General Hospital Friday February 13th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 2/13/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Felicia phones Mac; they wonder where Tess is. Mac figures that she might be stuck in the storm, or maybe she's in Dunston again. He asks about James but she says he's fine. He hangs up just as Tess is coming in. She demands to know what happened. Mac covers, saying that he was on the phone to the state troopers because he was worried she'd been in an accident. He demands to know where she's been and she wants to know where Mac is. He says that when he came back, Mac was escaping. They got in a fight. He asked her how she could leave him alone so long. She tells him to shutup and tell her where Mac is. He says Mac hit his head on the table and now he's dead. He says he dumped Mac's body in the river after digging a hole in the ice. Mac mentions their unseen boss but she tells him to knock it off and says he'll have to keep playing Mac for as long as they need him to. She suggests that maybe he did away with Mac so he could keep Felicia to himself. He denies he's a murderer and she looks strange. She says things will be all different now and tells him to go back to playing Mac. Tess phones someone and tells them Mac's story. She assures them that things are fine, James will take Mac's place as the "fall guy" when the police are looking for who pulled the trigger. She tells the person that "in the meantime, I'm going to fire on the intended target". She looks at a file, which includes a picture of the target: Jax.

Robin meets Felicia at Kelly's and wonders why Mac isn't there celebrating Valentine's Day, especially now that they're engaged. They notice a nearby happy couple celebrating the holiday and study them with envy. Robin is down but doesn't want to talk about Jason when Felicia and Mac are so happy. Felicia seems about to spill the beans but stops herself. Instead she reminds Robin about the problems they've been having and says they're "just two people trying to make the best of it". Robin still thinks it's romantic and that makes her even sadder about her own situation. She pours her heart out to Felicia. Robin was crying earlier when she heard a radio dedication on the car radio. Felicia invites Robin to dinner but she says she has other plans.

Mac meets Felicia at Kelly's and fills her in on what Tess said. She congratulates him on a job well done. He talks about Tess' reactions and worries what might be in store for him.

Robin goes to her spot on the bridge and reads something (an old valentine?), kisses it, and throws it off the bridge. She flashes back to standing there with Jason before she left for France. She turns around and Jason stands there. She wonders why he's there, since he said he wouldn't go there any more since it hurt too much. He agrees that it does and asks what she threw. She tells him about a custom from the Middle Ages about making a wish. He hopes it comes true but she says, "It won't. I wished that things were different". They talk about how the pain never goes away, no matter what they do. She gets very angry and only wants to think about him. She grabs him and kisses him, then rushes away.

Jax is ticked that Ned is keeping him in the dark on their dock deal. Ned tells him that things will proceed fine but they have to be careful of the unions. Jax says it's not the unions, it's the mob. He wants to go around them but Ned says they'll fight back. Jax is ready to fight with his own goons but Ned tells him to heel. Jax thinks he's being cautious because of Jason but Ned says that's not the reason. He'd be careful whoever was in charge. Brenda walks in and senses the tension between them. Jax tries to get her involved in their dispute. Ned puts his own twist on their disagreement. Brenda says she wouldn't throw herself in front of Jason if he was being gunned down. Jax asks her about her modeling; she fills him in that she was at an autoshow. They are shocked but supportive as she goes through her little spiel. She did such a good job that they might hire her for a commercial. Brenda asks Ned if it would be possible for her to get insurance, given her past problems. Ned phones around but doesn't get good news. He still wishes Brenda could come to work for L&B. Brenda tells him that she can't do anything that "easy and safe". Ned gets a phone call from Alexis and takes it in the other room (he doesn't say who it is, keeping it private). Jax wishes Brenda a Happy Valentine's Day. Brenda tries to pretend the day doesn't mean anything to her. Ned leaves some info with Brenda and says he has to leave. Brenda invites Jax to dinner but he says he has "other plans". He is contrite but she pretends it's no big deal.

Audrey and Liz return from shopping. Liz looks at her sexy, short, red dress admiringly. Audrey says Lucky will be bowled over by her. She goes to get something for Liz. The doorbell rings so Liz answers it. It's Lucky. He wants to make sure she knows they're just hanging as friends and asks if he can "bring someone". He plays up how he's doing Sarah a favor to keep her from moping, etc. Liz covers and lies that Chad from the basketball team asked her out. Lucky is happy and relieved. He leaves and Liz shows her true face, crushed. Audrey returns and assures Liz that she'll be "the belle of the ball", not knowing what's happened. LIz says she may not go to the dance after all. Audrey refuses to hear of it, saying Liz is just nervous. Liz almost bites her head off in irritation. Patient Audrey talks to her in a motherly way. Then she gives Liz a bracelet that Steve once gave her when they were dating. She tells a cute story about switched coats. Liz is very touched and they hug. The phone rings; it's Sarah, who wants to talk to Audrey about tonight. LIz hands her the phone wordlessly and gathers her purchases, then she runs upstairs. Audrey can tell something's up but doesn't pry. Later, Audrey asks Liz why she's not at the dance yet, since the dance was supposed to start an hour ago. LIz comes downstairs in the dress and Audrey wants to take a picture but Liz asks her not to. She lies about Lucky wanting to meet later because he has to work. The cab arrives so Liz leaves, telling Audrey not to wait up. Audrey says she'll be up anyway so she can hear all about it.

Later, Lucky, Sarah, and Dini (?) go to Kelly's, complaining about how bad the dance was. Lucky wonders why Liz and her date never arrived. When Sarah goes to play the jukebox, Lucky remarks that Sarah has mentioned Nikolas' name way too much tonight. A bunch of jocks arrive and Lucky recognizes one of them as Chad, Liz's supposed date. Lucky goes over and introduces himself to Chad and asks him about Liz. Chad has no clue what he means and says he has a girlfriend name Cheryl. Lucky wonders why Liz lied but Sarah thinks it's nothing new for Liz. Sarah thinks it's nothing to worry about but Lucky insists on looking for her. Sarah asks haughtily if they aren't supposed to be on a date, but he tells her she hasn't been any fun since she's talked about Nikolas all night.

Liz walks in the park and sits on a bench, feeling lonely. Suddenly, a hand grabs her from behind. She struggles but to no avail. He drags her away.