General Hospital Monday January 5th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 1/5/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Mike asks Jason how the baby's doing; he's much better and growing "stronger". Jason tells him that Carly won't touch the baby yet so he's hanging around to keep the baby company. Mike keeps trying to compliment Jason (as the father), who looks uncomfortable. Mike compares it to when Sonny was looking forward to being a father, and also advises him about "sticking around", something Mike didn't do. Jason asks him to stay and watch the kid while he does something. Later, Amy jokingly gives him a hard time for "loitering". She tells him what a nice disposition the baby has and how all the nurses love him. Then he takes off.

Brenda sits on the floor in front of the fire and cuts her face out of pictures of herself, while singing "ring-around-the-rosey". Then she crumples them into little balls and lights a big fireplace match and watches it burn in an eerie way. She lights the faces on fire, one by one. The phone rings but she doesn't answer until she finds out it's Jax. After the call, she smiles as if nothing is wrong, but a nearby picture in a frame is missing her face.

Jax and Robin fly home in his jet. He tells her how he's kept the media from learning about Brenda's condition. He tells Robin that she should spend lots of time with Brenda. But he warns her not mention Jason around her. Jax tells her about what he walked in on the other day but Robin tells him that Jason would never hurt Brenda. They disagree and he has second-thoughts about bringing her there. She tells him about Jason's visit to Paris and tries to convince Jax that Jason's not so terrible, but he's not sold. He says Jason "kills people for a living" but she denies it. She tells him why she left Jason and says that she thinks Sonny hurt Brenda "for her own good", which Jason would never do to her. Jax doesn't agree so they agree to disagree. Jax phones Brenda to say he's bringing her a "surprise". She says she missed him. Jax tells her he plans to send her (Robin) but isn't going himself.

Later, Brenda opens the door and is surprised to find Robin there. They hug but Brenda's expression still looks a little off.

Carly is getting out of bed just as Jason comes in. She hates staying in bed but she's not strong enough to get up alone. He sympathizes but warns her not to pop her stitches as he helps her to a chair. When Carly whines about Bobbie, he fills her in on everything Bobbie's done for her, nurse-wise. She doesn't want to hear that and pouts that she is a worse mother even than Bobbie. Speak of the devil, Bobbie comes in and chides her for being out of bed. She needs to change Carly's dressing so Jason excuses himself. Bobbie tries to give Carly advice on pumping the milk out of her breasts (so they won't hurt) but Carly, even more irritable than usual, snaps her head off, so Bobbie leaves quietly. Then Tony visits (bad timing, Tony!) to "finish things". She bitches at him and they start fighting about their history. Tony tells her he was ready to pour all his love into that child, the way he did BJ, and chastizes her for hurting him again like that. She says that if he had really loved her, he would have loved her and her son anyway and never seen "Jason in him". She regrets everything she did to keep him; he calls her "amoral and unstable" and says she and Jason are not capable of taking care of it. They tell each other "I hate you". But after he leaves, she breaks down crying. Later, a doctor tells her that she's suffering from post-partum depression and that's why she won't touch her baby. She wants a psychiatrist to talk to Carly and assess her condition. Carly asks Bobbie if she'll take her to see her baby because she wants to try again. Bobbie doesn't think it's a good idea but she can't say no, given her own history.

AJ asks Amy to look something up for him but she's too busy right now so he waits. Keesha comes by and they chat. He tells her that he is waiting to find out the blood type of the baby. He explains that Jason is B positive and Carly is A positive, and the baby must be something else or Tony wouldn't know he wasn't the father. He hopes to be able to tell his family that he's the father, and then he can fight for custody. Amy comes over with the baby's chart so AJ asks for the blood type, claiming Lila wants to know. She babbles on that the baby's last name has been changed to Morgan at Carly's request. Amy says that the baby's blood type is B positive. AJ looks struck. Keesha consoles AJ, who is as devastated as Tony was. He tries to look at it from a positive point of view but he can't, really.

Carly asks to be left alone with the baby so Bobbie excuses herself. Amy lurks nearby and tells Carly that the baby is "doing great" and other positive aspects of his condition. Carly reaches to touch him but stops, saying, "I can't". Amy encourages her and asks if she has a name for him but Carly freaks out and wheels herself out. She gets up out of her chair, she wants so badly to leave. Just then AJ happens by and helps her to her room. They talk awkwardly about the baby. He tells her that the baby's blood type matches Jason's; she looks surprised but covers it. He goes on about how he had convinced himself it was his. She tells him she did those terrible things because she was "scared and angry". They both say they "used to like" each other. Just then Jason comes in and tenses, thinking AJ is there to give them a hard time. AJ tells him, "You won" and wonders if it matters to Jason that he's a father. Jason tells him it's none of his business. Carly tells him gleefully that AJ doesn't realize that the baby got the B from AJ (who's B negative) and positive from her. But she tells him she's concerned about how she can't take care of the baby. She asks him to take care of him until she gets back--she has to leave for awhile and get her strength back. She is scared that they'll take the baby away while she's weak. He worries that she's not strong enough to leave so soon. She begs for his help. Next time we see Carly, she's on a plane, her hospital band still on her arm. Jason reaches out and touches the baby and his heart seems to melt.

Bobbie and Luke chat about the baby and Carly. She tells him how Carly's having so many troubles and how she feels "a bond" with the baby. She wonders "what wrong" but he won't say, just tells her he loves her and kisses her. That worries her more but she has to go on duty. Later, Luke visits Carly but too late, she's gone.