General Hospital Wednesday February 4th Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/4/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

V. and Felicia chat again about Mac at the Outback. Felicia compliments her on her powers of observation. V. also says that she has heard Mac whistle old surfer songs when he closes up at night. Felicia is amazed but says she must have been a "great cop". V. misses it some but likes her job with Jax. She promises to keep watching Mac for other clues. Jimmy comes over and asks Felicia if she wants to take a ride with him while he runs some errands, but she reminds him that someone has to watch the restaurant. He tells her she's been wonderful about how he messed up the proposal. She makes a comment that involves "curling" so he smiles and agrees, then walks out humming a surfer song. She phones someone and asks for help, asking them to come to the Outback. Later, we see Felicia talking to Kevin at the Outback. She sympathizes with him about Lucy dumping him for Rex. She asks him if he's noticed anything "different" about Mac lately. He's not sure so she asks him for examples. She tells him about the surf tunes whistling, being affectionate, and wearing his buttons "wrong". He thinks there's nothing to it. He knows about the case with Tess and says maybe seeing the guy dead made him worry about getting old and dying, which could change the way he acts. Felicia asks him to hang out there and talk with him, so Kevin agrees. Later, Kevin pours his problems out to Jimmy, who's unsympathetic. Kevin notices some strange things and asks "Mac" why he hasn't called him back lately. Jimmy just says he's been spending a lot of time with Felicia. Kevin wonders if he should. Jimmy advises Kevin not to waste tears on some "chick" who dumped him. Kevin seems bothered both by Mac's attitude and the way he speaks. Kevin tells Felicia that maybe Mac's going through a phase. But it also could be that Felicia is using her own fears, due to her past with him and Ryan, to think there's something weird when there isn't. But he advises that she still watch him. Before Kevin leaves, Felicia tells him that she can't imagine what's happened to Lucy. He's gratified. Mac comes up so Felicia jumps and snaps at him. She then asks V. to help her on "a case" involving Mac.

Brenda and Robin meet at the PC Grill for coffee. Robin tells her about the baptism, then apologizes for mentioning Jason. Brenda says it's okay and she wants to be Robin's friend while she's going through this. When Robin talks about Jason some more, Brenda observes that she doesn't really seem to have let go. Brenda cautions that if she keeps having contact with Jason, she'll go through all the same pain and hurt that she did with Sonny. Robin insists that they're through, but she doesn't believe that Jason can't change. Brenda is skeptical but Robin frostily drops the subject and has to leave.

Jason tells Michael he has to go out. Carly comes home from some shopping and bitches about Bobbie, as usual. She confesses to Jason that she was watching him with the baby last night but he already knows. She is impressed by how Jason is with him. She says she's still afraid to hurt him, but he knows that's bull. She agrees but says she is just a bad mother because she can't hold her own child. So he says what would you say if I gave you a million dollars to give him to me and leave town, and she replies that she's tell him to "go to Hell". He jokes but he's made his point, that she does care about the baby, so she thanks him. Bobbie arrives to check on the baby. She and Jason chat about Michael. He's hungry so Bobbie asks to feed him. Carly rolls her eyes and makes sarcastic comments. Jason asks her again if she doesn't want Bobbie there, but says to be courteous to her in his home or go upstairs when she's there. Jason looks at the ELQ plans for the docks, then the phone rings. Brenda phones and asks to meet him, to talk about Robin. He asks Carly to stay with Michael but she says no. He says it's okay and he'll take the baby with him. Bobbie offers to stay with him and they agree. Jason tells Carly, "Be nice", then he leaves. Carly looks down at the baby sleeping, then picks up the rattle. She looks around, then picks up his blanket and holds it to her face with her eyes closed. Bobbie comes in and stands behind, watching her, then goes over and tries to give Carly support. This freaks out Carly, who gets upset and yells at Bobbie. She demands to know why Bobbie's really there. Bobbie says she's just there for the baby because Jason asked. Carly says "Fine, but don't think it absolves you of anything!" and storms upstairs, leaving a puzzled Bobbie. She phones Monica to say hi. Things are still awkward between them. Bobbie wants to make it up to Monica, so she asks Monica to come over and visit with the baby. Carly comes down and sees them. Carly tears into them for going against Jason's wishes. Bobbie tries to get Carly to see that Michael needs affection since she won't give it to him. Monica picks him up and coos over him. Carly seems about ready to cry, like always, but instead she flounces upstairs again. After awhile, Bobbie asks Monica to stay, but she balks. She resents that Bobbie can be there but she can't. Bobbie points out that as long as she's there she might be able to help fix the problems between the Q's and Jason. Monica apologizes for snapping at her and thanks her.

Alan sleeps in his car until Amy notices him there. Thinking it strange, she goes over and tries to wake him up by pounding on the locked car. Finally, he wakes up and opens the door. Relieved, she asks him if he's okay. He is dazed and can't answer right away. He says he's "embarrassed" and asks her not to tell anyone. He claims he's stressed so he doesn't sleep, so he just fell asleep in the car after taking a sleeping pill. Amy buys it. Robin comes by and sees them. She observes, "You look terrible, is there something wrong?" (She's right, he looks like Elvis right before he died!) Amy tells Robin he's okay and he asks again that they keep it quiet. Amy says okay as long as he goes home and sleeps well. Amy takes off. Alan asks why Robin's there and she reminds him that she has a checkup. He covers. They talk about Jason's lifestyle briefly. Robin says they're Jason's choices. Alan laughs, put in his place. He puts his hand on her chin and wishes she could have been his daughter-in-law.

Jason meets Brenda at the Port Charles Grill. She asks him to "leave Robin alone". Jason doesn't want to hear it and says they're broken up. Brenda compares Robin to her. She tells him how she's worried about Robin and asks him if he really wants Robin to be "in danger". She paints a nasty picture and says "If you really loved her, you'd let her go". Jason says he's not going to lie to Robin or hurt her. Brenda threatens that she won't let Jason ruin Robin, so he walks away.

When Jason returns to his penthouse, he's surprised to find Monica there. Monica claims she came there to see Michael and insisted on staying but Bobbie tried to throw her out. Jason asks her to leave. Bobbie tells him that Carly's "disinterest in Michael" is not good for either Carly or the baby. Before he can answer, one of his men comes in and whispers to him, so she knows he has to leave again. She says she'll stay a bit longer. He thanks her and rushes out. Bobbie holds the baby in her arms and walks around the room, singing "Michael Row the Boat Ashore" softly. Carly comes down and watches them thoughtfully, smiling.