General Hospital Monday February 9th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 2/9/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jimmy drops the champagne and glasses and lunges for Mac. They fight in the stairwell.

In the hotel lobby, Felicia wonders how this Mac could be James when she saw his corpse in the morgue. V. figures they didn't see it very long so he must not have been dead. Felicia beats herself up for not following Mac's instincts about Tess; V. tries to console her. Felicia worries about where Mac is, since this Mac has been around "for weeks". She remembers the strange phone call she got at the Outback. Felicia berates herself some more for not realizing the truth sooner. She declares she will find out what's going on. She says she will "string" James along until she can find out what's happening. Robin comes up and congratulates Felicia and asks her why she changed her mind about the engagement. Felicia lies that they talked some more and he explained things. V. helps her cover up the truth. Felicia assures Robin that Mac will be back to normal soon. Robin goes to look for him so she can wish him well. V. says she's going up to Jax's penthouse so she can leave the glass there for safekeeping. Felicia leaves to go back to the Grill. A guy comes up and chats with V. briefly. Meanwhile, Mac (or is it Jimmy?) walks in. V., hiding the glass, tells him that Robin's looking for him. He doesn't seem to know what's going on, so it must be Mac. He is just intent on looking for Felicia and seems surprised about the engagement but quickly covers. He rushes to the Grill when he learns Felicia's headed that way. Jax comes over with Ashley and asks V. if she needs to use the penthouse but she says she was headed that way. She reminds him that they had a "thing" last summer but nothing happened because of Brenda. He is impatient so she explains that Brenda is still an issue, meaning that he shouldn't get involved with Ashley. He doesn't want her advice so she shuts up and goes upstairs like she planned. Meanwhile, Ashley runs into Brenda and makes another catty remark. But Brenda lies that she has a modeling job tomorrow.

Mac (or Jimmy?) finds Felicia, hugs her, and tells her he's the real Mac, that he's been living tied up and drugged in the woods with Tess. He warns her about Jimmy and says he changed clothes with him. She doesn't seem convinced, thinking he's still Jimmy because he's being so passionate (I guess). He describes how he got there. She is still skeptical so she asks him to prove it. He tries to think of something small that she'd remember but she thinks that he could have gotten it out of the real Mac by force. She asks why they don't call the police, but he says he wants to find out what Tess is up to and who's behind the whole thing. She points out that he's dressed like James so he says he stole James' clothes so he wouldn't be taken back to the cabin.

Meanwhile, V. finds the other Mac on the stairwell tied to one of the stairs. He says someone jumped him and tied him up. She hesitates to untie him, saying she just saw him "looking for Felicia", dressed differently. He says there are two of them, and he swears he's the real one. He's not very convincing so maybe he is the real Mac? She wants to know what the plan is behind his kidnapping but he says he doesn't know. He begs for his help so she unties him, convinced. She fills him in that the "fake Mac" proposed to her while he was gone. He seems hurt that Felicia agreed to marry him, but she says Felicia was just playing along. But when he mentions that Felicia is at the grill, V. thinks he's lying and hits him over the head with a nearby board. It's not a very big board so he's just dazed. She rushes off to warn the other Mac as he rubs his head and neck. Meanwhile, Felicia and Mac-in-blue come up to the stairwell and ask Mac-in-brown how he got loose. Mac-in-brown says he's the real Mac. Felicia watches back and forth, trying to figure out which is which. Each one tells her stuff to try to convince her he's the real Mac. (I think it's Mac-in-blue because he knows about the photo of James and Dara...) Felicia yells at them to stop it but they keep trying to convince her. Felicia tells Mac-in-brown to kiss her, so he does "with pleasure". When she faces Mac-in-blue, he says, "Aren't you going to tell me to 'pucker up, lover boy?'" but that doesn't prove anything to her. He kisses her briefly, not passionately, and she knows it's the real Mac. They turn to face James, who says he's "crazy" about Felicia. He says he helped Tess just for money but he wouldn't hurt her for anything. Then he goes on to plead his case about how he knows how to make her happy, not Mac. Mac is outraged. James says he's never been a crook before, just a "drifter" so he offers to give himself and help them, whatever it takes to get Felicia back. Mac calls him a "moron" and points out that Felicia wasn't fooled by him. Mac demands to know why Felicia would marry James when she knew it wasn't the real him. She smiles, glad to have the old Mac back, and bickers with Mac. She explains that she was playing along with James to try to get information as to where he was. She describes how all this time, the other Mac was different from him a lot of little ways, which frustrated her, and she missed his "stubborn, frustrating ways". James protests that he wouldn't be rotten to her, he wants to treat her like the "queen" she is. She feels sorry for him momentarily. Mac wants to know where Tess is, but James doesn't know and confesses that he went against her orders to ask Felicia to marry him. Mac says they'll have to play along with the plan until they find out what Tess is up to, pretending to be engaged. James tries to sneak away but Mac grabs him.

