General Hospital Tuesday February 3rd Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/3/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jimmy and Felicia have dinner at the Port Charles Grill. They bicker about his karaoke-proposal. She tells him he's been acting so strange that it's jeopardizing their relationship. When they reach their table, she is annoyed to find a large ostentatious bouquet of roses and champagne. "Mac" has them taken away and cancels his other romantic plans, to make her happy. He asks her for "another chance". She agrees, with reservations. He's nervous and later asks her how things are going, if he's "getting on her nerves". She notices that he doesn't try to annoy her any more, and she kind of misses it. Plus she knows that he's sensitive about the important things to her. She tells him in a heartfelt way about how she doesn't want to lose her "best friend". She regrets that things have changed between them and tells him she'd rather have the old Mac back. He says it won't be easy...he explains he changed so she would love him the right way, rather than just as a friend. But he agrees to go slowly. His cell phone rings so he makes an excuse to get away from the table and answer it. While he's gone, she notices that his fork was on the wrong side of the plate (like maybe he was eating with the wrong hand?). Robin comes by looking for Mac. She talks to Felicia about Jason and the baby. Felicia wonders why she still cares. Robin tells her about the meeting with Moreno (she's glad to be away from the mob). She still cares, though. Jimmy returns and asks Robin rudely why she's there. Felicia tries to get him to act like the old Mac and care about Robin, but he wants to be with Felicia. Robin thinks she interrupted something private and says it's okay, she just wanted to talk about Jason. He says they can talk about him tomorrow at the Outback. Felicia looks thoughtful while he walks Robin out, then tells him she'll have that champagne after all. She has a sly look on her face as if she's up to something.

Sarah sits forlornly at Kelly's, trying to study. Emily comes in for snacks and says hi. Sarah whines about Nikolas. Emily tells her to keep her hopes up. Sarah notices that Emily is getting Nikolas' favorite scones. Later, Liz meets Sarah there and wonders what's wrong. Sarah is cranky. Liz tells her that she's "cut back on her smoking" but it doesn't elicit much of a response. She asks about Nikolas so Sarah tells her that she hasn't heard from him. Liz says guys are different and he'll change his mind. When Sarah mentions Emily, Liz says Nikolas is probably "more comfortable" with Emily and that Emily was going over there to see him today. Sarah wonders what's going on and why Emily didn't tell her. Liz takes offense that Sarah doesn't see Emily as a threat but then dismisses her initial feelings. Sarah asks Liz's advice (bad idea!), so Liz knows she's "desperate". Liz thinks she should sneak over to Windemere and spy, so she offers to help her.

Nikolas practices his fencing and reads Sarah's letter again. Emily comes in later and is attacked jokingly by Nikolas and his sword. Liz and Sarah sneak up and watch through the window. They see Nikolas chasing Emily around with the sword. Sarah is saddened and jealous to see Nikolas so happy with Emily. LIz' comments don't help.

Carly hears the baby crying and looks around for someone to take care of him. She gets worried and calls up to Leticia in a cranky way. The baby's fine, Carly's just not used to hearing the baby cry. Bobbie visits and Carly snaps at her. Bobbie and the bodyguard explain that she visits often and Jason asked her to come by to check on the baby occasionally. Carly worries but lets her in. Bobbie thinks that the baby is hungry and suggests they check on Michael. Carly bitches so Bobbie tries to soothe her but also persists in trying to get her to touch the baby. Jason comes home and notices the crying baby, so he goes upstairs. The baby stops crying. Carly tells Bobbie to lay off her. Bobbie gives her a present she brought for the baby. Carly thanks her and Bobbie talks about how Michael needs more clothes now that he's gotten bigger. Carly takes her comments badly but Bobbie brushes her attempts to argue aside and compliments her. Bobbie tries to make her feel comfortable so she can hold him but Carly just bites her head off. Bobbie, still reasonable, says she doesn't have to be the one to check on Michael if she's not comfortable with it. Carly says it's fine and storms out. Jason comes in with the baby. Bobbie asks him about Carly so he says that Carly's afraid she'll hurt Michael. She says that unless she holds the baby, she won't get over the post-partum depression. She suggests that Jason pressure her to hold him but he talks her out of that notion. He thinks things will turn out okay. Bobbie says she'll come by tomorrow since the baby's comfy now. She takes off. Carly returns in a little while. She and Jason talk a bit about the baby crying. She feels guilty about neglecting the baby but still worries about hurting him or not bonding with him. Jason says it will be fine but tells her she should do it when she's "ready". She asks how he knows so he relates how he took care of Sonny after Lily died. He compares how Sonny was feeling to how Carly is feeling. She still worries about hurting him but he reassures her. Carly resents Bobbie's attentions and says, "I don't mind that she's interested in Michael, I just wish she had been more interested in me". She goes to bed and Jason looks over the baby. He talks to him, as usual, and Carly watches again from the stairs.

Alexis greets Tony, who was just thinking about her. He still wants to sue Carly for custody. Alexis tries to talk him out of his futile lawsuit. He blabbers on emotionally about Carly and the baby. She tells him he has "no legal rights". Tony doesn't care. He goes on about Jason being a crime boss and the christening. He sees that he can't get her to agree but she says she'll always listen. She looks at him strangely, as if she can tell he's near the breaking point.

Bobbie meets Tony at GH and talks about Lucas sleeping over with Tony. She tells him he's a "great dad". Then she asks him if Carly seem excited about motherhood when she was pregnant. She relates how Carly is acting kind of "detached" about the baby and she wonders about Carly's background, whether it's affecting her. Tony is astonished when she tells him that Carly still won't hold Michael. Tony says very nasty, harsh things about Carly. Bobbie still thinks it's strange that she won't hold the baby. She remembers holding her own baby once before she gave her up and thinks it's so sad with Carly. She gets beeped and leaves. Tony finds Alexis again and she advises him again not to sue. He inquires about how the courts would feel about a mother who won't give her child any "physical contact". She tells him that might help, under the right circumstances. He tells her to go for it. She says she'll think about it. She knows he wants revenge on Carly more than the baby.