General Hospital Thursday November19th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/19/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Carly and Jason chat about Michael. Robin tells Jason she's going to Italy for a few weeks with a study group. He's surprised she didn't mention it before. She admits it is because of what happened with Carly and AJ. Carly interrupts them and Robin tells her she's getting what she wanted. Jason insists on driving Robin to the airport. Jason doesn't understand why she's running away. He asks her if she's coming back this time. She says even though she said she'd stick with him through this, she can't handle being around Carly. She hopes that when she gets back, Carly will be gone and things will better between them. She promises she'll be back and gives him a quick kiss before leaving, but then she turns around and they hug and say they love each other, and kiss better.

Carly hears Michael talking on the baby monitor and prays he goes back to sleep, but he stays awake and cries. She runs up the stairs finally. When Jason comes home, Carly fills him in on how well she got along with Michael. He sits on the couch, looking tired and emotionally drained. Jason says Robin can't take her living there and it's not good for Michael to be around them fighting, so she has to move out before Robin returns. He tells her that they'll start looking for someplace new for her and Michael to live. Carly doesn't argue.

Jerry visits Bobbie. He asks her to go away with him on a Carribean trip. When she objects, he says that they can bring Lucas to this kid-friendly resort. He makes a crack about Luke, but Bobbie stands up for him and tells him what Luke means to her. Jerry admires her passion and caring. Bobbie agrees to go on the trip and can't wait to tell Lucas.

Stefan tells Laura that he found Luke and Lucky. He gives her a map to show where the cabin is. He wonders if Luke has told Lucky about Stefan being Nikolas' father, but she says Luke wouldn't do that. She asks him not to get involved further.

Lucky tells Luke he could he tell was dreaming about the rape while he was feverish. Lucky has more of an understanding now about where Luke is coming from. He admits that Luke was right about this being between him and Laura. Laura arrives at the cabin. She asks Lucky if he's okay, and he replies, "Better than him". She asks what happened so they fill her in. Luke asks her how she found them. Lucky asks about Liz; Laura says she was worried before she got his call. Luke says he left a message on the machine so Laura figures out that Lulu erased it. Luke apologizes for her worrying. Laura wonders when they're coming home. When Lucky tells her how sick Luke was, she insists Luke go to GH; Lucky says he can drive him. Stefan lurks outside and hears Laura say she wants Luke "safely back home". Lucky helps Luke out; Luke promises to get in touch with Laura so they can talk as soon as he gets his leg checked out. She looks sad. Stefan watches them all drive away.

Stefan phones Jerry to say he wants prove that Luke loosened the railing by tomorrow evening. Jerry says he'll have it.

Felicia drops by Alan's place with lunch. He is suspicious about her motives but she says she won't meet his dealer unless he wants her to. Alan shares his experiences about getting hooked so Felicia can use it in her book. He will introduce her to his dealer, but she warns her not to tell him that she's doing research for a book. He worries what the dealer would do if he found out she was married to the police commissioner. Felicia assures him she'll be fine.

Nikolas visits Katherine and asks her out to dinner. She wants to stay as friends, she tells him once again. He starts touching and kissing her.