to Jason. Nickolas defends her and says she has to visit. Stefan gives in, knowing Nickolas has been lonely. Stefan remembers how Nickolas used to be so alone as a kid and write these great adventure stories. He admires Nickolas, he says. Nickolas asks Stefan to stay with him and help with his reading. Stefan sits and helps him. Nickolas rests after awhile. At first Stefan wants him to continue, but then he says okay since Nickolas is tired. Stefan talks about his old French tutor, who was tough on him. He says she made him memorize these French poems that he hated but then later he included them in his letters. Nickolas asks who the letters were to. When Stefan doesn't answer, Nickolas asks if it was Laura. Stefan gets annoyed and tells Nickolas he and Laura were just friends. He lists all Laura's bad qualities. Katherine returns, chattering about her bad business metting. Nickolas leaves to go talk to the groom. She notices a tense atmosphere but Stefan denies it. She pushes so he admits that they have an "ongoing disagreement". She leaves it at that, kisses him and then goes to talk to a servant. Later, Katherine finds Nickolas in the basement looking at an old journal he wrote. She goes back upstairs. He sits down right next to the covered painting. He gets curious so he uncovers it and sees the painting of Laura. He is shaken and covers it back up, then he goes upstairs. Outside, Stefan sits on the stone bench and remembers Laura on the island. Katherine comes up and watches him there. She looks concerned but she goes away without disturbing him.

Mac and Felicia joke around at the Outback. Maxie is there, too. Mac asks Felicia why she's not wearing the expensive ring he bought her so she confides that she doesn't want to confuse her girls by wearing it around them. They still haven't heard from Tess. Maxie comes back and Mac teases her. She notices that Mac seems different, more like his old self. Tess walks in, surprising them. They chat amiably with Tess. Felicia takes Maxie somewhere and bids them adieu. Mac and Tess confer. She questions him about his remarks to Maxie but he covers well. She asks him about Felicia so he says he's engaged to Felicia. She worries how that might affect their plan. Mac questions her about their "scheme". She tells him she's in charge so she'll tell him when she's ready. He says "that's not good enough". He wants to know if there will be any danger for him or Felicia. Tess says no, he's "not the one who's going to get hurt". Felicia returns and Tess congratulates her. Felicia scrambles to find her ring. After she puts it on, Tess asks why she took it off. Felicia lies that she had a cut on her finger so it bothered her to wear it for awhile. Tess gets a phone call but there's a bad connection so she goes to use a pay phone. Felicia asks Mac about their conversation. Mac worries that someone will be killed in Tess' plan. Felicia wonders if they should get the police involved but Mac nixes the idea. Meanwhile, Tess checks with her spy to see who Jax is meeting with. She leaves after saying goodbye to Mac and Felicia. They again argue about going to the cops. She makes Mac promise not to "take any chances".

Jason chats with his flunkies Benny and Sam about the union situation. Benny tells Jason that some of the union guys think Jason might side with the Quartermaines in this docks thing, since they're his family. Jason is stunned and a bit worried. He and his guys plan how to deal with it. Jason tells them to set up a meeting with the union leaders. Sam leaves so Jason talks to Benny about how to handle the strike, then Benny leaves. Jason ponders the situation until Justus arrives. Justus wants to talk to Jason about some contracts but Jason says he's too busy right now. Jason talks to Justus about how he thinks he's "losing support". Justus says he's heard, so Jason asks why he didn't tell him. Justus says he wasn't trying to keep it from him, he'd just heard. Justus tells him that people are questioning his judgment because he's so young and no one knows what he's about yet. Jason wants to stick with Sonny's original plan and yet still show he's his own boss. Justus cautions that if Jason were to try to get more money from drugs, prostitution, etc., that he wouldn't stick around. Jason agrees with that philosophy, since that's what Sonny taught him. But he knows other people don't feel that way. Justus says that if doesn't move soon, there might be a war. That, too, would make Justus bolt. Jason offers to let him leave now but Justus wants to stay. The work is too exciting for him to pass up. Jason thanks him. Justus talks some more about why he likes working for Jason. He likes to know who his friends and enemies are, and that is more clear in the mob world than in the business world. Jason has a list of questions he wants Justus to draw up so he can talk to the Quartermaines about them.

Jax meets Ned for lunch and immediately asks him what he's done to talk to Jason about the union problems. Ned says Jason's been busy and so far won't meet with him. Jax is annoyed. Ned wants to negotiate with Jason but Jax just wants a fight. They argue about it. Jax thinks Ned isn't seeing the situation clearly because Jason is a Quartermaine but Ned says Jax is the one making it personal because of Jason's connection to Sonny. "Once again, it's all about Brenda", accuses Ned. Jax denies it. Ned says they have to "stay on track" and not start a big war. Jax isn't mollified. He says that his partners will make sure that Jason is "removed" from the renovation project, no matter what. He leaves. Ned sighs in consternation.

Jax meets with Jason's guy, Sam, in a limo. Jax says that he knows his partners have worked with Sam before and that he's reliable. Jax lays out the situation about the docks and Jason. He says if Jason won't make a deal with them, there will be a war. So he wants Sam to get rid of Jason and make them all happy. Sam agrees as long as they meet his price. Sam leaves and Jax smiles. Jax also meets with Justus, who is not working for Jax but got a message that Jax wanted to see him. Jax says he has "a proposition" and hands Justus an "employment contract". Justus laughs at the huge salary Jax offers, but Jax is serious. Jax holds out a pen but Justus tells him he can't be bought. He doesn't believe Jax's reasons for wanting to buy him. He thinks Jax wants him away from Jason. Jax warns that people close to him will get hurt. Justus tells him not to underestimate Jason.

Ned visits Jason. Jason tries to blow him off but Ned says he can't afford not to meet. Ned says his trouble at the docks is even more dangerous than he thinks. He tells Jason that Jax is determined to get rid of him, even if it means by force. Ned also tells Jason that Jax is vicious. Jason is reluctant to meet with the Q's because he might look like he's "caving in". Ned says he doesn't want to see Jason get hurt and offers to help him out, to coach him if necessary. Jason thanks him but remains unconvinced. Ned advises him to stay safe but realizes he can't convince him of anything.