General Hospital Wednesday February 18th Update


General Hospital update Wednesday 2/18/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Emily runs into Sarah at Kelly's and tries to chat, but Emily is not that friendly. Emily asks about Liz; Sarah replies that she's home sick with the flu. Sarah asks her about Nickolas and his progress. Sarah is annoyed at Em for keeping his secret. Robin comes in and Em introduces them. Sarah leaves. Emily asks Robin to help her with Nickolas. Emily explains what she's been going. Robin suggests some things, including having him read in French. Robin offers some French books she has so she they agree to meet back there later. Jason walks in; he and Robin exchange deep looks. She invites him to sit down. She is sorry she kissed him the other night. They discuss it. He understands. She leaves.

Alan phones in some phony prescriptions, saying he'll pick them up. Monica comes in and quizzes him on why he's there. He lies that he canceled his medical appointments to catch up on paperwork. She worries that he's working too hard. He assures her he's fine. Edward comes in, ranting about how someone broke into the hotel pharmacy during the blackout and stole a drug called Hydracodone. Alan questions him, trying to get info on what the cops know. Monica is surprised that's the only thing that was taken. Edward says no clues were found. Alan looks nervous anyway. Sarah visits and tells them what Emily's been up to, pretending to be concerned about what Stefan might do if he finds out Emily's been helping Nickolas despite his wishes. They agree with her and say they'll keep Emily from Windemere. Alan takes more drugs. Monica worries how they'll handle speaking to Emily. Edward is determined to find out who stole the drugs. Alan and Monica both say they're going to work. Monica adds that the thief could be someone they know. She points out that someone addicted to it could function for years before they have a "major breakdown". Emily comes in looking for a book for Nickolas. They ask her about helping Nickolas and suggest he should have an "expert" helping him; she disagrees. They say they're not happy with her going there because of the Cassadines' reputation. She throws their own latest scheme (trying to snatch Jason's baby) in their faces. Edward gets in on the act and they argue with her about it. Monica puts her foot down so Emily says "fine", knowing she has no choice. But she says she has to go to the island to explain it to Nickolas.

Nickolas comes in from riding. Stefan questions him about it but it's kind of one-sided since Nickolas isn't talking. Nick says "Helena" but Stefan already knows that Nickolas met her on the docks. Stefan asks what she walked about so Nickolas replies, "Laura". Stefan says Helen a is using Nickolas' mother to get to him. Nickolas says, "Laura's here", meaning in the U.S., but Stefan knows that, too. Nickolas doesn't seem happy about Stefan not telling him that. Stefan warns him again about trusting Helena. Nickolas asks, "Love you, Laura?" Stefan talks about the past but says Laura "lied" to him and "betrayed" him. She's part of their past, he insists, and they have "no connection". Stefan says Helena is trying to "undermind" their relationship by "planting doubts". When Nickolas goes upstairs, Stefan phones his man to watch for Helena's boat and let him know where she is, especially if she heads for the Carolinas. Emily comes in and interrupts so he grouses at her and gives her the third degree about why she has to to see Nickolas so urgently, just to give him some books. She tells him she's been helping Nickolas but can't anymore. He is not pleased but Nickolas comes in so he has to scram. She gives him the French books and suggests he read them aloud. She also tells him she can't help him any more. He is angry. She suggests Sarah as a replacement.

Felicia and Mac wonder why they haven't heard from Tess. Felicia says Tess might be watching so they have to pretend to be engaged. She shows him bridal mags she picked up. They look for a cheap engagement ring and argue about it. She points out that James would spend a lot. She tells him he'll have to act more like James to be convincing. She shows him how to act and dress like James. He is irritated by the constant comparison to James. Mac has his arms around Felicia when Robin comes in. He wants her to sit down and chat with him, but Felicia breaks it up. When Robin is out of the room, Felicia fills him in on how James acted with Robin. So Mac blows Robin off like James would, pretending to be more interested in spending time with Felicia. Robin tells Felicia she still thinks he's "acting weird". Felicia tells Mac, "You were great" but he feels bad for how he treated Robin. Next, Felicia has Mac kiss her so she can make his kisses more like James'. They work at it and really get into it. Felicia is swept off her feet. Mac goes to get food for them and they both smile awkwardly.

Monica overhears a nurse ask Amy if she's walk with her to her car, because she's worried after the pharmacy break-in. Amy gossips that she found Alan asleep in his car the other day. Monica confronts him so he promises to cut down on his workload. He takes more pills but Amy sees him.

Emily runs into Sarah again at Kelly's. Emily fills her in on her parents' ultimatum. Sarah doesn't let on that she was behind it. Emily is worried that Nickolas won't get better because there's no one to help him now. "There's me" says Sarah but Emily tells her that Nickolas refused that idea. Sarah leaves. Robin comes in and gives Emily the books. Emily gives her the bad news. Robin offers to help him. Emily's not sure if he'll go for it.

Nickolas plays chess alone and then throws the pieces. Then he yells for Stefan. There is no answer so he goes outside to mope. Stefan is in the basement looking at Laura's painting again.