General Hospital Tuesday January 27th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/27/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

(I missed the very end, hopefully it wasn't anything important...)

Robin accompanies Brenda to New York on a plane, to find a modeling agent. They plan what else they're going to do. They talk about their different experiences in Paris. Brenda was 16 when she was there. They remember when they first met at Jason's birthday party, with Jagger and Karen. "It's funny how things work out"...Brenda remembers being "horrible" but is thankful that Robin is still her friend. She is also thankful for Jax, although she's glad he's not there to take care of her, as usual. She wants to do things on her own now. Robin keeps bolstering Brenda's ego about her modeling future; Brenda is skeptical. Robin is posing as Brenda's "manager" to help her out. Just before they go in, Brenda decides to go in by herself instead. She is nervous but remembers her first day at Deception so she knows it can be any worse than that. She walks in and Robin looks proud. Brenda goes in and we only see her, not the person she's talking to. It's kind of a funny routine as we see her get rejected at various offices, one after another. She gets more and more disappointed.

Ned brings Lila her morning coffee. Alan comes in, grouchy, then Edward and Monica. They are all cranky except for Ned. They wonder where Emily is. Monica says she's the only one who gets along with Emily because she didn't use her, she says pointedly. Edward complains about her repeating her accusations, but Monica calls them all "wretched" except for Ned and Lila. Alan accuses Monica of not being honest with Emily about Jason (whatever that means). They continue to argue about what they did to Jason and Emily. Even Lila speaks up, for a change. Emily comes in, very cheerful, so they stop arguing and greet her warmly. Emily chats with Ned but ignores Alan and Edward. She tells Ned that the school is having a parents' dance on Friday, so she asks Ned to be her father for it. Monica and Alan look stunned. Lila excuses herself to read, upset, so Emily apologizes but Lila says it's not her fault. Emily insults Alan some more so Ned agrees to escort her to the dance. Alan quietly tells Ned to wipe the smirk off his face, so Ned retorts, "Oh, Alan, I would....but what's the point, it would only creep back"! (I love that line.) Emily tells Monica she just wants to go to the dance. Monica is concerned about Alan but wants to teach him a lesson so she agrees to let Emily go. She quizzes Emily about Jason and the baby so Emily tells her that they're doing fine. AJ arrives and asks Emily to forgive him. He wants to go somewhere private but she insists they stay. He is very contrite as he begs her forgiveness and confesses that he let her down. He tells her how important it is to him that she is his sister. She realizes he's sorry for lying to her, but not for what he did to Jason. So his apology is not good enough.

Justus visits Jason. Justus is ready to talk about the job offer. Jason says he needs more than a lawyer, he needs "an ambassador", so Justus says he needs more time, but Jason says he can't give him more time. Justus knows his life will change forever and kind of protests. Jason tells him that he is going to call a truce with Moreno. Justus questions him about it so Jason explains how he's thinking of the baby first.

I didn't see this part, but apparently Emily meets Jason at the Outback and he asks her to be the godmother of his baby; she accepts. Also, Justus tells Jason he'll be his lawyer.