General Hospital WednesdayJanuary 7th Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/7/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Nikolas walks around outside in the cold, on the snowy balcony, brooding. He sees Sarah and Emily lurking outside the gates of Windemere downstairs. Sarah escorted her so Emily could talk to Nikolas and give her a letter from her, but Emily doesn't think it's such a great idea. Sarah wants to get through to him and thinks this is the way to do it.

Katherine comes downstairs and greets Stefan with a passionate kiss. He pulls away, saying that he hasn't had time to tell Nickolas yet. She seems concerned that Stefan is putting it off. They are discussing it when Nikolas comes downstairs. She gives him orange juice and offers breakfast. She asks questions while Nikolas plays chess but he's silent. She thinks Nikolas needs people around him so he won't brood so much. Emily finally goes to the door; Kath is glad to see her. Stefan tells Nikolas that he's asked Kath to live there, then Emily and Kath come in. Kath and Stefan excuse themselves. Nikolas keeps playing chess silently. Emily talks to him but he's not very responsive. However, when she starts to leave, he stops her. They play chess together. She gives him Sarah's letter. Sarah lurks outside, looking in the window. After Emily leaves, she sees him hold her letter, considering whether he should open it. Emily finds Sarah, who is very cold. Sarah wants to know what Nikolas said and did. Then they leave; Nikolas watches them from the balcony and then crumples her letter and throws it on the ground.

Outside, Stefan gently takes Kath to task for forcing Nikolas to see Emily. He asks her if she could follow his wishes regarding Nikolas; she says most of the time it's okay but sometimes it's not so easy. He takes her to the guest house, where he thinks she should live. She has no problem with it. Conveniently, the main house and the guest house are connected by an underground passage. She jokingly compares it to his father and Kristen. She hugs him and agrees to live in the guest house. They kiss.

AJ comes out of his apartment and finds Tony asleep outside Carly's apartment. Tony looks terrible and AJ invites him in for coffee. Tony doesn't want coffee and explains what happened the previous night. Tony mentions to AJ about Carly leaving town, figuring he already knew. AJ says he didn't know anything about it. Tony accuses him of "protecting" Carly again, then he goes inside his own apartment.

Justus and Ned argue about business. Justus is skeptical about some figures and Ned thinks he's just still annoyed about being left out of the deal with Jax. Justus thinks that the Cassadines could still be dangerous to them. Edward comes in and gives some papers to Justus. Justus tells Ned that they are papers about buying Carly's baby from her. As he is saying this, Monica and Alan walk in, shocked. Justus says it's "not legally binding". Alan and Ned laugh. Lila puts an end to Edward's ranting about taking the baby away from Carly. They all argue about what might happen with Jason and the baby. Justus tells Edward that he has a "strong aversion to the buying and selling of human beings", then excuses himself. Lila tells Edward that he should pay more attention to the grandsons he has here. Ned and Edward worry about whether they can count on Justus any more. Alan takes more pills. Monica is looking at picture of her children when AJ walks in. He tells her that Carly's left town and he might as well tell Alan the truth now. Alan walks in then. AJ tells Alan about Carly leaving town. Alan is amazed and it distracts him from what AJ is trying to tell him. Both Monica and AJ try to get him to focus and listen. Monica gets annoyed at Alan's attitude and leaves them alone. AJ fills Alan in on what happened that night Carly drugged him. It doesn't make much sense to Alan until AJ fills him in more. He also tells Alan why he didn't tell him earlier. Alan is very calm as AJ tells him how "painful" it was to him to endure all this. AJ tells him that he doesn't buy it. He believes that she drugged him but not because of sleeping with him but because he knew Jason had slept with her. AJ is aghast and says it's not true. They come to an understanding but not really, AJ is upset that Alan still isn't so proud of him. Alan goes out to see Monica, who quizzes him. She and AJ are not happy with his POV. Alan makes an announcement to the whole family that someone set AJ up, he didn't really fall off the wagon. They all want to forget about it but AJ is not happy at the way they are acting. Lila says they're all proud of him, and Edward invites him to the ELQ board meeting. Tony tells them about Carly leaving town without the baby. Edward sees it as an opportunity to get the baby. AJ, disgusted, gets ready to leave. Ned pats AJ on the back for getting Monica and Alan to buy his story.

Dara visits Justus at the Q mansion. She tells him that a mobster named Moreno is bring new people into the area, so she is worried. She thinks Jason should know but she can't be the one to tell him. She doesn't want more of a mob war in Port Charles. Justus wonders why he should care so she points out that he is related to him and represented him once. He invites her to dinner but she says he should phone her and invite her like a real date. He is more chipper after she leaves.

Tony meets with Alexis to tell her that he's not the father of Carly's baby. But, he tells her, he doesn't want Jason to keep the baby. Alexis says legally he may not be able to pull it off. Tony pleads with her and then takes off. Ned stops by right after to sit with her. They joke around as usual. She wants his input about her finding a job in some far-off place, like Siberia. He stays there's nowhere she can go that would be safe from Stefan, but he suggests she ally herself with his family by being a legal consultant. He will have to work on Edward, though. She says she'll think about it. Later, he packs his stuff at the apartment and leaves. Then he kicks the door down and takes one last look before he leaves.