General Hospital ThursdayJanuary 15th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 1/15/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Monica and Emily are up late the night before Emily's birthday. She is "reflecting" on her life. She says her teacher makes them come up with 3 things good about themselves. She tells Monica she is very thankful for her family. Monica asks if she's sure all she wants is a "simple family dinner"; she says yes but she already made her wish: that Jason and his kid could find a place they belong.

Jason talks to the baby while he sits in the park with him in a stroller. Robin comes up and says hi. They talk about the baby. He asks after Brenda and she fills him in on her progress, including that she's moving in with her. He's happy that she's staying. She says Paris was a good experience but she wants to come home. However, she tells him she won't pick up her life where she left off because she knows the world has gone on. The baby squirms and Jason recognizes that it's hungry. Robin wants to feed him the bottle so Jason agrees and they go back to his place. Later, Robin tries to help the baby sleep by giving him his favorite stuffed turtle. She wishes they had a name to call him. Jason chats about a bathtime anecdote. Robin observes that he's "bonding" with the baby, and she thinks it would be better if he were bonding with his father, AJ. She talks about Carly's misdeeds with AJ but Jason sticks up for her. She wonders what he'll do if Carly doesn't come back. She also points out how "painful" it will be for him to give up the baby when the time comes. He doesn't care, he just plans to take of it as long as he has to. The phone rings, waking up the baby.

At the Port Charles Grill, Justus tells Ned he went over the dock proposal and has some problems with it. They bicker about it. Ned accuses Justus of protecting Jason's interests on the docks and suggests he "get his priorities straight". Ned wants Edward there but Justus says he'll talk to him separately so he can be heard. Justus resents Ned's attitude. He also resents that they leave him out of the "real business" when he is such a good lawyer. Ned makes excuses but then berates him. What he's really bugged about is how Justus is their conscience, always vetoing their underhanded ideas. Justus says that the real reason Ned keeps him out of business is that Edward has a soft spot for him and he feels threatened. But Justus tells him there is no real competition between them, just a "deeper emotional connection". Justus doesn't care what they think, he says, "My days of being a token ANYTHING in this family are over". Ned, miffed, takes off after making another cutting remark.

Keesha meets Jason at the Port Charles Grill. She reminds him that tomorrow is the second anniversary of Mary Mae's death, but he's been so distracted that he forgot. He tells her how discontent and restless he is with ELQ. She says if she were him, she'd "turn and run like Hell". They have a good laugh over that. Keesha talks about how he used to be. She wonders if he's really thinking about being Jason's lawyer, and he tells her he is. She asks when he's going to stop paying for Damian Smith's death and start living his dreams again. She begs him not to become Jason's "mouthpiece". He says Jason is more honest about what he does then the Q's. She says this would have killed Mary Mae. He agrees that things would have been different if she'd lived. But he assures her he'll stay at ELQ until they push him too far.

Edward tells AJ he's like him to go to a business meeting at ELQ. AJ thanks him. Monica and Emily go shopping. Lila asks Edward not to ruin Emily's birthday. Tony visits to ask for their help getting the baby away from Jason. Tony pleads his case, saying he thinks the child's in danger. He tells them he was Jason's doctor so he knows how limited his "function" is. He says that the child could either get shot or kidnapped to be used against Jason. He suggests they get Jason to come over with the baby and then won't let it leave. Tony thinks that if they bargain with Jason, he will give in because he is not emotionally capable of connecting with the baby. They will convince him that the baby will be better off with Monica, Lila, and Emily, and leave him free for his business (neglecting to talk about the rest of the Q's). Tony says that no matter what, they won't let him leave with the baby. They are unsure but Alan is for the idea. Edward would rather pay off Carly but since she's not around, he agrees. AJ is the only one who won't agree at all, saying it won't work. He knows Jason's not going to break Carly's promise and besides, Jason hates them. They argue. Tony tells them it's like an "intervention". Edward says that Monica, Lila, and Emily won't agree but Tony says just get him there. Edward suggests a kooky plan but AJ comes up with a better idea to get Jason there: invite him to Emily's birthday party and have Tony hide upstairs. AJ finally agrees but says they should keep it from Ned. Monica and Emily return from shopping; Monica wonders why Tony's there so Alan makes up a lie. Edward apologizes for being grumpy to Emily about her birthday. He promises to get everyone to her party on time. He asks Emily to ask Jason to bring the baby to her party, for LILA'S sake. Emily say she won't show, but she agrees to try. Tony lurks nearby, listening. Monica notices that the men are all acting strangely. Alan tells her that he booked her a session at the spa so she can go from work to there and then home for the party (and stay out of his way as they plot). She thanks him for generosity and flirts. She leaves. Tony wonders if they're doing the right thing but Alan assures him they are. Monica tells AJ she's proud to see him there and mentions "honesty", making him look like he feels guilty. Ned comes in and makes a nasty remark to AJ, who laughs it off. Ned tells Edward that Justus will be "trouble" but Edward stands up for him, annoying Ned further. Emily phones Jason; he is going to turn her down but Robin talks him into it. Edward thanks Emily but asks her to keep Jason's visit a "secret". He gives the other guys the good news. AJ says that if Jason leaves without the baby, "We're going to pay for it, one way or another".