General Hospital Tuesday February 17th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/17/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

The phone keeps ringing and Liz doesn't answer it as she lies in her bed, staring. Audrey is trying to phone her but work. She explains to Bobbie that she's worried about Liz being sick home from school but now she thinks that Liz is just playing hookey. Liz lies in bed and listens to music, but then she shuts it off and goes back to staring.

Lucky comes by and chats with Bobbie about Liz. He worries that Liz won't tell anyone and it will hurt her, plus the rapist will go free. Bobbie tells him that they have to leave it up to Liz and gives him a lecture. Audrey prattles on in front of them about Liz and the dance. She says Liz was so excited about the dance and going with him, and she didn't have to worry about her being out late because was with someone trustworthy like Lucky. Both he and Bobbie interrupt her at this point, unable to take any more. Audrey thinks Lucky is just embarrassed so she shuts up. Lucky decides to be a better friend. He goes to the Hardy house and knocks but there's no answer. He yells for her to let him on so he can tell she's okay. She just keeps sitting in her bed, staring, ignoring him.

Jason brings Michael in for another checkup. He is talking to him when Keesha comes up and asks about the baby and his checkup. She coos over him and makes a sarcastic comment about Carly. He ignores her but she tells him it's her birthday. He wonders why she's at GH so she says she'd rather have "Justus back". Jason says he has nothing to do with it and says he's not Justus' only client. Keesha blasts him for ruining Justus' career and calls him "naive". She recounts his life since the accident and says he lost the one thing that was best for him, Robin. She concludes by asking him to give Justus better choices. Jason is tired of listening to her. He says that he can't do anything about it so why doesn't she asks Justus to quit. She says she did, it didn't work. He tells her that what she really wants is for Justus to be someone else that he isn't anymore (or maybe never was), but at any rate, he can't control it.

Justus visits Dara and wonders why she's annoyed. She tells him it's because he hasn't been around lately. He thinks she's really bugged about him "laying it on the line" with her. She says she wants more "consistency". He is grateful and says he needs something back from her, some response. She doesn't know what he means. He hands her a "citation" that has to do with the docks. She resents him working for Jason and using their personal life in the process. They argue about him working for Jason. She knows why he did it. He tells her that Jason is a "legitimate businessman" but she scoffs at the idea. He tells her that what she's really mad about is that he's not the great catch he used to be. He says he's "the same man". They agree to try to keep their personal and professional lives separate. He goes into business mode and gives her the necessary documents, etc. to take care of the citation but she balks at him giving her a check, which she interprets as a bribe. In the middle of arguing, they just stop and kiss. He laughs; she looks like her breath has been taken away. As he leaves, she advises him to "be careful" while he's working for Jason. He kisses her lightly before he goes.

Edward is picky about which suit to wear. AJ comes down and gets annoyed at Reginald for taking his tie, then he notices Edward has too much cologne on. Edward won't tell him why, though.

Carly receives flowers from a secret admirer. She picks up a portrait of her mother that has been cracked and laments that she let it get broken. The thug comes in and tells her that Mr. Quartermaine is here to see her. She thinks it's AJ but it's Edward, much to her shock. He says he sent the flowers. Carly's curious as to why he's there. He asks how she is, acting concerned about Virginia's death; that's why he sent the bouquet. She shows him the picture, saying she just had it framed. She is touched that he cares and thanks him sincerely. But then she tells him if he came there to flatter her and take away her child, he can just get out. He denies that he has any ulterior motives. She points out that he tried it once before so he tries to blame it all on Tony. She doesn't believe him. He tells her that they were just worried about Jason raising the baby, but now that she's back he can see that she's very attached to him. He says that he hopes he can somehow have a relationship with the baby but he's getting older...He really puts on the charm but she can see right through him. She won't betray Jason, she tells him. He grabs her hand and kisses it, saying that he's heartened that someone speaks so warmly about Jason. He lies that Alan and Monica won't let Jason's name be said at home. He remembers the old Jason fondly. She laughs, charmed despite herself. Edward says that it was Jason's "ability to relate emotionally" that changed with the accident, not his mental capacity. He goes on and on while she's quiet, talking about Jason's shortcomings. She looks like she might agree. He points out that she can't have a good relationship with Jason the way she did with Virginia. He says that maybe there are things she might want that Jason can't give. He admits he's a "reckless old fool" but he wants to be her "friend". She says she doesn't know him and Jason told her not to trust him. Edward says fine, he won't ask for her trust but she hopes he will trust her one day. He proposes that they meet once a week for a "quiet meal" together so they can get to know each other. She worries that Jason won't approve. He says that she doesn't have to tell Jason, not that he's suggesting that she lie. Jason comes in with Michael so she takes the baby. Edward leaves, asking Carly to think about what he said. Jason asks what he wanted. She's not sure. She tells Jason what Edward said. Jason tells her that Edward's just after Michael but she doesn't look convinced. They chat about Michael's checkup. Jason notices Virginia's broken picture so Carly says she plans to get more glass. He notices the flowers so she says Edward sent them. Jason glowers. Carly talks to Michael and gives him one of the flowers.

Keesha goes to Kelly's to meet AJ and is stunned to find a romantic setting there. He hands her a box of candy and offers her champagne. She takes it and looks at him admiringly as he pours himself sparkling seltzer. They toast to her birthday and she asks how he knew. He plays music on the jukebox. She meant "How did you know that you are exactly what I needed?" They dance romantically. He tells her that he wants her back. He pours out his feelings about why he waited so long to tell her. She just smiles and they kiss.