General Hospital Friday January 23rd Update


General Hospital Update Friday 1/23/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Edward visits Justus at his new penthouse. Edward tries to plead with Justus about them being family and how he shouldn't work for Jason. Justus tells him that he's not coming back and that Edward should just let him go. Edward tries his hardest, pulling out every stop, and Justus is moved but still can't agree. It cost him too much to work for Edward. Jason phones so Justus leaves.

Jason brings the baby in for a checkup and the doctor says he's improving. He suggests that Jason spend as much time with him as possible since the mother is not around. Jason has an errand so he has his man take the baby back to the penthouse. He is asking one of his guys about a shipment when Moreno's men attack and try to take the shipment. There is a short shootout and then Moreno's men speed off. Jason helps his guys get the shipment loaded before the cops get there. One of Jason's top people advises him not to take so many risks because a leader wouldn't do that, Sonny wouldn't have...Jason is shaken by the attack on his life because of the baby. He confides this to Justus and asks him to help; Justus suggests he make out a will in case anything happens to him, and Jason wants Bobbie chosen as guardian. Jason says that he will try to work things out with Moreno and not put himself as a target anymore. Later, Edward confronts Justus again and accuses him of trying to destroy him by working for Jason and says Mary Mae's heart would be broken. Jason talks to the baby and vows to take care of him better...and to give him a name.

Jimmy and Mac fight, but Mac is weak from his fever and the drugs. Jimmy gets him tied up again. Mac figures out part of what's going on; he tries to convince Jimmy to go to the police and says that Tess is setting him up. Jimmy doesn't know the whole plan but trusts Tess. He does offer to switch places with Mac once the "plan" is over. He will take over Mac's life and Mac can run off with his money and go to Spain. Mac plays along until he realizes Jimmy isn't going to help him escape. Jimmy fills him in that Felicia believes that he, Jimmy, is Mac. Mac is stunned and doesn't want to believe it. Jimmy delights in taunting Mac about he is better for Felicia. Mac won't eat because he realizes Tess has been drugging his food, so Jimmy impatiently stabs him with a needle instead. Mac has a nightmare about Felicia coming to visit him. He tries to get her to untie him, but she says she prefers the new, improved Mac better. When she asks him to share his feelings about her, he can't, so she leaves him. Tess comes home and wakes him up, saying his fever is worse.

Felicia sits at home waiting for a big date with Jimmy. He is late. Finally he takes her to a flower shop. He gives her a bunch of flowers and gets down on one knee. He starts to propose. Horrified, she yells, "Stop it! Stop it!" and runs out, crying. Jimmy is undeterred, confident that he can get Felicia to fall for him.