General Hospital Thursday January 22nd Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/22/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

I thought I had lost this one so I already did the Friday's episode, oops....part of this was missing because of a news interruption.

Emily tells Jason that school is closed because of the snow. She thanks him again for letting her stay and plans to ask one of his goons to help her with her geometry homework. She is still disgusted at Edward, Alan, and AJ. Jason offers her money but she doesn't need it. They hug before she leaves. He phones his guy Benny to set up a meeting. Alan stops by. He says he can't possibly apologize for what he did. He just says he didn't realize "how attached" he was to the baby. He regrets that his actions lost him both Jason and the baby. He pleads with Jason not to let him lose Emily, too. Jason replies that it's up to Emily and he's on his way out. Just then, Emily returns. Alan asks to speak with her and Emily nods so Jason leaves them together. But he makes sure his people keep an eye on the baby so Alan can't snatch it. (The news interrupted her but basically she tells Alan off and he leaves. Later, Lila visits.) Emily realizes she misses Lila. Jason returns and Lila apologizes for the actions of her family. Emily and Lila are working on a quilt. Emily tells Jason she's going home. They hug and Emily goes to get her stuff.

Jimmy brings Felicia some flowers. Confused still, she takes them and invites him in. She wonders why he's given her all white ones so he makes up a silly romantic story about them, flirting with her. She is intrigued and even more confused. He brings up the previous night. She says maybe the reason last night happened is that they are both "unattached" and lonely; she doesn't want to lose her good friend. Undeterred, he grabs her and kisses her passionately. He tells her they can have both. Maxie comes in and he jokes around with her. Felicia asks him if he wants lunch but he says he has to go somewhere. But he invites her out "later" and leaves. Felicia asks Maxie's advice on what to wear. Maxie picks out an outfit that's Mac's favorite color and confesses that she eavesdropped on his story. She's pleased that Mac "likes" Felicia. Felicia keeps looking at the flowers thoughtfully.

Tess reads the paper about a "big turnout at Mayor's dinner". She talks to Mac, who is handcuffed to a chair after his big escape attempt. She pours orange juice for him and drugs it before giving it to him. He is very impatient and getting angry, demanding to know what she's really up to. He notices his mouth is very dry. Later, she lightly slaps a groggy Mac awake and tells him he'll like it there eventually. He denies it. She reminds him that he once tried to kiss her, etc. when he first got there. He says that she must have some other plan because no one would think that tying him up like this is going to make him fall for her. She talks about his girlfriends and says she knows she's not Felicia. She takes her hair down so he eyes her hairpin. She tells him that she'll be all his and gets very close to him. She offers him lunch but he says he's not feeling well. There is a knock so she shuts Mac's room off and turns up music so he can't hear, then she answers the door to let Jimmy in. He tells her that Mac's been lying to her about Dara and his other friends. Meanwhile, Mac slowly makes his way to the hairpin. (the news interrupted here.) Next thing I see, Tess asks Mac about Dara. He makes up a story about his wild sex life with Dara. She yells at him to stop lying about sleeping with Dara. They both ask each other what the other is up to. He knows she needs him so she can't hurt him. She goes back into the other room where Jimmy is waiting and listening. She tells him that she'll get the information some other way. He gets angry when she calls Felicia "some bimbo".

They take off and Mac uses the hairpin to get out of his bonds. Finally, he gets the handcuffs off. He groggily makes his way to the door but on the way sees the society page with a picture of Dara and Jimmy. He realizes it's James but is surprised, since he thought he was dead. He goes out and just then, Jimmy returns and they are face to face, both stunned.

AJ tells Keesha about what happened at the mansion with Jason. She is disgusted and amazed that he got involved in the plot. She accuses him of being jealous of Jason. AJ says that he didn't go along with it until Tony compared it to an intervention. He confides he felt sorry for Jason until he motioned going for his gun.