General Hospital Tuesday January 6th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/6/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Felicia shows different dresses to Bobbie, trying to decide which to keep. Bobbie wonders who she's trying to impress, and Felicia lets Mac's name slip. She reveals that Mac's been "flirting" a lot. Just then, Jimmy comes in and tells Felicia her dress is "sensational". Felicia wonders why he's there so Jimmy explains he was on his way to lunch and figured he'd invite her. He leans very close to her, too. Felicia tries to make an excuse to stay home, saying she has to fix a running toilet. He offers to fix it but she protests, knowing he's no good at that kind of thing. He rushes out and Felicia frets. She asks Bobbie if she thinks he's acting "strange". Bobbie tells her she should be glad she's got a great guy like Mac pining for her. Felicia is afraid to lose her best friend by messing around with romantic stuff, so she wants to come up with a distraction for him: Dara. Jimmy comes back in and tells her the toilet is fixed. Bobbie leaves for work. Jimmy gets really close to Felicia again and asks her again to lunch. Felicia says she lost her other earring so she sends Mac to look for it in the car. Meanwhile, she phones Dara and thanks her again for her New Year's Eve performance. Felicia pries about her date with Justus but Dara basically says nothing happened between them. Felicia suggests she make Justus jealous with Mac. Dara is not sure but Felicia tells her to come to the Outback and "pay attention" to Mac. He comes back in and they discuss where to go for dinner. Felicia gets a call and gives the phone to Mac. It's Robin but he doesn't recognize her voice. After a moment, he gets the idea.

Brenda wonders why Robin's there so she explains that Jax came to get her. Brenda tells her she's glad she's there but she hopes she's there to hang with and not just to check up on her. Robin says she has lots of people to visit so Brenda asks if Jason is one. Robin says she hasn't seen him since he flew to Paris. Brenda is suspicious and quizzes Robin. She tells her that there's no way that Jason can visit her there; Robin assures her that it's not a problem. Brenda suggests fun things they can do together, but then she spouts off in a paranoid way about how Robin can't trust anything Jason says. Later, Brenda explains to Robin about her recent problems, saying she "freaked out" after the shooting at Luke's. She claims "it's all over now" but Robin asks if she's sure, so Brenda starts questioning her suspiciously again about whether Jason told her something. Robin tries to change the subject off Jason but Brenda says he's "Sonny's robot" Brenda starts to show Robin the house but when Robin stands up she sees the photo with Brenda's face cut out. Brenda doesn't make a lot of sense when she says that Sonny only cared about her image so by destroying her image she is taking revenge on him and that the picture is not the real her. Robin says that she has a right to be angry but it makes her "sad that there's so much hate where love used to be". This sets Brenda off some more. Robin makes it worse by saying that Sonny is hurting, too, so Brenda starts to think she is working for Sonny. Brenda demands to know where Sonny is and why she's really there. Robin reminds her that Jax sent her but Brenda will not be deterred from her paranoia. Robin denies everything so Brenda apologizes. Brenda tells her to get something to eat in the kitchen while she fixes up her room. Later, Brenda overhears Robin talking to Mac and we can see she's going to jump to the wrong conclusion, thinking she's talking to Jason or Sonny.

Luke visits Carly's baby and is charmed by him. AWWWWW. He goes outside the neonatal ICU when he spies Jason. Things are kind of awkward between them. Luke tells him he's lucky to have Bobbie watching over the kid and asks why he took Bobbie's advice. Jason says she's Carly's mother and the baby's grandma so that's why. Luke is slightly annoyed that Carly spilled the beans and Jason tells him he knows about Luke trying to run her out of town. Luke says "that was a misunderstanding". Jason fills him in that he knows everything but only since she left Tony. He assures Luke he won't tell Bobbie about it all. Luke says "When Barbara finds out, she's gonna find out directly from Carly". Luke tells Jason that the reason Carly's plan to ruin Bobbie's life didn't work is because she's "a survivor" and she didn't know that Carly was her daughter. Luke confesses he couldn't kill her and fills him in on everything else. Jason says he'll protect Carly but he doesn't think he'll need to now. He tells Luke about Carly leaving town and Luke says, "That's cold!" Just then, Lorraine walks up looking for Carly so Jason asks her name. When she tells him, he spits out where she works and her home address and tells her to leave and not come back. Effective! Jason tells Luke that Lorraine was blackmailing Carly. Jason suggests Luke tell Bobbie himself who Carly is, if he's so afraid of her finding out from other places, but Luke doesn't think it's necessary now that Carly's skipped town. Luke still wonders but Jason points out that it doesn't matter if Bobbie knows she's the grandmother or not, that "family is who you love". Luke agrees but thinks he should tell Bobbie anyway. Jason asks him not to because Carly doesn't want Bobbie to know. They argue about Carly's feelings for the child. Finally, Luke agrees that if Carly's not back by the first week of February, he'll tell Bobbie himself. But he tells Jason to keep the Quartermaines away from kid. Jason says he's getting a nanny and won't let the Q's near him. Luke thinks it's too dangerous for the baby to be living at Jason's but Jason swears it is. Luke doesn't believe him but there's not much he can do. He just asks Jason to let Bobbie see the baby as much as she wants, so Jason agrees. He also promises not to do anything to hurt Bobbie. Bobbie comes up and Jason fills her in about Carly being gone. Jason assures her that Carly asked him to look out for the baby and asks her if she could help him with the nanny interview. Bobbie suggests the Quartermaines but he says no way, he wants her. So she agrees. Luke and Jason shake on their "deal" while Bobbie checks on the baby.

Lorraine runs into Tony at a bar and suggests they drink together to forget about Carly. She says vicious things about Carly and mentions she left town. Tony is shocked but when she says that she left the baby, Tony doesn't believe her. She asks if it's true that Jason is the baby's father but Tony doesn't want to talk about Carly. She says okay but then he asks rhetorically why Carly was inflicted on him when he was relatively happy. She says he was duped by her but can't figure out why so he implies it was for sex. She tells him that "good sex is there for the taking, it's not something that Carly has cornered the market on" so he asks her if she's sure. That's her cue to hit on him big time, she asks him home with her to discuss the GH job. He tells her in a disgusted way that she's just like Carly, she wants to use him. He leaves. When Tony gets home, very drunk, he accidentally steps on a toy duck and he starts talking to it! Then he throws it outside, along with the rest of the baby stuff. Then he falls asleep outside the door, on the floor.