General Hospital Thursday February 5th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/5/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Alexis meets Helena and tells her she's late for a party. Helena is interested in whether the Quartermaines will be there and tells Alexis to listen to anything about Laura and where she might be. She says Luke is coming back soon. Helena orders Alexis to contact Katherine again and gives her a present to give Katherine. She says she'll be there in a minute. Alexis tries to protest but she's helpless to do anything. Helena vanishes. Alexis stops Katherine, who doesn't even want to talk to her. Alexis tries to kiss up to her and asks her if she's thought about what they discussed the other day. Katherine says no, she won't use her therapist for Nikolas. Alexis gives her the gift but Kath won't take it. Alexis leaves it and walks away. Kath is about to leave but curiosity gets the better of her so she takes it and leaves.

Jax has a party but it's also for people to talk about the ELQ plans. Jax had a computer specialist make a computer-animated vision of what the new docks would look like, to help sell it. Edward compliments it. Jax introduces Ashley to them. Jax is surprised to see Mac there. Jimmy says he goes wherever Felicia wants to go (he seems clueless about the tension between Mac and Jax). Felicia and V. plot to get Jimmy's prints so they can compare them to Mac's old prints. Ashley makes a catty comment about Brenda when Jax mentions her. Justus and Dara arrive. Edward greets them but Justus gives him a cold shoulder. Brenda arrives and isn't happy to see Ashley opening the door. The Q's are all happy to see her. Everyone's there but Emily. Justus is not happy to be there, he tells Dara, thanks to the Q's. He is thrilled to be away from them, but Dara doesn't like him working for Jason. He assures her that his work for Jason is legal. V. comes over and says hi. Jimmy keeps making passes at Felicia. Brenda is chatting with Jax and Ned when Ashley comes over and steals Jax away. Ned asks Brenda about Ashley but she claims she doesn't mind Jax seeing her. They hug, then he notices Alexis walking in. He goes over and greets her. Felicia offers to show Mac around the penthouse so she eagerly agrees. She takes a glass "Mac" had touched and surreptitiously gives it to V. Jax notices Brenda alone so he keeps her company. He knows she's a little sad to be there, since she used to live there. Ashley tells him Edward and Lila are leaving so he has to go play host. Ned and Alexis invite Brenda to leave with them to go to the Grill; she is grateful for an excuse to leave. Monica talks to Alan about seeing Michael the other day. Jax again makes a job offer to Justus but he declines politely. Dara and Justus leave the party. Felicia meets V., who says she got the fingerprints. Jimmy comes up and jokes about them "plotting behind" his back. Jax asks where Brenda is so V. tells him Brenda left with Ned. Ashley puts on fake disappointment.

Emily and Mike have dinner with Jason and Michael at the Port Charles Grill. They toast to Michael and being his parents/godparents. Emily wants to pay but Jason insists he pay, but ultimately Emily wins. Emily thinks it's weird that Carly's not there since she's Michael's mommy. Tony downs a few at the bar and then walks over to them. He makes obnoxious comments about Carly and says he wants to see the baby. Jason won't let him pass, so Tony insults him and then leaves. Emily says she used to like him but not since he tried to steal Michael. Mike says "he's been kicked around". Emily says she wants to make "a baby book" for Michael and has to explain the concept to Jason, naturally. The waiter tells them all that the power has gone out in part of the hotel so they're bringing in candles "just in case". The power goes out so Jason tries to phone Carly. He gets worried but Mike assures him that she's probably all right.

At home, Carly listens to the radio and fondles Michael's blanket. There are reports of a big snowstorm. Carly flashes back to Bobbie offering the baby to her and Carly refusing to hold him. Just then Bobbie visits. Carly turns off the radio and pours a drink. Bobbie comes in so Carly tells Bobbie that they're out. She worries about them being out in a storm but Carly argues with Bobbie, making her usual snide remarks. Bobbie wonders if Jason had to take him because the nanny's not there and Carly won't watch him. She asks Carly if she's held him yet and Carly tells her to leave. Bobbie won't give up and keeps asking her if she's touched him. Carly yells back and claims she sleeps with the baby and hold him and orders her out again. Bobbie offers her help in dealing with the fears she has but Carly retorts that it was great not to see Bobbie for the month she was gone. Bobbie wonders where she went so Carly says she went to Florida. She claims she had a great time and had no responsibility, no babies. They get into a big argument about mothers hurting their babies. Bobbie tries to get to know Carly and her problems. Carly tells Bobbie she's tough. Some of her comments confuse Bobbie. Carly tells Bobbie off and tries to get her to leave. Bobbie says she's not going to leave Michael alone without a woman to love and criticizes Carly. Carly blows up and yells at Bobbie for giving her baby away to people she didn't know. She offers to show Bobbie the "kind of damage" she caused. Bobbie decides to tell her "the facts". She tells Carly she was a "16-year-old hooker who got pregnant with a john" but she couldn't have an abortion and talks about how wonderful it was to carry her baby when she was pregnant and the time she got to hold her. Carly is clearly moved when Bobbie talks about how perfect her baby was. Carly wipes her tears away, seemingly annoyed at them. Bobbie talks about "the ache" in her heart that she'll always have. Carly seems drained and not able to move or speak. Bobbie is leaving when the power flickers. Bobbie suggests they light candles so it won't be dark for Jason and Michael when they return. When Bobbie asks her to help with the candles, Carly says, "Bobbie...I want my baby" in a pathetic voice.

Virginia Benson checks into the Port Charles Hotel, complaining about the cold. She tells the clerk that she's there to see Bobbie but he doesn't know her and doesn't care. He can't find her reservation so she digs for the travel agent's name. She drops her paper and Tony, who's walking by, picks it up and hands it to her. He continues on. She suggests the clerk call the agent and get it cleared up. She goes to the bar and sits next to Tony and chats with him. They introduce themselves and Virginia says she's from Florida. When asked about family, Tony says he has a son, an ex-wife, and an ex-fiance. Virginia says she has a grown daughter who's "engaged to a very fine man" that she hasn't met yet.

Stefan gets the delivery of a painting and tells his servant he'll put it in the cellar himself (oh, no, not the Laura painting again!). Katherine comes by and asks him about it and he claims it's just an old still life. She takes off her coat and shows him a beautiful white dress she's wearing. He is taken aback by the dress and asks her where she got it. She makes a cute comment but doesn't really answer. They kiss and he tells her to go wait for him at the guest house. She leaves and he unwraps the painting. It is Laura, in that same dress. He stares at it.

Ned and Brenda part company at the Grill. Just then, there is announcement that the roads are closed. Brenda gets a look on her face like "Oh, great".