General Hospital FridayJanuary 9th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 1/9/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Katherine and Stefan meet in the evening and kiss; they discuss their day. Stefan says Nikolas is out riding. They each want to talk to Nikolas, whom comes in the door. Stefan tells him that they won't be going to "the European Conference" and that Helena has been in town "recently". Katherine gives Nikolas a writing pad and says that she's been invited into the guest house and she hopes he welcomes her. He doesn't write anything but seems to have no problem with it. Kath says she's there for him, too, not just Stefan. She leaves and Nikolas sits down to write a note to Sarah. He writes about his disappointments and frustrations. But afterwards, he crumbles it up. Stefan tells Kath that Nikolas is going out riding again. Kath has a sudden fear and tells Stefan to stop Nikolas from riding since he's upset and it's dark. He dismisses her fears and soothes her feelings, saying Nikolas is independent and confident. They make plans to meet later for a romantic evening. Meanwhile, Nikolas is dismounting his horse when he sees a hooded figure: Helena.

Bobbie talks to the baby; Luke stands outside and watches. Alexis comes up so he takes her aside and asks her again to join forces with him. She tells him that she plans to get Helena and Stefan to trust her and accept her again so they won't be killing her. She tells him that she told Stefan that she is his sister. He is shocked that she would reveal that. Bobbie comes out so Alexis walks away. Bobbie tells Luke that she's bonded with the baby and hates to see him leave. All that's needed is for Jason to pick him up; they wonder where he is.

Garcia and Taggert continue to question Taggert, who's still cuffed, about Valentine and his murder. Garcia leaves Taggert alone with him so Taggert can harass him some more. Jax arrives and wants to talk to Garcia about Jason. He offers any help he can against Jax. Dara and Garcia kind of wonder why he's there but will take any help they can get. Jax leaves but Justus arrives with a legal document. He and Dara yell at each other about Jason being arrested. Justus goes in and slams the order down, telling the cops that Jason has to be released NOW unless they plan to charge him. Taggert goes to get the paperwork done but reminds Justus what happened to Jason's previous lawyer. Garcia gets the cuffs off Jason and warns Jason to get his "affairs in order" because "Moreno rarely misses twice". Jason thanks Justus and they leave to get the baby.

Jason and Justus arrive at the hospital and Jason chats with Bobbie about the baby. Luke asks Justus about Jason's arrest but Justus won't blab. Justus watches Jason with the baby instead. Jason hands Bobbie the baby to hold, too, and Jason secretly smiles at Luke as if to say, "See, I'm holding up my end of the bargain". Jason thanks Justus again for helping him. Justus says he might leave ELQ but he doesn't think he can join him yet. Jason says he can wait a "few more days" before he has to find another lawyer. Justus says he really enjoyed being his lawyer today, he "had fun". Bobbie gives Jason more instructions on how to take care of the baby. Bobbie is impressed by what Jason already knows, from reading a book. Bobbie gives him the number of the neonatal unit in case of emergency. He thanks her for all her help. She asks him why Carly left. He says it doesn't matter, but she is coming back. Bobbie thinks it's hypocritical that Carly always gave her such a hard time for giving her baby up but then she does the same thing.

Ned visits Brenda and is surprised to see Robin there. She tells him why she's there. Brenda is on a walk. Robin tells Ned that Brenda is very "changed". Brenda arrives and hugs Ned. Brenda asks about her business manager, John Ross. Ned says he's "disappeared" and took almost everything. Ned pledges to "take care of" her but Brenda won't hear of it. She wants to contact the cops about it. Ned shows her some L&B mail she got: she is being sued by Star-TV for damages. Brenda sees it as positive, though, because she's now "free" of any responsibility. She is giddy and so she and Ned go to make tea to celebrate. Robin takes the opportunity to phone Jax. She fills him in on what's happened. He is alarmed and says he'll be there right away. Brenda comes in and gets suspicious about who Robin phoned. Ned tries to be cheery but Brenda is glum again. Brenda practically grabs the tea tray out of Robin's hands. She claims to be tired and says she needs to take a nap. Ned wants to sit and chat with Robin but Brenda says they might keep her awake so Ned understands and leaves. Brenda asks Robin when she stopped being her friend and accuses her of "stabbing her in back" and phoning Sonny from her place. Robin is shocked and denies it so Brenda lists the phone calls that have made her suspicious. Robin swears she hasn't called or talked to Sonny since he left. Brenda apologizes again but she doesn't seem very sincere. Robin looks confused. Brenda, wanting to her hurt her more, tells Robin that Jason has become really "horrible" and says really mean things about how Jason probably cheated on her with others besides Carly, that he lies, gets people killed, etc. She is on a big angry tirade, shouting at a cringing Robin. when Jax walks in and interrupts. Robin runs out, crying. Later, Brenda tries to defend her actions to Jax. He starts to object to the things Brenda was saying to her but gives up. He asks her about what Ned said but she says it's no big deal. He offers to loan her money but she refuses loudly, telling him off. He tells her that the only reason she's out of the hospital is that he "took responsibility" for her. He tells her that it was probably a mistake and she gets very angry. He suggests they go see her therapist and that makes her even angrier. She tells him to get out so he says he'll take a walk but he'll be back. While he's gone, Brenda gets a mirror and scissors. She sits in front of the mirror with the scissors and seems about to cut her face up.

Alexis finds Luke to finish their argument. She tells him that the reason she will get back with Stefan is because they are family and they have fights sometime, just like he and Bobbie did when Bobbie married Stefan. Luke says it's different, that he's got a big heart, unlike Stefan. After yelling some more, he stomps away, annoyed.

Jason brings the baby home and is surprised to find Robin waiting. She has a pained expression on her face.