General Hospital Monday February 23rd Update


General Hospital Update Monday 2/23/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Carly probes Jason for details about how Robin found out that AJ was the father. He fills her in, defending his choice to tell her the truth. Jason assures Carly that Robin won't tell AJ. Monica walks in and there is a tense moment. Carly worries about Monica hating her and also about Robin telling them all the truth. Monica comes over and coos at the baby. She hands Carly a gift for Michael but Carly politely refuses. Monica asks when she can see her grandson. Jason says she can't visit him at the penthouse so Monica asks what she's done to deserve this. Jason agrees that she hasn't but he knows she is too close to Alan and the rest. Monica points out that Emily and Lila can visit, but Jason counters that they both think the baby should be with him and Carly. Monica asks Carly what she thinks about her visiting with Michael, but Carly refuses, saying she's "busy".

Katherine takes a slightly suspicious Stefan outside. They kiss. Nickolas watches them stroll by. She has Stefan close his eyes and then she leads him to the cliff. He opens his eyes to see the stone bench she brought there. He looks upset and she asks if he doesn't like it. He assures her that he likes the gift. He says "it's ironic, this is my baptismal gift", and says that only Alexis has ever gotten him a gift. She smiles innocently. He says this is his favorite spot and rhapsodizes about "the sea". Katherine questions him and he says, "In my life, I've loved only one woman". Ouch! Katherine thinks he means her, of course. They kiss.

Sarah consoles Liz. She is concerned that Liz is keeping it a secret and hasn't gone to the doctor or police. Liz tells her to butt out but makes her promise not to tell Audrey. Sarah agrees, reluctantly. Liz fills her in on the details about what happened afterward, saying that she couldn't admit she was raped. She tells Sarah that she keeps seeing the rapist in her room (in her mind) so she came to Kelly's to try to get her mind off it, but it didn't work. Sarah urges her to go to the police but Liz won't hear of it. Sarah takes Liz home, promising again not to tell Audrey. She offers her help to Liz. They hug, then they leave together. When they get together, Sarah is very solicitous but Liz tells her she wants to be alone. Sarah tells Liz she'll go back to Kelly's for her and tell Ruby that Liz had to leave because she was sick. Audrey comes down and wonders why Liz is back. Liz says she's still recovering from her flu. Audrey asks her for her bracelet back. Liz, upset, tells Audrey that the bracelet broke so she took it to get it fixed. Audrey notices how upset she is and says it's okay. "No real harm is done, nothing that can't be fixed", Audrey assures her.

Lucky tells Bobbie he knows what Luke has done in his past. Luke and Bobbie look worried/concerned. Lucky accuses Bobbie of being angry about the lie about Carly and so she's trying to get back at him by mentioning his past. Lucky is clueless about Laura's rape, of course, as he goes on to defend Luke's past actions. He says Luke has nothing to be ashamed of. Luke tells Lucky that Bobbie "has the right to her point of view". Lucky goes outside. Bobbie sarcastically asks Luke how it feels to be a hero. He doesn't answer. Lucky comes back and tells Luke that he wants to look for Liz's bracelet in the park, to see if they can get a clue about the rape. Luke goes with him to help. When they go to the park, Lucky describes how awful it was to find Liz there. Luke looks upset and has a flashback to Laura going there after she was raped. Lucky notices his look and thinks he's just being empathetic to Liz's plight. Lucky looks and finds the bracelet.

Bobbie arrives at the Port Charles Grill to have dinner with Monica. They sit and chat about Michael. Monica suggests to Bobbie that she try to make peace with Carly so they can get close to the baby. Bobbie is reluctant but Monica talks her into it. Jason is called away by one of his men so Carly is left alone for Bobbie to make her move. Bobbie talks to Carly about Michael and talks baby-talk to him. She asks Carly what she plans.

Jason gets some papers from his guy and says he will shortly get the dock workers to go on strike against Jax and his waterfront project. The guy, Sam, asks him if that's wise, but Jason says he's not giving up control of the docks. Also, he tells him that if Jax's plan goes through, "everyone loses, especially the unions".

Robin visits Nickolas, who is in a grouchy mood. She offers to come back when he has more enthusiasm, but he stops her and picks up a book. His speech seems more natural, less stilted. Nickolas reads the book aloud, haltingly. Robin helps him along, but he gives up in frustration and walks outside. She says she'll be back when he's "ready". There is great chemistry between them. He notices she's cold. He tries to convey his frustrations but she tells him he's making amazing progress. He is stubborn so she says he needs to change his "attitude" since he just has this temporary, treatable condition, and there are lots of people much worse off than he is. She asks him how bad he wants it and what's stopping him from trying.

An ABC newsbreak interrupted this, but according to the official ABC page, Katherine and Stefan continued to smooch on the bench but he kept thinking of Laura. Lucky returned the bracelet to Liz. Audrey overheard them talking and thought Liz was just lying again so Liz was forced to admit she was raped. Audrey surprised Liz by her reaction. She did offer her support but she urged Liz to forget about the rape and not share it with anyone. Bobbie suggested to Carly that if she's nice to Monica, the Q's may not try to take Michael away.