General Hospital WednesdayJanuary 14th Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/13/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Katherine and Stefan go out for the evening at the Port Charles Grill. He stares at her because he thinks she's so beautiful. She is wearing a beautiful designer dress that he got her from France. She thanks him for his generosity and they joke about him "spoiling" her. Stefan gets an important conference call from his broker in Tokyo and excuses himself. Kath is finishing her dinner when Helena comes up to chat. She introduces herself warmly and sits down. Katherine refuses to shake her hand and warns her that Stefan will be back soon. Helena says he'll be awhile so Kath knows that Helena arranged the call. She asks Helena what she wants and Helena pleads desperation, saying she needs her help. She asks Katherine to give her details on Nikolas' condition so Kath fills her in. Helena is skeptical about Stefan's care but Kath tells her that Nikolas doesn't want help right now. Helena thinks he's too "isolated" and that Stefan's attitude toward him is not healthy. Katherine informs her that she has the wrong idea about them and basically asks her to leave. Helena tells her she misses Nikolas and makes it sound like Stefan is being unfair about keeping them apart. Helena asks her to think for herself and points out that everyone said she's kill Natasha, and yet she remains alive. Helena flatters her and asks her not to take her side with Stefan because it would be "deadly" for her and Stefan will be suspicious of her from now on. Helena leaves and Kath doesn't know what to think. Stefan returns and touches her arm and she jumps up, startled. He asks what's wrong. Helena hovers nearby and Katherine tells him what happened, saying that Helena manipulated the whole thing. He thinks she's leaving something out so she snaps at him.

Luke runs into Helena on the docks; he reminds her of old times and flirts. She jokes back about making love to him. He hits a nerve when he mentions Mikkos. She wonders why she's never had him "disemboweled" so he says she loves to hate him. He tries to figure out why she's there. He finds it ironic that Natasha is the only one she has power over and needles her about losing Nikolas. He makes other observations about her situation and wonders what she'll do. He loses his smile when she threatens his family. He assures her that his family is taken care of. She leaves with a cryptic threat. Luke phones Laura to check up on the family. He is amazed to hear Lulu chatter away in the background. After he finishes chatting, Lucky comes up and wonders what was going on. He is worried because he found one of of Lulu's toys from Switzerland at home, with a note from Helena saying "she should take better care of her toys". Luke is angry and worried. He phones a friend in Geneva to look in on Laura and says he'll be there tomorrow himself. Lucky is still worried about Helena. Luke says Helena "doesn't send warnings", so they are safe for now. It's just her way of playing a game with them. Lucky insists on going with Luke to Switzerland. Luke tells Lucky that Helena is working on something in Port Charles so she's trying to distract him away from it.

Tony chews out Bobbie for sabotaging his plan to have the social worker visit Jason. She is unrepentant and tells him that what he did was "mean and wrong". She points out that it wouldn't be very fair if social services had dropped in on them when Lucas was a baby, but he doesn't buy that. He calls Jason an "unfeeling, amoral, gun-packing, half-wit". He is emotional and out of control. Bobbie tells him that he's out of line for disapproving of the baby's parents. Meanwhile, AJ hears them talking and hides, but then shows himself. He hears Tony say that the baby might not be Jason's so he asks what he means. Tony just means that the biological parents aren't always the "right" ones, like in the case of Lucas. He points out how little responsibility Jason has taken for the baby and compares him to himself and how well he's taken care of Carly. He is ranting in a hysterical monologue while they watch. Tony says he is the only one who wanted the baby. Bobbie says, aghast, "Carly wanted the baby!" but Tony disagrees. AJ thinks maybe he's right, the baby should be taken away from Jason and Carly. Bobbie tells them how it was at Jason's penthouse when she visited, saying that it was perfectly normal and safe. Tony accuses her of being biased and reminds her that the baby doesn't even have a first name yet. She says "he has a last name, it just isn't yours" and then walks out.

Robin goes to GH and runs into Keesha as she gets off the elevator. She explains she's there having her blood tested just to make Alan happy. She also tells Keesha that she's staying. Keesha is reluctant to mention Jason and the baby but Robin says it's okay. They both share a dislike for Carly, but for different reasons. Robin doesn't mention that AJ's the real father, naturally. Keesha tells Robin how much he wanted the baby, even though he only had a one night stand with Carly. Keesha says he has a hole in his life now that he needs to fill. AJ walks by and greets Robin. He chats with Keesha for a second about a work thing. Keesha leaves and AJ quizzes Robin how things are. She makes an excuse to leave but he stops her and wants to know what Jason told her. "Everything", she replies. He asks her about what she knew about Jason and Carly sleeping together. She is reluctant but he presses her so she tells him she wasn't here and nothing to do with it all. He says that Jason was never the guy she thought he was but she denies it. He demands to know why she didn't tell him that Jason wasn't so great after all. He really puts down Jason and how much he's hurt people. Tony walks by then, still chewing out Bobbie and calls Jason "that animal" but stops when he sees Robin. She tells them that none of them really know him or what's going on. Robin lashes out at them for never getting to know the real Jason. She says he would protect the baby with his life but they don't care what she says.