General Hospital Monday February 16th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 2/16/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Helena interrupts Nikolas while he's practicing his moves on the docks. She offers him "the gift of truth". She says that Stefan is motivated only by his own "obsession". He starts to walk away but she says that Stefan stayed in town not because of any of the obvious reasons but because of Laura. She says that he'll probably move to North Carolina now that Laura is back there. Nikolas looks upset. She says she knows that he'll tell everything to Stefan. She goes to hug him before she leaves but he says, "Stay away from me!" She is surprised and delighted that he can speak. She's even glad if his hatred for her caused him to overcome his problem. She says, "I love you, my darling...more than you ever know". And then she leaves.

Ned visits Alexis in her suite, bearing candy, flowers, and a mysterious box. He calls it their "annual Valentine's date". She babbles on but he doesn't mind. He tells her she's "fascinating". They get close but she wants her gift. They sit and he hands it to her, saying "I humbly present to you: the world". It's a little box where you press a button and it gives you a sound from a particular place, like the rainforest, etc. She presses one that sounds like a heartbeat and then another that sounds like falling rain. He turns off the lights and there's only candlelight. He has her lean back on him and relax while he holds her in his arms. They fantacize together about being somewhere else. They kiss passionately and head for the bed. Alexis wonders why they waited so long. He said it was smart of them because they knew they both wanted it for sure. He compliments her a lot and they kiss again, then they make love again.

Lucky is walking around the park looking for Liz when he spies Liz crawling out from the bushes, whimpering. She shies away from him and can't seem to make any recognizable sounds. She looks battered and bruised, and her clothes and shoes are destroyed. He helps her to a bench and notices her condition. He asks who did it but she doesn't know. She gets fixated on finding Audrey's bracelet. He wants to take her to the hospital first but she yells, "No!" She won't go home, either. He helps out of the park and takes her home. She asks to clean up but he doesn't think it's a good idea until she's been "examined". He gently talks to her and asks her if it's okay if Bobbie comes there, since she won't go to GH. She asks where Sarah is so he tells her where he left her. He gives her a sweater, since she's cold and wet from lying in the snow. He phones Bobbie but she's in surgery. He asks Liz if she'll be okay if he runs over to catch Bobbie when she's coming out of surgery. She says she'll be fine so he assures her she's safe there and has Foster watch the door before he leaves. She curls up on the couch pathetically. Foster watches her sadly. She gets her stuff and heads upstairs. She takes a shower (in slow motion, yet!), despite Lucky's warnings. Meanwhile, a man in black walks up to the house and opens the door. She freaks out until Luke identifies himself. She is speechless for a minute. Bobbie and Lucky come in right after. Bobbie wraps a blanket around her and comforts her. Lucky fills Luke in briefly. Bobbie questions Liz about what happened, so she tells her what happened, in a kind of disjointed way, as Luke and Lucky look on sadly. Luke asks for more details after Bobbie takes her upstairs so Lucky tells him he thinks she was raped. He tells him other details about how he found her. He says that her eyes were the worst, they reminded him of Lesley's before she recovered. Bobbie tends to Liz's wounds. Liz is relieved that her face is unmarked so no one will know. Bobbie chides her for showering but Liz explains why she had to. Bobbie gives her the standard rape lecture. Liz knows Bobbie wants to have an examination but Liz doesn't want to be touched there no matter what. "I would rather die!" she says piteously. Bobbie goes along with it and tells her that she could be in big trouble for what she's going to do. She gives Liz a "morning after pill" even though she's not a doctor. She offers to call Audrey but Liz says no, and she won't worry because she's expecting her home late. Bobbie asks if she'll tell Audrey but Liz says she won't tell her or anyone what happened. She looks at herself in the mirror. Bobbie is about to come downstairs when she hears Lucky talking to Luke about what kind of guy rapes a girl. Luke assures Lucky that he's doing the right thing, being there for Liz. Bobbie comes down and tells them that Liz is okay "physically" and won't admit anything about the attack except being hit. Bobbie says they can't force Liz admit she was raped, go to the hospital, go to the police, or tell Audrey what happened. Liz comes home and Luke offers to drive her home but Liz says she called a cab. She thanks them for their help and asks them not to mention it to Audrey. Lucky won't agree but drops it for now. He and Liz walk outside. Lucky goes with Liz to her house and she thanks him for finding her. He wishes they had met at the dance as planned and vows to find her bracelet. She shrugs. She goes into the house and he heaves a big sigh. She has to face Audrey, who wants to know all about the dance. She asks her about Lucky and Liz lies that the dance was "divine" but says she's very tired so could she tell her the details tomorrow. Audrey worries and tells her to "sleep well". Lucky keeps standing outside to kind of guard her. Liz breaks down and cries, then runs upstairs. Lucky is also crying.

Luke can tell that Bobbie is thinking about something so he urges her to speak. She says, "You make me sick". Luke asks if she means about Carly but she storms out without telling him anything.