General Hospital Tuesday February 10th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/10/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

V., Felicia, and Mac try to figure out what they're going to do with James. V. doesn't want to do anything except tell the police, but Mac says he wants to figure out who's in charge of his kidnapping. So V. and Felicia agree to go along with his plan. They haul the bound James to the cabin. Mac trashes the place to make it look like there's been a struggle and has Felicia punch him hard enough to leave a bruise. She takes off and he waits for Tess.

Ned brings chocolate-covered strawberries and drinks to Alexis' suite. They talk about whether she's going to work for ELQ or not. She agrees that if there is ever a conflict with her family and ELQ, she will quit. So they settle the deal. He says he likes to keep personal and professional separate so his family can't use his personal life against him and maneuver him in business. But he says they can have both, he just has to figure out how to handle it. They kiss and he leaves.

Alan goes into the pharmacy with the key he got from the hotel manager but the drugs are locked up so he breaks the glass and steals some drugs. Some he takes right away, others he takes with him.

Virginia tries to introduce Carly and Bobbie but finds out that they already know Carly's her real daughter. Bobbie tells some of Carly's lies to a shocked Virginia and Carly is forced to tell the rest. Tony helps by filling in the parts about her sleeping with him. Bobby finds out from Virginia that "the real Carly Roberts" was an old friend of Carly's that died in a car accident from a "drunk driver in a convertible", so she rushes off on a mission. Meanwhile, Carly has to finish her story. Monica and Edward chat while they listen in. Edward wonders if the Q's can offer Carly respectability in order to get her baby away from Jason. Carly tries to defend her actions and gets into a verbal battle with Tony. Virginia is overwhelmed and can't believe that Carly takes no responsibilities for the lies she's ruined. Carly tries to get her to come home with her to the penthouse, but Virginia gets up and then collapse. Carly and Tony rush over to help her.

Bobbie goes to see Stefan and he admits that he knew about Carly being her daughter but so did Luke. She knows he's telling the truth and she's very shaken by learning that both her daughter and her brother lied to her. She goes home and sits in the dark, thinking.

Alan makes up an excuse to cover his absence to Monica. They go home finally.