General Hospital Friday February 6th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 2/6/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Edward returns to Jax's party since the roads are closed; he tells Alan and Monica that he threw out one of the guests so he could get a room for him and Lila. He had to pull a fast one so Lila didn't know. Alan insists they try to leave anyway, so Monica goes with him, despite Edward's protests. So Edward leaves, too, complaining about having to walk down all the stairs (since the power's out). Jax and Ashley are left alone so they decide to go downstairs where everyone else is.

Felicia and V. are frustrated because they can't get away to get the prints off "Mac's" glass. V. says if she can get away from him, she has a kit that can she can use to detect fingerprints. Felicia does suspect that this is James, not Mac. Jimmy comes up and wonders why V. is acting strangely with the glass, so she pretends she has a thing for a guy in the kitchen. Jimmy tells her he wants to be alone with Felicia, so she excuses herself awkwardly. Felicia is a little ticked off. Edward runs into Jimmy and Felicia in the stairwell; Jimmy has a candelabra. Jimmy seems antsy and wants to propose again. Felicia realizes what he's going to do so she tells him he's being desperate. He lets slip that he doesn't know how much longer he'll be there, but he covers when she questions him. He proposes successfully this time, and she replies archly, "I can't think of anyone else I'd rather marry in the whole world than Mac Scorpio". He hugs her exuberantly and she is underwhelmed, rolling her eyes.

Tess gets all bundled up to go out into the storm. Mac makes sarcastic remarks. She kisses him before she takes off. He takes off his handcuffs (he had used her pin to get them open so he was just faking while she was there) and gets the ropes off his feet. He finds a jacket and hat in the closet and puts them on.

Jason and Emily hope that Carly is not worrying about her baby. Mike takes out some cards so they can play poker. Emily doesn't know how to play so he says he'll teach her. Emily wins the first hand and apologizes sheepishly. The other Quartermaines say hello. Ned tells Emily she's doing a good job so Mike realizes she's played before, she's not really such a beginner. He laughs proudly. Edward complains, as usual. Monica looks at the baby and remarks that he looks more like Jason every day. AJ and Keesha enter the Grill. Keesha sees his family there and tells him to forget it all, so he agrees. Brenda greets Jax and Ashley briefly, then goes over to say hit to Robin, who finally made it to the party. Robin exchanges a small smile with Jason as she passes by his table, but that's it.

Meanwhile, Tony keeps chatting with Virginia, not realizing she's Carly's adopted mom. AJ and Keesha go to the bar for sodas so Tony introduces them to his "good friend Virginia from Florida". When AJ says he's here because his family is over there, Tony remarks, "At least Carly isn't here". So Virginia asks who she is. Tony doesn't really answer. Keesha and AJ decide to go see his family after all. Virginia goes up to bed since she has an early day tomorrow, so Tony wishes her well. Lorraine comes by and invites Tony upstairs immediately. He agrees and they leave. Tony lights candles in their room. He's amazed that she found him in the snowstorm. He seems very drunk and they exchange crude bedroom talk. She kisses him and tells him she knows what she wants. She chides him for not participating enough so he sits down and pulls her close. He tells her what to do and she obeys. They kiss again and things get passionate, but he urges her to say, "No, Tony, no, you shouldn't do this, it's wrong!" He gets louder with each word until he's yelling at her, eyes bulging, and she's looking at him in a confused way. She wonders what he's on about. He says some more strange and kinky things to her. He has her say that she wants him and other stuff that Carly might say. She gets weirded out when he gets kind of intense and almost violent. She shakes him off and he's so drunk he falls on the floor. She tells him that she's NOT Carly. He babbles on about Carly then kind of dozes. Lorraine gets booze out of the minibar and tells Tony he's paying for her shoes that she ruined walking in the snow there. She gives him a big lecture about how awful doctors are and they should be grateful for nurses. They chat about Carly and why it didn't work out. Lorraine says nasty things like why did Carly want him? He says he wondered the same thing.

AJ sits with Alan and says hi. Jimmy and Felicia come in and he announces that Felicia has agreed to marry him. Most of them applaud, but not Robin or Brenda. Robin seems disappointed and Brenda is astonished. The "happy" couple kiss. Felicia meets with V., who is having trouble finding somewhere private to do her test. Felicia gives her the news about her engagement. V. is shocked but Felicia tells her that it's all "under control". Jimmy comes up again and surprises them. V. congratulates them and rushes off. Felicia wonders if he talked to Robin but he assures her quickly that he did.

V. does her forensic test in the stairwell. She looks pretty silly in her evening gown and holding a small light in her mouth. She gets an astonished look and runs off to see Felicia. She tells her that the prints definitely don't match. Jimmy has a scar on his index finger that Mac never had. Now they know for sure that Felicia's engaged to someone else, not Mac. Jimmy is in the stairwell with champagne and glasses when he sees someone in the shadows. He calls out to them to come have a drink because he just got engaged. Mac steps out and says dryly, "Congratulations. You must be beside yourself".

Carly repeats to an astonished Bobbie that she wants her baby. Bobbie is thrilled. She and Carly smile at each other. Bobbie says Jason will bring him back after the storm. Carly insists on going out into the storm--she needs her baby NOW. Bobbie says okay and gathers their coats. They rush out. They can't believe how bad the snow is. Carly asks Bobbie why she's helping her, so Bobbie tells her that she's helping her because she didn't have any choice to help her own baby years ago and she wants Carly to have that chance. Carly says sincerely, "I'll never forget this" so Bobbie takes her eyes off the road to look at her, amazed, and then she hits a snow bank. They are unharmed but stuck. They only have 1/8 of a tank of gas. Carly says that when she was a kid in Florida she wished for lots of snow, now she regrets it. At first she's joking, but then tells it sincerely to Bobbie. But she says that lately she's wanted greenery and blue ocean. She thought it was Florida but tells Bobbie that lately she's been "content". She wonders what it means. Bobbie says maybe she's finally growing up. They both come to the conclusion that they should hoof it. Bobbie warns that it will be rough to walk that mile through the blizzard but Carly doesn't care. So they do it.

Edward goes over to Jason's table and Jason glares at him. Edward harangues them for having the baby out in the storm. Jason picks up the baby to comfort him. Carly and Bobbie arrive at the Grill. They don't see Virginia, who's come back for her purse that she left on the bar. Jason asks if anything's wrong and Bobbie says, "something is finally right". Carly looks at Jason and says she wants her son. Everyone is astonished. Virginia leaves without anyone seeing her or vice versa. They all watch as Jason hands Bobbie the baby, and she hands him to Carly. It is very sweet. Carly looks a bit uncomfortable holding him but she says hi to Michael and cries with joy. Even Jason smiles and Edward seems moved. Carly and Bobbie are very close at that moment and Carly seems about to tell her something so Bobbie urges her to go on. They are both near tears and Carly says, "Bobbie, I'm your daughter. I'm Caroline".