General Hospital Friday February 20th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 2/20/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Carly goes to meet Jason at the Port Charles Hotel but is told he'll be a little late. Keesha comes over and says hi to her, somewhat coldly. Carly blasts Keesha for trying to counsel her after Virginia died, given their history. Keesha insists she was trying to help. Carly says she's been dealing with her grief by shopping all morning for her baby but Keesha points out that her bags don't all come from baby stores. Carly taunts her about how she gets to see Justus more than Keesha does, lately, before she goes to her table. Robin comes in to meet a very annoyed Keesha. Keesha worries how Carly is using her baby to give herself the good life through Jason.

Bobbie greets Lucky at Kelly's. Bobbie and Lucky chat about Liz. Liz has still not told Bobbie that she was raped and Lucky can't say anything. He asks Bobbie what he can do for her when she keeps saying she doesn't need help. Bobbie doesn't have a good answer beyond saying to support her and hope she changes her mind. Lucky wishes he knew who raped Liz so Bobbie gets concerned that about what she'll do. Luke comes in and Lucky greets him warmly. When Lucky goes outside, Bobbie and Luke glare at each other.

Carly and Jason chat at the Grill while Michael sleeps nearby in his bassinet. Carly is happy to be spending his money on shopping and a facial. Jason is distracted by Robin, sitting nearby. Robin notices his glances and comes over to say hi. They both greet her and she coos at the baby. Carly is gross when she fusses over Michael, being territorial. Things are awkward so Robin leaves and goes back to Keesha. Carly gripes to Jason that people are still not treating her very nice since she came back to town. She says in a paranoid way that the waiter looked at her funny because he was there the night of her big confrontation with Bobbie, Tony, and Virginia. Jason basically tells her she's imagining things.

Robin talks to Keesha about Jason. It's hard for her, she confesses, seeing him all the time. Keesha says Robin's doing the right thing by staying away from Jason. "You do not want to be part of that family," she cautions, but does she mean the Quartermaines or the mob or Carly? Keesha says she could almost feel sorry for Jason, who is stuck with Carly. She rants on about how the baby should be protected from Carly. Robin abruptly says, "Tell me about AJ". Keesha explains AJ and Carly's past but says that she and AJ might be an item again. Keesha giddily tells Robin what AJ did for her birthday. Her only concern is that she might get back into that co-dependent relationship with him again. The conversation goes back to Carly and Jason. Keesha says that as long as Jason is protecting Carly, she'll keep being a bitch to everyone. They cringe as they watch Carly giggling and cooing with Jason and Michael. Robin is fed up with the lies so she goes over to their table again. But Robin's resolve is dissolved when Carly and Jason notice that Michael's attention turned right to Robin, that he recognizes her. Robin holds Michael briefly and tells Carly it's a good thing she's back so the baby can bond with her. She lays a heavy guilt trip on both of them about how quick babies grow up and parents missing those moments (meaning AJ). Robin says goodnight and goes back to Keesha. Carly realizes that Jason told Robin the truth about Michael's paternity. Jason says yes.

Sarah bursts into the bathroom, surprising Liz. She sees Liz's bruised arms and immediately worries and starts questioning her. Liz gives a lame story about falling and gets ready for work, then she rushes out, avoiding Sarah's questions. Audrey comes home as Liz is getting her coat, pleased to see Liz out of bed. Audrey cautions her not to overdo it, but Liz rushes out again. Sarah comes down and asks Audrey about bruises, claiming she's worried about a bruise she got in gym. When Sarah describes the bruises on Liz's arms in an oblique way, Audrey is horrified, worrying Sarah more. Audrey quizzes Sarah about how Liz looked at the dance, but Sarah covers. Sarah finds out from an oblivious Audrey that Liz was planning to go to the dance with Lucky, and that he brought her home the night of the dance.

Liz goes to Kelly's but just sits outside. Lucky sees her and goes over to greet her. Liz says she wanted to work but she's nervous about the crowd. Lucky offers his support so they go inside. Liz takes off her coat and looks around. All the men's faces seem threatening to her. When her teacher grabs her arm in a friendly way as she walks by, she freaks. He invites her to sit down but she refuses. They chat for a moment about her being out sick before he leaves. Bobbie gets her to sit down at a table with her. She gives Liz some pamphlets from the Rape Treatment Center about the emotional and physical problems associated with rape. Liz thanks her. Bobbie tells her gently that she should tell Audrey the truth. Liz says she might try sometime, but right now she doesn't want any family members to know. Sarah walks in and goes in the back. Bobbie asks Liz if she can set her up for a doctor's exam where she can get an HIV test. Liz says she doesn't need one so Bobbie tells Liz about Robin. Liz goes to work. Bobbie goes back to Luke's table. Sarah confronts Liz about her bruises, asking her what she's "covering". Liz tries to avoid her but Sarah follows her around and keeps asking questions about the night of the dance. Liz won't answer but assures Sarah she's okay, she just needs to be "left alone". Sarah goes over to Lucky and asks him if he knows anything about Liz's strange behavior and if anything happened the night of the dance. Lucky covers, pretending not to know anything. Sarah mentions Liz's bruises but Lucky says he can't help her out. Sarah gets more determined that ever to find out the truth. She watches Liz clean a table and notices how sad she looks. Luke tells Liz he admires her "courage"; she is grateful but then she rushes out, upset. Bobbie tells Luke not to make this about his "past". Lucky overhears and wonders what she means. Outside, Sarah finds Liz crying and begs her to tell her what's happened. Liz tells her between her tears that she was raped. Sarah hugs her, shocked.

Helena phones Alexis with instructions. She wants Alexis to get Katherine to buy a stone bench (a replica of one that is on the island). Alexis is outraged at these petty duties but Helena threatens her and puts her in her place. Helena starts to give her instructions but Alexis asks her for more time to plan this. Helena reminds her that she killed her mother and offers to recount the details of her death to Alexis. Frightened and harried, Alexis writes the instructions down. Katherine knocks on the door and Alexis lets her in. Katherine seems to think Alexis knows her every move. She asks Alexis what the meaning of the dress she gave her is. Alexis claims there's no hidden meaning or story, she just misses Stefan and knows him well, so she'd know what he likes. Alexis says that today is Stefan's "baptismal day" and that's why she's upset today. Alexis gives Kath the name of the artist who made a replica of a stone bench for Stefan's baptismal day gift. She describes how much Stefan liked that bench. As Katherine is leaving, Alexis suggests that Kath give Stefan the stone bench. She says Kath can claim it was her idea, she doesn't have to credit Alexis. Later, Helena visits Alexis, letting herself in with a copy of Alexis' key. Alexis updates Helena on what happened with Katherine. Alexis is not happy about her part in this plot but Helena tells her "toughen up".

Katherine returns home and greets Stefan. She invites him for a walk.