General Hospital Tuesday January 20th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/20/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Felicia wonders why Mac isn't at work mid-day. He tells her it's not big deal. He gives her a gift of a very nice dress. She is touched as he explains that he wanted to thank her for making such a fuss on his birthday. He offers to take her to the Port Charles Grill. She wonders why but takes him up on it.

At the Port Charles Grill, Ned talks to Brenda (who has a slightly hoarse voice) about the STAR-TV lawsuit. She worries what she will do because she has no money, so he offers to cover it. She refuses, saying she has to do it on her own. Regretfully, she says she can sell her shares in L&B. He offers to hold her stock as collateral on a loan but she won't do that anyway. He does get her to agree to buy back her shares when she has the money again. They hug and she goes over to have lunch with Robin. She toasts being broke and being able to cope with it and fills Robin in on her circumstances. Robin gives her support. Brenda wonders how she can make money and thinks about modeling again. She doesn't know if Lucy will even take her but Robin encourages her to go ask her. Brenda agrees and goes upstairs to see Lucy.

Robin is looking at her menu when she sees Mac and Felicia enter the restaurant. Robin goes over to say hi when he gets a call from The Outback. Robin asks Felicia what's happening between them. Felicia says he has no clue and tells her about the dress. They wonder what's up with him. Robin thinks it might be a midlife crisis. Mac returns; Robin tells them about Brenda. Mac and Felicia have a nice romantic meal. He suggests they go upstairs to one of the room so she thinks he's truly lost it. Then she realizes he was joking (even though he wasn't). She excuses herself while he gets the check.

Lucy is not in her office so Brenda wants to set up an appointment to see her. Lucy's assistant, Don, acts a little strangely so Brenda apologizes for the photo shoot she destroyed. He gets the phone and she looks at nearby photos of Eve. She asks him about her and gets suspicious that they're replacing her. So she asks him directly if Eve is going to be the new Face of Jacks. He says she's being considered but "nothing's final". He urges her to talk to Lucy about it but she says it's too late. He is contrite about how she found out but she tells him she understands. She takes deep breaths and thanks him. Don kisses her hand and says, "You are a great model, and an even more wonderful person". She leaves and Robin meets her in the hall. Robin can tell Brenda is devastated. They both go back to the dining room and Brenda fills Robin in on what happened. Brenda tells Robin that she's going to write a nice letter to Lucy, telling her it's okay. She talks philosophically about it. She tells Robin maybe it's for the best because she didn't really need to work hard to become a model like most of them do. She feels ready for the challenge of proving herself to the world as a model.

Ned joins Alexis at her table and they flirt. He reminds her of the time they danced together. She is wary of his tactics; he tells her that Justus left the business. He fills her in on about the whole family fiasco. Alexis wonders why he doesn't like Justus; Ned says he was "pompous and judgmental". Alexis is glad her family "isn't the only one trying to kill each other". She tells Ned that she might take the job so he tells her the "perqs" of the job, including that they'll only be three doors away from each other. He tells her that he won't give up trying to convince her. They flirt some more as they talk about dancing again.

Mike visits Jason and the baby. Jason gives him details about how the baby acts. Mike laughs at what Sonny would think of seeing the baby there. Mike shows Jason his expertise on rocking the baby while he talks to him. Jason says he reads to the baby at night. Mike notices a nearby book so Jason tells him that Emily is staying with him. He explains why, in his own short, Jason way. Mike warns that teenagers are more work than babies. He admires how well Jason is going with the baby. Jason tells him he's always welcome to drop by and see the baby. Mike takes off.

Alan tries to make nice with Monica, who's still steamed about what they did. She tells him she just wants Emily to come back, and she hopes she can trust them again. She tells him she talked to Emily and she's fairly serious about staying with Jason. Alan is outraged but Monica says she already agreed to let her stay as long as she keeps doing her school work. Alan wonders if he can get her back by apologizing but Monica laughs at the idea. She recaps what happened and says they blew any chance they had with Jason. He says he had hoped that Jason would come to his senses, so she says, "You don't know him at all, do you?" He realizes she's right and says that Jason hasn't allowed him to get to know him. He agrees that he "was a fool". Monica reminds him he has another son; Alan agrees, for a change. Monica says she'll try to talk Emily into coming home. Alan, drugged as usual, takes a drink and notices that Lila wheeled herself in without saying her usual hello. They sit silently and he keeps drinking. She chides him about the drinking. They start talking about what happened. She is upset about what they did and how they all lied about it. He tries to defend it but then says they were being stupid and selfish. He confesses, "I'm just so sick of myself lately, I just can't seem to get anything right". She asks him what's wrong but he can't really explain it other than saying he's "ashamed". She comforts him anyway.

Monica visits Jason's place; he tells her Emily's at school but she can wait. She assures him she had nothing to do with what happened at the house and never would have condoned it. He says Emily might care but he doesn't. She tries to convince him that Emily shouldn't stay there, but he says it's up to Emily. Monica walks over to the baby when it cries but he stops her. She is offended but understands. Emily comes in and she's annoyed that Monica is there. They talk about what happened. Monica begs Emily to come home but she asks Monica to promise "this will never happen again". Monica would like to but knows she can't control the rest of the family. Emily insists on staying as she picks up the baby in a protective way. She agrees that eventually, she will have to come home, but she needs time. Monica gets her to agree to talk to her every day, and meet. She asks Jason to "take care of her" and Jason assures her that "she's safe". Monica leaves after a warning about homework. Later, Jason leaves on business and Emily bids him adieu. She looks like she's having trouble concentrating on her homework.

Monica returns home and gives Alan the bad news. He is in a foul mood and tells her that she didn't do it right. He plans to go himself but Monica tells him there's no point. They argue and she storms out. Alan is very upset.