General Hospital Wednesday January 28th Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/28/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

AJ continues to plead with Emily. She is yelling at him when Alan wanders in groggily to ask if they've had dinner yet. AJ wonders what's wrong but Alan tells him he just took a nap by the fire. They look at him strangely. Alan tries to be cheery but Emily tells them both off, still angry. AJ and Alan walk away, hurt. Sarah visits Emily to talk about yearbook stuff. Emily shows her a dress she bought for the christening. She swears Sarah to secrecy about it, since Jason doesn't want any of the Q's to know. Sarah tells Emily that she still misses Nikolas so she asks her to check on him to see if he's okay. Emily responds that she already is going to visit him; she also agrees to find out if he's read Sarah's letter yet or not.

Katherine tells the housekeeper how to arrange the flowers, butting her nose in for some reason. Nikolas enters, still silent, but with his fencing equipment. Katherine says she's glad that he's pursuing some interests but he doesn't want to hear it. She forces him to listen and says enough moping, he has to work on his speech therapy now. She tries to give him a pep talk but the housekeeper says some woman wants to see Katherine but she'll only meet her at the docks. Katherine is intrigued so she leaves. Nikolas takes out Sarah's letter and reads it (or rereads it?). She tells him she misses him and asks him to remember what they shared.

Katherine, completely alone, walks out into the dark area around the docks to meet someone. She calls, wondering if it's Helena, but it's Alexis. Alexis begs her to wait. She tells Katherine that Helena is going to kill her if she doesn't help her. Katherine is unmoved. Alexis keeps begging pitifully, saying she doesn't want to die. Katherine says she doesn't have any influence with Helena. Alexis says that Nikolas is the way to get to her. Katherine starts to tell her off but they hear something so Alexis hides. Emily arrives to visit Nikolas and says hi before continuing on. Alexis comes back out. Katherine says she won't help her. Alexis says she's got the world's best speech therapist and he'll come there to help Nikolas. In return, Katherine will convince Nikolas to talk to Helena for her, once he gets his speech back. Katherine refuses because she doesn't want to lie to Stefan. Alexis points out that she could have heard of the doctor somewhere else...and Stefan will love her even more for helping to cure Nikolas. They'll all win. Alexis asks her to think about it, then she leaves.

Emily comes in while Nikolas is fencing. She babbles on about cool and fun it looks. She asks him about his health and fills him in on moving back home, being a godmother, etc. She says she saw Sarah and asks him if he read Sarah's letter. He says yes but won't admit he felt anything. Emily pleads Sarah's case with him but then realizes she's being pushy so she stops. Then she harrasses him about his speaking. She asks him what his name is, so he replies "Nikolas". But when he tries to say more, it doesn't work. She thinks that the pressure is the problem. She suggests he not say much for awhile, then say some words when he feels like it. But instead, he puts his hand on her shoulder and says, slowly, "". Her mouth falls open in shock. She says she doesn't know how, he was the one who did it. She says why doesn't he get Sarah to be his speech teacher but he refuses. He offers to teach her fencing if she helps him to speak. She agrees, and also agrees to keep it all quiet.

Ned asks Alexis why she had him keep Stefan away from Windemere for awhile. She'd rather not explain so he accepts it. Stefan arrives so Alexis slips out. Ned offers him a drink; Stefan's not interested and wonders why Edward's not there since Ned said it was "an emergency". Ned tells Stefan that some of the ELQ Jacarta people are suing Stefan and his "operatives". Stefan knows that's not important so he asks Ned the real reason he's there. Their tones turn quiet and icy. Ned warns him that interfering in his personal and business life is a no-no. He's especially annoyed that Stefan did the whole thing to keep Ned away from Alexis. Stefan refuses to talk about Alexis. Alan and AJ come in so Stefan uses the opportunity to storm out. Ned insults both of them. AJ says he's interested in ELQ business now; Ned laughs and makes fun of him. They argue about AJ going back to ELQ. AJ calls him "pathetic" for only having his work, no real life. Alan stands up for AJ when Ned insults him. They keep arguing. Ned says the pressure of real business would make AJ crack and hit the bottle again. AJ looks completely shocked when Alan makes a long angry speech about what AJ has had to put up with. Then he gets worried because Alan looks like he's about to have an attack of some sort and has trouble making much sense. AJ asks Alan about his health so he lies and says he's had some high blood pressure problems. Ned listens nearby, suspicious. Alan says Ned should just accept it, AJ will work for ELQ if he wants to. Ned says sure, he'll just have to practice "damage control". They all argue some more, although a bit calmer. Then Ned walks out. AJ tells Alan he appreciates him "sticking up for" him. Alan holds his hand and says he was happy to do it. AJ looks suspicious again at Alan's uncharacteristic behavior.

Helena waits for her date but Stefan walks in instead. They dance around insultingly, as usual. He accuses her of wanting to control Nikolas because he's the next head of the family; she claims she's devoted to him. He warns her that he's "instructed" Katherine on how to handle her in the future, should she try to contact her again. She informs Stefan that she knows that Luke had Laura moved. She gleefully fills him in on the details of how she had flowers sent to Laura, etc. Stefan warns her in a very quiet, deadly voice, to leave Laura alone. Alexis drops in and tells Helena how her meeting with Katherine went -- it was all Helena's idea! Alexis warns that Katherine is not easy to manipulate.

Sarah visits Emily again and tells her he read her letter. She says that Nikolas wouldn't share his feelings because he's so proud and embarrassed. Sarah is frustrated so Emily tells her not to give up, things might change. She won't give her the specifics, though. She looks very uncomfortable lying to Sarah.

Stefan comes home and is worried that Katherine is cold because she spent so much time walking around outside in the damp chill. Katherine says she was thinking about his family, like Helena and Alexis. He doesn't want to discuss them but Katherine asks if Helena is really as bad as she pretends, since she didn't kill "Natasha" like she vowed to.