General Hospital ThursdayJanuary 8th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 1/8/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Alan and Monica are very dressed up in a gown and tux and get passionate with each other. They talk about Jason and AJ. He is so lovey-dovey, she jokingly asks, "What are you on?" She leaves the room for something so he takes more pills out to keep in his pocket.

Edward and Justus, also in tuxes, prepare for the big board meeting. Edward addresses the problems between them, saying that because they aren't that close anymore, Jax or others could use that to their advantage. Justus says they were never that close. They bicker a bit, disagreeing on their history. Justus is tired of being a Yes Man and he's very bitter about it. He warns that Edward's big problems are going to be with Jax, Carly, and Jason. Edward wants reassurance that Justus is on his side, but Justus replies gently, "Edward, I'm in your pocket. Isn't that enough?" Before he can argue further, Ned and Jax come in. Then Lila arrives. They go to start their meeting and find Jason waiting for them. Alan is overjoyed, thinking Jason has come to his senses. They welcome him warmly, in their own way. While they ask him about Carly and the baby, Jax learns about it all for the first time. Alan offers his help but Jason says he doesn't need it. He's there for the board meeting. Edward is outraged. Jason shows that he has Sonny's proxy so he can vote. They argue (Edward calls him "Baby Face Morgan"!) and speculate as to why Jason wants to participate. Jason just says he is and won't give a reason. Edward doesn't want a criminal around, saying "When we break the law, at least we have the decency to do it behind people's backs". LOL! Alan sticks up for Jason and his right to vote. Ned calls the meeting to order. He says there is a proposal by a company to renovate the waterfront. Jason is the only one who objects, saying he wants the "specs". Edward wants to ignore his minority vote, but Ned points out that Jason runs the waterfront so they should listen to him. Jason's thug comes in and whispers something to him, so Jason excuses himself for a moment.

Before Jason returns, Justus gives Jason the message from Dara. Jason again asks him to be his lawyer and says he already knew the information. Jason is honest with Justus about wanting to "use" him.

Brenda gets a knock on her door so she puts the picture of herself face down and answers it. It's Emily; she gives Brenda a present since she couldn't visit her in the hospital. Emily notices that Brenda is in a weird mood, joking about her mental problems. Emily brings up Jason and Brenda doesn't want to talk about it at first, but Emily fills her in about the baby. Emily still has a hard time believing that Jason slept with Carly while he was with Robin. Brenda is very thoughtful. Emily pours out her condolences to Brenda about how Sonny left her at the altar. Later, Brenda puts the picture back up. She is looking at it when Robin comes in. Brenda jumps up, forgetting that someone else is there. Brenda asks how her visit with Mac went; Robin tells her he never showed up and she thinks it's weird. Brenda agrees, but we get the impression that she thinks Robin is lying and really went to see Jason. Robin is confused by Brenda's attitude. Brenda accuses her of lying so Robin protests that she's not lying. But Brenda wants her to feel like she shouldn't trust anyone, so she tells her that Emily came by and gave her some "bad news about Jason". Robin braces herself for the worst and starts to panic. Brenda gives her the bad news about Carly and the baby. Robin tries to make excuses but Brenda calls him a "faithless pig". Brenda compares him to Sonny again, saying he's become him. She even says that Jason kissed her, that he wants her, too, since she was Sonny's. Robin is very hurt and doesn't believe her. Brenda pleads with her to believe her, saying that faith and hope don't matter, only the truth. Later, Brenda gets Robin to go lie down. But first she says it's for the best that she knows, saying, "Once you know who they really are, then they can never, ever hurt you again". But once Robin goes up, she says, "Now we're even, Jason".

AJ and Keesha have dinner together. He tells her how Edward invited him to the board meeting and he's been accepted again. He's annoyed that they didn't treat him so nicely when they thought he had fallen off the wagon. Keesha is sympathetic and can't believe that Alan thinks he lied. "Your family puts the dis in dysfunctional" she says. But she tells him she thinks he's better than Jason, even if his family doesn't think so. He talks about being disappointed that the baby wasn't his. She thinks that he wanted the baby for the wrong reasons, so he could prove something to Alan. AJ wants to wallow in self pity but Keesha tells him he's become his own, good, man, not just a Jason clone. AJ realizes she's right so he asks her to put on a "party dress".

Keesha and AJ arrive for the ELQ board meeting, all decked out. AJ wonders where the "environmental impact statement" is for their new waterfront proposal. Ned doesn't have an answer so AJ tells him he's already talked to the city council members about it so Ned better be nice to him. Meanwhile, Edward talks to Jax about Jason. Ned comes in and tells Edward about what AJ told him. Reginald comes in to tell them that the police are there to see Jason. Taggert and Garcia walk in and want to question Jason about the murder of Valentine, his former lawyer. Jason is unfazed, as usual. The cops want to stop a mob war so they want to take Jason in. Alan protests but Edward is glad to see him go. Justus follows them out, ignoring Edward's hollering. Edward tells Alan that he wants to keep Jason down in jail so they can get the baby.

Taggert questions Jason, who tells him to take off the cuffs. Taggert ignores him. He has no real proof but he lists a bunch of people he thinks Jason has killed. Taggert harasses him about being brain-damaged and insults him some more. Jason taunts him back that Taggert is afraid that Sonny's never coming back so he can't frame him for Deke's murder. He also calls Deke an "animal" and reminds him of what he did to Sonny and his mom. Taggert tells him that he can't hide behind the Quartermaines or Scorpios anymore and threatens to bring Robin in for questioning. Jason threatens him.