General Hospital Monday January 19th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 1/19/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Monica returns home for Emily's party, all dolled up. Meanwhile, Jason apparently has decided not to draw his gun. AJ tries to talk Jason into letting them keep the baby because they have all this staff and women folk to help take care of him. Jason doesn't agree. He wonders why Tony is there. Monica walks into the showdown between Jason and the rest and wonders what's going on. They try to keep her out of it but she demands to know what's happened. She realizes Alan kept her busy at the spa. Emily fills her in on their plot to steal Jason's baby. Jason tells Emily to take the baby from Alan; AJ tells her not to. Emily tells AJ that what they're doing "is wrong". Tony says that "parenting is more than just biology", etc. Emily goes to Alan so he is forced to give the baby to her. She returns it to Jason. Tony chides Justus for not taking sides. Edward tries to stand up for Justus so Justus tells him to knock it off. He tells Jason that they have no legal grounds to steal the baby and he can have them all thrown in jail for "abduction". Jason doesn't want the cops involved. He tells AJ that he can fight with him anytime, but the rest of them won't get near the baby again. Monica and Emily are forlorn; Jason leaves, saying that's how it has to be.

They all start arguing. Justus blasts them for what they tried to do and says they don't know anything about family. Justus informs Edward that he not only lost Jason and the baby, he lost him, too. Edward warns him not to come back if he walks out the door. Justus says that's fine and leaves. Emily begs to go with him. Ned comes in late and wonders what's going on. Emily and Justus fill him in on the basics. Justus tells Emily she can't go with him and tells Ned he's through, then he leaves. Emily goes back in and blasts them all for using her and trying to take the baby away. Monica and Ned find out the extent of their dastardly deeds in the process. Edward and the rest try to defend their actions. Emily is particularly hurt that AJ would lie to her. Emily storms upstairs so Monica starts in on them. She hits home with Alan when she asks if they're "all on drugs". Ned chews out AJ for slashing his tires but he thinks there's more to it than that. He accuses AJ of trying to get in on Edward's good side by sabotaging him. He calls AJ a "coward" and a "sad, pathetic, loser" and says he'll start drinking again. AJ doesn't seem to care; instead, he accuses Ned of feeling jealous and left out. Ned turns back and tells him that he's trying again to destroy Jason, like he did back when he got drunk and got Jason injured. They argue some more until Alan comes in and tells Ned to lay off. Alan thanks AJ for his help. Monica tells Ned that Edward's upset so he reluctantly goes in to comfort him. Monica yells at Alan for all the damage he did to their family.

Meanwhile, Emily crawls out onto the roof (what, again?) and just sits there for awhile. She inches further...

Brenda talks to Jax about going nuts and how she decided to start coping. She tells him about visiting Lily's grave. Brenda thanks him for being there in her life. They hug. She asks him to phone once in a while, while he's gone, so he promises to. He leaves.

Justus and Jason chat in Jason's penthouse after putting the baby down to sleep. Justus tells him that he left ELQ and that it's fitting it happened on the anniversary of Mary Mae's death. He has to fill Jason in a little, since he doesn't remember her. He tells Jason that he's not as good as Mary Mae was at seeing the line between right and wrong. He tells Jason that he once killed someone but Jason isn't fazed. He explains why he did it and how he let Laura go to jail for it, etc. It doesn't seem to bother Jason, naturally. He tells Justus that there is an extra penthouse on that floor if Justus wants it. He hands Justus the key, rent-free, but Justus insists on paying rent. Justus makes sure there are no strings attached, then goes to check it out. He discovers that Jason WAS armed and advises him, "Guns and babies don't mix". Jason talks to the baby, saying he made a mistake taking him to the mansion. He says Robin doesn't understand that family so she advised him wrong. He tells the baby that he can see Lila and Emily but forget the rest. Emily visits, crying, and throws herself into Jason's arms. His henchman brings in a cake that someone sent. Jason assures Emily that the baby is okay but she is still upset about her family. She asks to stay there and he says it's okay. They talk about their awful family. Jason offers her dinner. A card came with the cake that was delivered; it is a second-birthday cake from Robin. Emily quizzes him on Robin and whether she knows about the baby. He assures her that Robin knows and understands, but they're not "back together". Emily looks at the baby while Jason gets him a bottle. They light the candles on their cake and wish each other a happy birthday. They blow the candles out together.

Justus looks around his new penthouse apartment while we hear Mary Mae's singing.

Edward blames Tony for their problems and the failure of getting the child. He says Tony, with his mid-life crisis, talked them into his "stupid plan". Tony is appalled and amazed at how Edward is talking to him. AJ also turns on Tony a bit, even though he's basically on his side. Ned says he glad he wasn't part of the idiotic scheme but he's not happy about being left out. Edward is only concerned about Justus so Ned fills him in on what Justus said when he was leaving. Edward is very upset about Justus leaving but Ned doesn't care. Monica goes upstairs to check on Emily. Alan tells AJ how glad he is to see him still there. AJ is pleased at his praise and pride. Alan tells him he's sorry about how distant they've become. Monica comes down to angrily tell them that, thanks to them, Emily climbed out her window to go live with Jason.