General Hospital Monday February 2nd Update


General Hospital Update Monday 2/2/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Brenda meets Jax at the PC Grill; they chat about Jerry. She invites him out to dinner. Ashley comes up and March says hi. Brenda introduces them but he already knows her. Ashley is the woman that was with Jerry but now she's glommed on to Jax. Ashley talks about helping Brenda get into the modeling biz. Then she's paged so excuses herself. Jax notices that Brenda isn't too thrilled with Ashley but she denies it. Jax asks her if she really wants to model; Brenda says she doesn't have any other experience or options. Jax suggests she do what makes her feel good about herself but admires her spunk. Brenda feels weird that he's "dating" Ashley but he says he's not, he's just taking her to dinner since she followed him there. Brenda says it's okay, but we can tell she does mind. Jax hands Brenda a box. She opens it, and it has her favorite cookies. She tells him that if he had died, she'd "never be able to enjoy a present again". Ashley comes back and says her schedule is freed up for two weeks. Brenda gets up; Ashley says she talked to her agent and he says Brenda should call him. Brenda says thanks and leaves looking very jealous.

Everyone in the church turns around and sees Carly standing there. Jason hands the baby to Emily and excuses himself so he can go over to talk to her. He invites her to participate but she just wants to sit and watch from the back. He goes back up and they finish. Bobbie keeps looking back at Carly but Carly just looks away, unsmiling. Afterwards, Monica goes over and talks to Carly and gives her a hard time, suggesting she leave again. Jason comes up and tells Monica to go away. Carly asks him why the Q's are there; he fills her in and assures her that they don't know the truth. She explains that she phoned the penthouse and got a car and asked to be taken to him. He offers to let her hold the baby but she doesn't want to. She says just finish everything and pretend she's not there. Edward wants to hold Michael but he vows that he'll get him and change his name to Edward Quartermaine, jr. The priest invites everyone to a reception at the penthouse but Jason says "not everyone" is invited. Even Moreno is invited, but not the Q's. Bobbie asks Jason to reconsider inviting the Q's. He won't but lets her ask Carly what she thinks. Bobbie asks her to let the Q's go, since it's good for her son. Carly says sure because she doesn't really care. Bobbie invites the Q's back to the penthouse. Edward blusters so Monica tells him to shut up or he can't go. So he doesn't want to go but Lila insists he go. Emily rides over with Mike. Jason thanks Robin. Robin doesn't want to go so she goes to give Emily her present for Michael. Emily talks her into going as a buffer against the Quartermaines.

Jason and Carly go back to the penthouse and finds the Q's waiting outside. Jason gives the baby to Leticia and tells her not to let anyone near him except a select few. She meets Carly and offers to let her feed the baby, but Carly declines. Outside, Edward argues with Mike about the baby being baptized in a Catholic church with Sonny's name. Emily tells Edward off. Carly thanks Jason for giving the baby Sonny's name because she knows how important he was to Jason. They let the Quartermaines in. Carly greets Edward warmly; he wants to talk about you-know-what but Ned gets him away from her. AJ greets Carly coldly. Carly avoids him and goes to greet Emily. Monica and Bobbie talk about Carly. AJ is surprised to find Robin there but he asks her to talk to Jason about keeping the baby away from Carly and changing his name. Justus talks to Moreno and Jason's guy (Benny?). Reginald serves food so Jason grabs the tray away from him and tells him he's a guest, to get a drink. AJ pesters Carly again so she tells him to leave her alone or he'll get thrown out. He tries to justify their kidnapping of the baby. She applauds Jason's actions. AJ keeps badgering her, laying a guilt trip on her, etc., until Jason comes over and tells him to leave. AJ goes calmly. Carly tells Jason "He hates me so much...he can never know!" One of Jason's men drags Edward; he apparently tried to sneak in to snatch/see the baby. Edward threatens assault and other minor charges so Justus and all the mob people laugh at the idea. Lila arrives and realizes what Edward did. She orders him to apologize to Jason but he says it's okay. Jason tells them all that none of them are welcome again except for Lila and Emily. Bobbie goes over to Carly and tells her it was a "good thing" anyway, to let the Q's come. Carly is not very responsive. Bobbie tells her "it's wonderful you're back" and tells Carly how great the kid is. Carly doesn't want to hear about the baby and walks away. Moreno introduces himself to Robin; he says he met her once a long time ago at Duke's when she was very small. He compliments her mom and says what happened to Duke is unfortunate but it's what happens when you "try to leave the business". Jason comes to rescue her. She excuses herself and Jason tells Moreno to back off. They discuss their possible truce. Mike notices how shaky Robin is.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Edward has another plan. Alan, Monica, and AJ are skeptical. Edward thinks that Carly is the key to getting the baby back. AJ and Monica won't have anything to do with Carly. Edward thinks that since Carly got them invited to the reception, she will be more open to being paid off for her baby. They are appalled at the idea, and besides, they don't think it will work.

Jason thanks Mike for his help. Mike is touched that Jason considers him more family than the Quartermaines. Carly asks Robin when she's returning to Paris. She politely tells Carly that she and Jason are none of her business but says, "and you and Michael are none of mine". Jason thanks Robin for coming. She tells him that Michael was the perfect name before she leaves. Bobbie brings the baby out but Carly still won't hold him so Jason takes him. Jason thanks her, too, and Bobbie says goodbye to little Michael. Carly asks Jason what he's going to do with the baby now that he's fed. He says he usually holds him before he falls asleep. Carly goes to bed. Jason talks to the baby, like usual, so Carly watches them together.