General Hospital Thursday February 12th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/12/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

I missed the first half of this.

Monica interrupts Edward from "bullying" AJ, trying to convince him to go along with another plan about Carly. Edward defends his actions, as usual. AJ tells Edward that if he really has the confidence in him that he claims to, he ought to give AJ real business to do. He storms out.

Edward, left without the best ally, suggests that Monica be the one to convince Carly. She laughs at the notion of her helping to bring Carly into the family but he reminds her about her grandson. He says they have to hurry before the Spencers realize they've got a claim on Michael. Monica lays out the scenario as she sees it and Edward agrees but she points out that Edward is the only one who can pull it off. She tells him off about his screwed-up values and leaves. He plots how he will carry it off alone.

At Kelly's, Lucky is shocked to find out that Carly and Michael are related to them. Luke explains about Bobbie's and Carly's past. Lucky is a little teed off and wonders why Luke kept the information to himself. Luke still defends what he did but he admires the way Lucky handles it. When Luke leaves, he's followed by Tony. Liz comes by and chats with Lucky. She asks him about the dance tomorrow at school. She suggests they meet at the dance so he agrees. She leaves, happy. Sarah also drops by and they chat. He asks her about the dance but she's not too thrilled about the idea since Nikolas won't be there. But then she asks him to take her to the dance so he agrees. He obviously doesn't think of Liz as a date, just as meeting a friend. Lucky makes sure this one with Sarah is a real date and she agrees.

Liz excitedly tells Audrey that she has a date with Lucky and thanks her for her advice. She asks Audrey to go shopping with her to find a new dress tomorrow so Audrey agrees. They hug.

Tony angrily asks Luke why he kept Carly's secret from him. Luke says he was going to tell everyone when Bobbie found him in bed with Carly; he figured she had enough to deal with it. They argue about it. Tony, with an icky new haircut, rages at him loudly, out of control. Luke sarcastically says that Tony wasn't thinking of his head up here but down there. <G> They bicker about what-if's. Luke is not as bothered by the incestual relationship as Tony seems to be. Tony loses it and pushes Luke, who tries to restrain himself from fighting with his loony ex-brother-in-law. But Tony goes after him so Luke knocks him down in the snow. Luke is annoyed that he made him hit him and tells Tony to "go home".

Bobbie visits Jason and tells him she resigns since he and Carly kept the big secret from her. She is very bitter as she leaves information and other stuff for him. Carly comes down with Michael and wonders what's going on so Bobbie tells her. Jason asks Bobbie to be nicer to Carly because she's "had a rough night" and Carly tells Bobbie that her mom died. Bobbie doesn't buy her tears and lays a big guilt trip on her for all the lying she did to Virginia. Carly tells her to leave but Bobbie keeps at her. So Carly has Jason take the baby and she tells Bobbie she won't see Michael again. She says she tried but Bobbie rebuffed her, so she lost her chance. Bobbie points out that Michael won't have any grandparents so Carly says she'll make sure he knows all about her mother--Virginia. Bobbie leaves in a huff and Carly takes the baby back from Jason.