General Hospital Friday November 20th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 11/20/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Just when Jax is in a tense moment during the gambling, Julia wants to interrupt him. V. insists they speak first and leads her outside. She tells Julia who she really is. Simon thinks it's interesting and wants to watch the two women fight but Jax tells him to deal. Julia says she remembered her already. V. tells her that Jax doesn't love her and they're not sleeping together, and fills her in on why they're there. Julia believes her and asks her to tell Jax to come to her if he needs help (even though they both know he won't). V. returns to the table. Simon suggests they now start "playing with some real money" and lays a big wad of cash on the table. Jax takes the gamble. But he loses his money to Simon. Jax wants to keep playing. He suggests they each draw one card and the highest one wins. Simon suggests double or nothing and that Jax wager "Isabella" since he doesn't have enough money to cover the bet. Isabella says it's fine with her but Jax objects. They determine that the wager will just be a "nightcap" in his room. Jax objects again but V. agrees, so they each draw a card. Jax draws a King, but Simon draws an ace.

The waiter refers to Katherine and Nikolas "you young lovers". Katherine talks about the Quartermaines and how weird they can be. She asks him what's going on with Emily and him--she suggests Emily has a crush on him. He says they're "just friends". Nikolas wants to talk about their relationship, so they do. She brings up what she thinks are the obstacles but he shoots them down. He asks her what's really stopping her from getting together with him. She makes an excuse and leaves. In her room, Katherine has a flashback to her and Nikolas the night she expected Stefan, when they kissed passionately and almost had sex. Nikolas phones her and says he'll come by with something she left at the restaurant. She opens the door and he's standing there. He gives her what she forgot--a big kiss from him. She keeps saying that people will talk, but he kisses her more.

Lucky phones Liz and gets Audrey; she tells him Liz is at the library to research a mural for school. Just then, Laura knocks on his door so he hangs up and lets her in. Lucky gives her more details about why he and Luke were up in the cabin. When she questions him more, Lucky thinks she is wondering whether he said anything about her and Stefan. She says Luke doesn't need to worry about anything more, and he agrees. He tells her that he realizes that she and Luke have their "thing" and he has his, and he can't stay mad at them any more. She tells him she loves him and leaves to give him more room. Before she does, he tells her that Luke will figure something is different between her and Stefan. She assures him that Luke is the only one she loves. Later, he is just about to leave when Liz arrives. They hug and she asks him what happened. He says he'll fill her in later and explains about what happened with the answering machine. He gives her the bracelet he found the night Luke abducted him. Later, she informs him that the police aren't prosecuting Tom for raping her. Lucky is outraged.

Jerry gives Stefan the information he wanted. The man with the mask was there in the room during the ball. Stefan wants to know the name but Jerry says it doesn't matter and that it wouldn't hold up in court because there's no proof that Luke loosened the railing. Stefan demands to know anyway. Jerry is not happy about it and swears Stefan to secrecy. Stefan knows he means from Bobbie so he promises not to reveal Jerry as his source. Jerry tells him it was Alan. Stefan takes out a briefcase full of money and gives it to Jerry. Jerry tells Stefan that he "can be a good friend or a bad enemy", takes the briefcase, and leaves. Stefan looks at the papers Jerry gave him and puts them in Luke's death mask. Laura arrives for a visit. She thanks him for telling her where Luke and Lucky were and he asks about Lucky's health. She tells him that they got close again. Stefan is not pleased. She tells him she can't keep visiting him and Nikolas there any more because she has a chance to get her family together again. Nikolas and she will get together elsewhere, she says. Stefan smiles his shark smile and tries to be gracious. Then he makes more insinuatingly nasty comments about Luke, once again saying that Luke will probably spill the news about Nikolas' true parentage. She tells him again how much she loves Luke. He goes to get something for her. While he's gone, she looks at the mask and picks up the papers. She reads the papers and looks shocked. Then she looks at the photo of Luke in the mask. Stefan watches her and then makes noise when he comes in so she can put the stuff down swiftly. He gives her something from the island and she leaves.

Bobbie chats with Lucas about Jerry and their impending trip. Luke limps in to visit. She is surprised at his condition. He asks what she knows, and she doesn't know much. He fills her in on what happened at the cabin. He asks her to look at his leg and she does. She reluctantly tells him about her trip with Jerry. He wonders if she should do it and asks who's paying for it. She admits he is and he wonders where the money's coming from.

Julia phones Jerry to tell him what Jax is up to. Jerry tells her that Jax is not very receptive to him right now. She says she'll wire him money to give to Jax. he decides to give Jax his own money. He quickly hangs up on her and looks at the airplane tickets in his hand, considering something.

Bobbie hears a phone message from Jerry saying that he has to cancel their trip to the carribean and he'll explain later, he's off to Monte Carlo. Lucas is very disappointed and Bobbie looks perturbed.