Tony tells Lorraine she can leave but Lorraine just yells at him some more. He starts to undress and tells her to get out. He says she's not getting anything from him. Lorraine puts on her coat and tells him off some more, saying some really nasty things, then she storms out. Tony again wonders why Carly chose him before he passes out on the bed.

Bobbie is shocked so Carly repeats who she is. Carly smiles but Bobbie doesn't look happy. She asks Jason to take the baby out of the room, so he does. Bobbie thinks she's just playing games and so she tells Carly off, saying she's "diabolical". Carly tries to protest but Bobbie cuts her off, accusing her off sinking even lower. Carly says it's the truth and Bobbie laughs that she's a "pathological liar". Carly says she is being honest because of how she saw Bobbie in a new light and Bobbie helped her get there to her son. She informs Bobbie that Michael is her grandson and asks why would she lied. Bobbie talks about her past actions and says she likes to destroy people's lives. Carly just looks hurt and resentful, like she usually does with Bobbie. Carly says she doesn't blame her for not believing her, she's lied a lot. She pours her heart out, telling her the whole story of coming there looking for her mother. Bobbie remembers it differently, how Carly wrecked her life. Carly says she's sorry for hurting her and wishes she had told her who she was "from the beginning". She says she was angry at Bobbie for "abandoning" her but berates herself for being "stupid". Carly thanks Bobbie for not just getting her there but for telling her all about how she felt about her lost baby. Bobbie's not convinced and yells that her daughter is dead. Carly says she's "not the only one who lied" so Bobbie demands to know what she means. Not wanting to cross Luke so outright, Carly dithers and tries to explain that she didn't intend to tell Bobbie the news tonight, she just got caught up in the moment. AJ comes up and tells Bobbie not to listen to Carly, she's a big liar. Carly yells at him to shut up but Bobbie agrees. She doesn't want to hear any more so she starts to leave, but Carly grabs her hands to stop her. At that moment, Bobbie flashes back to holding her baby. She yanks her hands out of Carly's and is walking away when Tony comes up. Bobbie grabs his arm and says he won't believe this. She sarcastically urges Carly to tell him her unbelievable story. Carly is reluctant so Bobbie spills the story. Tony looks like a light just dawned and asks Bobbie, "What makes you think she's lying?" Bobbie looks at Carly, who looks innocent for once. Bobbie asks him why he believes her, so he explains it all fits. Bobbie is still skeptical so Carly gets fed up, but Tony continues, rehashing how Carly wormed her way into their lives. He says Carly wasn't interested in him, she "just wanted to steal her mother's husband". Tony says he knows now what he say in Carly--Bobbie. Bobbie is dumbstruck and Carly pouts.

Edward discusses the possibility of his great-grandson being kin to Luke with Alan and Monica. Monica thinks it's a good idea for Bobbie to be the grandmother. Alan wants to leave but Edawrd's interested in what's going on with Bobbie and Carly. One of Jason's drivers comes to escort Carly, Emily, and Mike back to their homes in a limo. Edward is annoyed so the driver says that the roads are clear for everyone. Emily and Mike take off. Brenda looks at an envelope sitting on the table and walks out briskly. Monica wonders where Alan went off to. Brenda is walking by the pharmacy when she sees Alan jiggling the door. He claims he really needs some aspirin for his head, so he hoped they were open. She looks at him strangely. Next we see Alan asking the hotel manager for a key to the pharmacy so he can get some medication for a patient there in the Grill who is "desperate".

Carly tells Bobbie that, despite what she said, she doesn't plan to force herself or Michael on her, but they're there for her if she wants a daughter, even if she is "a rotten one". Carly is being escorted out by Jason's guy when she sees Virginia and looks panicked. Virginia only sees Bobbie and they greet each other. Bobbie is speechless while Virginia babbles on about wanting to surprise Bobbie. She turns and sees Carly. She is so happy she grabs her and hugs her. Carly comforts her and tells the driver that she'll call Jason later. Bobbie finally realizes Carly is telling the truth when she sees Virginia hugging her.

Ashley goes to bed so Jax joins Brenda. She says she plans to go home now that the roads are clear, which makes him laugh in delight because she considers her house "home" now. Jax goes to his penthouse.

Jason and the baby go into his limo and Robin follows. They talk about Carly and her big news. She gets on his case for keeping secrets like this, such as AJ being Michael's father. He won't spill so she tells him he should urge Carly to tell AJ the truth now that she's back. Jason doesn't think Carly's stable enough right now to pressure her about anything. They see cars going by so he says "the roads are clear" and offers Robin a ride. She agrees and he orders his driver to get going. Robin realizes that Jason doesn't just care for Michael because he promised Carly--he really loves the baby like he's his own son. She asks, "Do you want to keep him, Jason?" but he says "you can't keep a person". He does say that he loves Michael and wants to protect him, so Robin asks him to protect himself while he's at it. Then she gets out of the car.