General Hospital Thursday February 19th Update


GH Update Thursday 2/19/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jason puts the baby down while Carly watches in amazement. She is still nervous about being around Michael. Taggert visits to harrass Jason. He arrests Jason so Carly yells at him. But when Taggert tells her to butt out, she panics about having to take care of Michael by herself. Jason assures her she'll do fine and he tells his goon to phone Justus. Taggert takes Jason to the police station. Dara walks by and wonders why he's arrested Jason. Taggert is trying to get him for the shooting on the docks at the end of January. Dara tells him he only has two hours, then he has to let him go. Justus comes in and demands to see a warrant. Dara, trying to keep the peace, says just give him the two hours, but Justus won't stand for it. They argue about who will get to see the judge first. Jason tells Justus he's afraid he'll be stuck there all night and he has to get home. Dara is surprised to find out about Jason's "domestic situation" but harasses him for being a mob boss when he has a baby at home. Dara has Taggert cuff him to the chair as a compromise. Dara, Taggert, and Justus argue in the elevator about Jason. The elevator gets stuck. Dara and Justus keep arguing while Taggert climbs up into the shaft. Taggert tells them that it will be awhile before they get out. Garcia tells Jason he's not free to leave, even though the judge said it was okay, since the others are trapped along with his court order. Dara starts to panic, being claustrophobic. She yells at Taggert and Justus to stop arguing. Taggert makes suggestive remarks. Finally the elevator starts again so Dara tells Taggert off.

Carly spends time with Michael. Bobbie visits and Carly is obnoxious to her as usual. Michael keeps crying. Despite Carly's attitude, Bobbie checks on him. Carly phones Jason to find out what's going on. She says the baby keeps crying and won't eat. She assures him that Bobbie checked him out and he's fine. Jason tells her how to calm him down. Later, Carly brings the baby in so Jason can help quiet him. Jason talks to Michael about the police station. Carly hands him to Jason and Michael quiets down. Tony walks in and is outraged/disgusted at seeing them there. He starts yelling at Jason, so Carly gets in his face. Jason realizes Tony's been arrested so the cop tells them he was found in the park with an "open container". Carly really gives him the business then. When Tony kind of goes near the baby, Jason jumps up and lunges for him, yelling at the cops to keep Tony away. Garcia gets in front of Tony and tells him to pay his fine and leave. Tony asks how long he's been working for Jason, so Garcia says he doesn't like to see "women and children bullied". Taggert and the others return, so Jason is released finally. Justus threatens to have Taggert's badge if he arrests Jason again for no reason.

A nurse tells Bobbie that Michael's prescription is ready. Luke stops by but she's frosty. When he asks how Liz is doing, she bites his head off. They argue about his lying, not just about Carly, but how he lied to Lucky about raping Laura. He gets very angry at the suggestion that he should tell Lucky the truth about something that happened so long ago. She calls him a "hypocrite".

Lucky stops by the Webber house to bring Liz her homework and see how she is. She says she lied to Audrey that she has the flu. Lucky urges her to tell Audrey the truth and go to the doctor, but she refuses. She tries to tell him nicely to butt out but then she gets upset. She describes the awful ordeal, confessing she was raped. He consoles her as best as he can. She begs him to promise not to tell anyone, but he nags her again about going to a doctor. They sit down to do their homework. Liz tells Lucky she might go back to school. She is surprised that she understands the math now. He tells her again to get medical help. She gives him back his shirt that he lent her the fateful night. He offers her to make a tape of music for her, then he leaves. Bobbie visits and tells Liz that if she's feeling bad from the "morning after" pills, she should be fine tomorrow. They chat a bit about the rape. Bobbie offers her help again to get her tested. Liz cries after Bobbie leaves.

Stefan and Katherine argue about Robin. Stefan holds a grudge against Robin for Robert Scorpio's part in arresting his brother. Also he points out her connection to Jason. Katherine stands up for Jason, too. She tells Stefan what a wonderful person Robin is. They agree to let Nickolas decide who his visitors should be.

Robin meets Nickolas outside Windemere. She tells him she came on Emily's urging and offers to help as she hands him some French books. He looks suspicious. She compares his experiences to Jason's. She is about to leave when he stops her and says, "I want to try". They agree to work together, then they go inside to get warm. They have tea and cookies. He tries to speak but can't, so she has him speak in French. It works. He picks a book to read.

Lucky brings Luke a letter from Laura. He tells Luke about his visit with Liz. Lucky can't understand why Liz blames herself, so Luke tries to explain it but doesn't do a very good job. Lucky wonders if Liz will ever get over it. He says, "Something like that stays with you forever". Luke disagrees but doesn't argue the point. Lucky leaves for work. Luke looks afraid to open the letter.