General Hospital Monday January 26th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 1/26/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Mike visits Jason and the baby. Jason is still beating himself up for almost getting the baby killed. Mike tries to console him. Bobbie visits and Jason fills her in on the baby's doctor's appointment. He tells her he has to take care of things for the baby in case something happens to him, so he asks for her help. He says the baby can't wait until Carly comes back to start its life. Jason also tells them that he's working on things so that he won't "be a target" anymore. Jason says that because of the baby's heart problems and premature birth, he wants a nurse to come there a couple of times a week, so he asks Bobbie to suggest someone. She volunteers. Then he says the baby needs a name so he asks them how he can make it official. Mike suggests calling the County Records Office but Bobbie suggests a christening. They explain what that is to Jason. Bobbie asks if he believes in God, and Jason responds with no pause that he does. Jason says that Alan and the rest of the Quartermaines aren't getting near the baby so Bobbie protests. He explains what they did and says the Q's are not invited to the christening. Bobbie is shocked. She and Mike explain what godparents are. Bobbie asks what church Jason goes to so he replies that he's Catholic because Sonny was. Bobbie says the rules might be different so she goes to call a priest. Jason phones Jason to make an appointment to see him later. Bobbie tells Jason that they can get the church on Friday, including a choir. She figured out that Sonny bought them a new organ, so they're very grateful. She also tells Jason that the priest wants to talk to him beforehand. They discuss what Jason will say, of course only the truth. Mike asks Jason to think about who else he might want to invite. Jason tells him he's only been to funerals, never a christening. The deaths of Joseph and Pete weigh heavily on his mind. Jason also worries about who he'll choose for Godparents, so he asks Mike to be one. Mike is deeply touched. Jason, Mike, and Bobbie discuss who is and isn't invited. Jason says no Tony and no Quartermaines. Bobbie argues again.

Brenda meets Robin at the Outback and tells her that she's gathered pictures of herself to make a portfolio (so she can look for a modeling job) but she hasn't looked at them yet. Robin says she'll help her go over them. They go to sit and are greeted by Dara and Justus. Brenda compliments Dara's outfit but things are awkward between the two women. Robin and Brenda talk about Brenda's photos but Brenda is distracted. She feels bad because she had to bail out of L&B after talking Dara into singing for her label.

Felicia runs into the Outback and hides behind the bar. Jimmy comes in looking for her; the bartender covers but he saw her car outside. Jimmy runs outside again. He comes back in with what look like jumper cables and yells around to Felicia that she might as well come out, she's "not going anywhere". He looks around but Felicia stays hidden.

Justus and Dara sit down and chat. Jimmy comes over and awkwardly asks Dara to talk with him for a moment. He congratulates her on "going for it" with Justus but she says they're just having dinner. He tells Dara that he's proposing to Felicia but he doesn't know why she ran away. Dara speculates that Felicia might be scared by how it's being rushed. Jimmy thinks that maybe the Outback is the perfect place to propose. He asks Dara to check in the ladies' room for Felicia for him, and she agrees. Robin waves over to him so he reluctantly goes over to say hi. Robin wonders why he didn't seem to see her when he came in. He spies their coats hanging over the chair and thinks Felicia is hiding there so he yanks them up quickly and looks under the table. They laugh. He makes a strange comment to Brenda about how she looks "better in person, just not as tall", before walking away to search for Felicia. Robin and Brenda exchange very confused looks. Robin wonders if he was drunk.

Jimmy gets on the microphone and says romantic things to Felicia, knowing she can hear. When she sees what he's about to do, Felicia jumps out and insists they go somewhere private. But instead, he goes ahead and asks her to marry him. Everyone applauds. Felicia makes a sarcastic retort so he puts her on the spot, but she drags him into the other room.

Robin and Brenda wonder what Mac is going because they can tell how disgusted and embarrassed Felicia was. Dara and Justus also discuss it. Dara is "revolted" and compares Mac's performance to karaoke. Justus takes the opportunity to ask Dara if anything is going on between her and Mac. She denies they're dating but he knows better. She says they had one bad date, that's all. He presses so she explains that Mac made a pass at her but she turned him down. Justus is surprised by Mac's behavior. He also pays Dara a romantic compliment. Dara prods him to keep going. He laughs and tells her how she should be treated. He touches her hand as he goes on; she looks at him in wonder. He really pours his heart out. He tells her that he's always had a thing for her. She doesn't know if she believes him. They realize that they both thought they had blown their chance with the other. He gets a call from Jason. Impulsively, Justus asks her to come with him, so he leads her out. He takes her back to his place and she is surprised that he's living across from Jason. He tells her that he left ELQ and he's his own man now. They get comfy but there's no light, only a fire, because he hasn't turned on the electricity yet. She points her toward the spectacular view of the city out his window and puts his arms around her from behind. She turns and they kiss. It's very romantic (finally, some heat and a storyline for these two!).

In the office, Felicia chews Jimmy out for embarrassing her and not knowing when to quit. She tells him that "NO!" she won't marry him. They argue. He reminds her that she liked his kiss last night but she says that's just "animal attraction" and accuses him of having a midlife crisis. She just knows he's "different" so he confesses that he is, "completely". He berates "the old Mac", who was afraid to express his feelings openly. Felicia seems mostly confused. He keeps trying to kiss her but she pushes him away. She is disappointed that he is in touch with his own feelings but doesn't seem to know hers, so she orders him out of the office. He leaves, hurt and puzzles. Robin comes in and pleads with Felicia not to "hate" Mac. Felicia says she couldn't hate him and wonders if he's just going "through a phase". She asks Robin if she knew he felt this way but Robin pleads the fifth.