General Hospital Friday January 2nd Update


General Hospital Update Friday 1/2/97 by Suzanne Lanoue

Bobbie tells the Q's that Tony's not the father, so they all think it's Jason's (except for Emily and Monica). Edward still wants to buy Carly off and get Jason back into the mansion. Alan and Emily ask Monica what she knows, but she keeps mum. Ned comforts Emily, who is upset that Jason may have cheated on Robin.

At GH, Alan and Tony chat while they look at the baby. Tony tries to pour out his heart about not being the father, but Alan is not really there for him. AJ eavesdrops and finds out the blood test news so he figures he's the father. AJ tries to make up with Tony but he won't figure him, thinking he knew that Jason and Carly were sleeping together all along.

Carly wakes up and Jason fills her in on what has transpired. They go to see the baby but Carly freaks out and won't touch it. She asks if the baby can have his name instead of hers, and he agrees. She blames herself for the baby being sick and gets very upset. Bobbie, trying to cheer Carly up, tells her she is happy to see that Carly is concerned for her baby and she admires her. She talks about motherhood and they bond.

Bobbie asks AJ to leave Carly alone but he won't make any promises.

Ned phones and then visits Brenda. Jax comes in, surprised that Ned is there, and they mention that Brenda's spirits were lifted by talking to Robin. Brenda wants to get rid of the nurse but Jax wants her to stay one more day so she agrees. Ned phones and finds out that her business manager has stolen all of her money. Ned promises that he and Justus will track him down. After he leaves, Brenda gets rid of her nurse despite her promise. She mutters that she thinks that Sonny is behind the money being stolen. She picks up her scissors and eyes them strangely.

Jax visits Robin in Paris to ask for her help with Brenda.