General Hospital Friday January 30th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 1/30/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

V. drops by Felicia's to pay her rent; Felicia is suspicious and knows that Mac got V. to give it to her so Felicia would have to go see Mac. V. jokes that Mac is suffering from a multiple personality disorder and babbles on while Felicia stares at her. Then Felicia grabs her and makes her come in. V. tells Felicia that Mac acts if he doesn't know her, and other times he looks at her weirdly. Also she notices that Mac has been dressing differently, buttoning his clothes differently. They also agree that Mac's public proposal was strange. Felicia starts to think about Jimmy but get distracted by her daughter calling. V. leaves, promising to keep an eye on Mac. Felicia checks on Maxie, who hides under the covers. She confesses she got scared by a movie she saw at her friend's house (she describes Invasion of the Body Snatchers). She talks about people changing sometimes and acting differently. Felicia kind of talks her out of her fears. Jimmy visits and Felicia sees him as a pod-person. He apologizes and gives her a peck on the cheek. She grabs him and kisses him passionately, then steps back as if assessing something. He is confused and she tells him she's "trying to decide". He begs her to go back to the way they were before his proposal. He tells her that she's everything he wants and he just wants to tell her. They argue. At one point she looks him over and asks if his hair wasn't a little darker. She throws "Mac" out and gets the sitter to stay with Maxie so she can go out. She goes to the place where James Meadows was supposed to be cremated and makes sure the man there has the record of his cremation. He does.

Nikolas builds a house of cards and tries to say the names of each card. Sometimes he's successful, sometimes not. Katherine walks in and observes part of it. But then he blows up, knocks the cards down and storms out. Stefan greets her and they kiss. She brushes him off, saying Nikolas is around. She tells him that Nikolas is very "frustrated". They argue again about speech therapy. She tells him about the speech therapy guy in Prague that Alexis suggested. She doesn't know all the details but says he'd come there for Nikolas. Stefan is instantly suspicious and questions her about where she heard it. She claims that she called around and found out about the guy. Stefan is somewhat persuaded and says he'll think about it. Nikolas comes downstairs and she leaves them alone. Stefan tells him that Kath is worried about him. He asks if she's been talking about a particular speech therapist lately, and when Nikolas nods yes, he suspects Helena gave her the idea. He assures Nikolas that he'll let him recover the way he wants and they'll just play along with Katherine. Stefan is walking away when Nikolas says, "Uncle?" Stefan calmly asks what he wants so Nikolas tries to talk some more, but the words are hard to say. Nikolas just says, "Protect her" and Stefan agrees. Stefan is so moved that he decides to have a drink before dinner.

The baptism of Carly's child continues. Edward and the rest of the Quartermaines storm in, yelling for it to stop and causing a great fuss. Justus warns them not to touch the baby. The choir keeps singing. Edward is particularly offensive to the priest. AJ tells the priest that the baby is "a bastard". Jason yells at them, angrily, "This is a church!" The choir stops, finally. The Q's continue to argue. All the Q's except for Edward just want to be there, Alan says. Reginald steps up and tells Jason that Lila would like to speak with him, so he goes over to her. Lila promises they won't make any more noise or fuss if he'll let them stay a bit longer. Jason agrees as long as they stay away from the baby. They all sit. Emily reads a letter that her mother wrote. Bobbie reads from the gospel. As they proceed, the Quartermaines are left out as they don't know the proper Catholic responses, even though Jason and all his men do. Edward starts to stand up when the priest asks Jason if he rejects Satan and Jason says, "I do", but Reginald holds him back. Then Moreno and his men walk in. Jason chats briefly with Mike and his men to plan a quick escape with the kid just in case. Justus and Jason meet Moreno and his men. Moreno apologizes for being late and sends his men back to the car. He says he showed up as "a gesture" to the ceremony. Meanwhile, Monica is annoyed that Bobbie was invited and she wasn't. Jason, Moreno, and Justus return to the church. The ceremony proceeds again and they baptize the baby. Jason chooses the name "Michael Corinthos, jr." for the baby and the Quartermaines start yelling in protest. Emily tells them there are lots of good Michaels. The priest also sticks up for the name. Robin and Bobbie wonder where Carly is. Bobbie thinks maybe it's for the best. Justus yells at the Quartermaines for their lack of respect in the church. The priest gets the choir singing again and sits down next to Moreno to watch the melee. Alan and Monica argue with Bobbie. Emily suggests maybe they should finish it later but Jason insists it will happen today. He goes to the door, turns, and yells at the Quartermaines,telling them to get out. AJ protests and starts to yell at Moreno in the process until Justus pulls him away. Robin takes Jason outside to talk him out of throwing the Q's out, especially AJ. She lays a guilt trip on him for lying to them. The baptism continues with everyone present. At the end, Carly shows up.