General Hospital Friday January 16th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 1/16/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Felicia puts up a Happy Birthday banner at The Outback for Mac's birthday. Jimmy thanks her but she tells him it's just for business. She asks if he remembers last year so he covers. She hints at Katherine's accident but of course he has no idea what she means. He phones Tess to get information about it, in a panic. Tess tells him to "calm down". She goes into another room so Mac won't hear. Jimmy tells her to get him the info about Katherine. Tess hangs up and puts on her crazy act for Mac. He questions her about who was on the phone but she lies that it was a "telemarketer". She lets slip that he's a Capricorn so he gets suspicious. She says he misunderstood, she's a Capricorn. He says it's his birthday so she gets out pans to make him a cake. This gives her the opportunity to quiz him about his past birthdays. He asks her why she's "so interested" but she doesn't answer. She gets him to talk about Katherine, but he lies that he broke up with Katherine a year ago, after they went dancing. She feeds him cake and he says he "hates flying", perhaps another lie? She goes out to get his present ordered.

Brenda comes home to find Jax lighting a fire in her fireplace. She says she can tell he's worried about her. She assures him she's working on getting better, she just has to face her feelings when they come up. She also mentions she's seeing Gail, who says she's "made progress". They talk about Lucy hiring a new model; it makes her somewhat "sad" and "jealous" but it will mean less pressure for her. Jax tells her he has to leave for a little while on business; she is relieved that he's taking a vacation. He tells her it's family business--he has to rescue Jerry, who's kind of stranded. Brenda tells him to "be careful".

Edward puts on music at home, Mary Mae's CD; he stares into the fire and remembers the old days. Justus comes in and Edward talks to him, reminiscing about her. It is two years since she died. Justus says she would have appreciated this rather than flowers or anything. He told him that he went by the Ward House before going there, to hear the kids. Edward talks about how protective she was of her family. He tells Justus to "fight to keep Mary Mae's legacy alive". Justus wonders what he means. Edward gets a phone call from Alan, telling him to get Justus out of there since Jason's on his way. Edward asks Justus to help him out, he needs to send him to Chicago for a business crisis. Justus is bewildered but reluctantly agrees.

Jason prepares the baby for the trip to the Quartermaine's place. Robin arrives to offer moral support; he tells her it'll be a short visit. She gives him a knit cap for the baby--she's on her way to the Outback for Mac's party. He assures her that he won't take any chances with the baby, like driving it on the motorcycle.

Robin greets Felicia warmly at the Outback. They joke around about Mac in front of him. Robin notices that he's overly-friendly with Felicia. Robin gives Mac a gift and chastises him for not visiting over the holidays. He says "things came up" but has to make an excuse about losing his passport when she asks what. He gives her a long-winded excuse that makes her laugh but it's not very unbelievable. Dara arrives and Mac jumps up to welcome her. He's not pleased when she reveals that Felicia phoned to invite her. Felicia brings out a cake with candles. Robin tells Felicia she's surprised that Dara is there, since Felicia seemed jealous before of her relationship with Mac. Jimmy accidentally makes a cutting remark to Dara out of ignorance. Felicia gives Mac a Sherlock Holmes cap to go with the cape she gave him last year (which of course he doesn't remember). He goes to kiss her but she is annoyed because it is a joke gift, since he hated the coat she gave him. "What's the matter with you?" she asks. He really has no answer. He answers the phone; it's Tess, who fills him in on last year. Dara bids them goodbye. Felicia tells Mac to stop acting weird. He talks about last year and dumping Katherine. They wonder what he's talking about and correct him that last year Katherine was in a wheelchair and dumped HIM. Felicia walks off, irritated. Robin, concerned, asks him if he's okay.

Tony and Alan prepare at the Q mansion; Alan is overconfident and Tony wonders if it will work. Edward comes in and tells them Justus will be angry when he realizes he's on a "wild goose chase". They wonder how they'll sell it to Justus, Monica, and Emily. Meanwhile, AJ takes care of Ned by slashing his tires so he won't get to the party on time. He arrives at the party and fills his cohorts in that the plan is going accordingly. Emily is surprised to see Tony there. AJ thinks Jason will be suspicious if he sees him, so Tony excuses himself for now. Justus returns unexpectedly, making Edward panic. Justus says he just wanted to give Emily her gift and he gets suspicious about why Edward is trying to get rid of him. Just then, Jason arrives with the baby. Alan tries to take the baby out of Jason's arms to give it to Lila, but Jason stares him down and gives it to Lila himself. Lila, Justus, and Emily admire the baby while Jason hovers protectively. Alan, AJ, and Edward glare silently from the other side of the room. Emily invites him to dinner but he says he can't stay long. They wheel Lila out and Alan manages to get the baby away from her. Jason says "we're going now" but they say no, the baby is staying. Alan wants to discuss how hard it is for Jason to be a single parent. Edward helps gang up on him. Justus defends Jason and gets into an argument with Edward, who asks him to go into the other room. Emily stands, open-mouthed. Alan points out the great job the Q's did with him and AJ (bad idea!) and how much danger the baby is in with Jason.

Justus and Edward argue in the other room about what's going on with the baby. Justus is outraged both at Edward trying to get him out of town and what they're trying to do. Edward says Mary Mae would have condoned it. Justus had enough and yells at him, "You shut your mouth, old man!" and tears him apart for quoting Mary Mae to condone what he's doing. He says that Edward will never include him because he's too conscientious, like Mary Mae. Justus seems to come to a decision and storms out.

Jason tells them that he's taking the baby. Emily tries to get them all to cool off and leave the baby out of it. Justus, Edward, and Tony come back in the room. Jason realizes it was all "planned"; Emily is appalled. Jason tells them he's not leaving without the baby and threatens them. AJ stands in front of Alan and the baby. Jason reaches into his coat....