General Hospital Wednesday November18th Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/18/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Jax and V enter the casino. Jax meets Simon Prentiss, someone he put out of business last year. Simon holds no grudges. Thaao is there and he introduces "Isabella" to Simon. They sit down to play baccarat. Ned and Alexis walk up and say hi. Jax is chilly, not happy to see them. Jax chews Ned out later, saying he doesn't need any help. Jax voices a lot of objections but Ned counters them. Just as Ned is describing Julia in awful terms, Julia comes up and seems very happy to see him. They kiss while Alexis watches with open mouth. Julia chews out Jax and V. again, so they walk away from her. Ned tries to keep Julia distracted with compliments. Ned tells her how much he dislikes Jax but reminds her that Jax loved Brenda. Alexis hides nearby, looking frustrated. Jax beats Simon at baccarat. Ned finds Alexis later and tries to talk to her but Julia comes up again. She introduces herself to Alexis and gives some champagne to them both. V. worries about Jax betting so much money.

Nikolas remembers his passionate kisses with Katherine. He phones her office but she's out.

Lucky looks over Luke, who is sleeping. Luke has nightmares about the rape. Luke wakes him up to give him some coffee and asks him about his leg. He sees that Luke has a fever so he looks for aspirin. He is looking in Luke's bag when Luke grabs him roughly by the shoulder and says, "don't...don't let me...hurt her..." He looks wild-eyed. Lucky says he won't, then Luke goes back to sleep. Lucky tells him he's leaving to get some medicine. He looks worried. Luke keeps having the nightmares. He has it with the present-day Luke and Laura re-enacting the dance scene/rape, too. Lucky returns with medicine he got from a ranger and gets Luke to wake up enough to take it. Luke keeps dreaming about the rape. At one point he puts Lucky in the background at the disco while present-day Luke and Laura say the words from the rape scene. Then the scene changes and Luke starts talking about her sleeping with Stefan. Lucky tries to calm him in his delirium. He notes that Luke's fever is dropping. Dream Laura tells Luke that she and Stefan can help him. Luke insists on holding her one more time before he dies, then he says, "dance with me" and the rape scenario continues, still with the present day Luke and Laura. Dream Lucky still watches from the background. Luke pleads with him to "Stop this!" and asks the real Lucky, "Don't let me hurt her!" Lucky helps him out of his anxiety as best he can. Luke's fever finally breaks and he is lucid. Lucky puts the animal trap back on the wall and tells Luke he read that wolves are not vicious like people think. He goes to make soup.

Carly chats with Robin when she comes in, about presents she got for Michael. Robin is kind of bitchy and they argue about Michael. Robin notices that Carly is planning to do more decorating than she has time for and wonders how long Carly thinks she'll be there. AJ visits and things get even more tense. Carly wants to show him the stuff she bought but Robin insists he leaves, since Michael is there. Carly pitches a fit and they start having a big argument. AJ feels bad for starting this and leaves. Carly walks him out so AJ explains what happened before. Carly says she knows about it but she doesn't agree with how Robin is acting. They compliment each other. He shares that it's his birthday and she wishes him a happy one, but then they both remember his last birthday so he kind of smirks and then leaves. She goes back in and starts in on Robin again. Robin gives it back to her and they keep arguing about AJ, Jason, etc. until Jason gets home. Next we see Jason with Michael and Leticia, calming down Michael. Leticia mentions that AJ was there and takes Michael for a walk. Jason asks what happened so Robin gives the short version. Carly elaborates, putting her own spin on things. Robin calls her a liar, shocking them. Carly complains and threatens to take Michael. Jason tries to calm her and tells them that they have to get along better for Michael's sake. Robin is just as annoyed at his attitude as Carly is; she storms upstairs.

Jerry questions Amy about the ball, showing her the pictures he has. Amy babbles on. Jerry's cover story is that he wants a job from one of the big shots at the ball but he can't identify that one in the death's head mask. She offers to get him a job at GH but he steers her back to the subject at hand. He walks off after not getting any info. Alan comes up, asks her if Monica is around, and gives her some x-rays from Tony's clinic. Amy has no clue about Alan's current status. She introduces him to Jerry, who shows him the picture. Alan says he recognizes the person in the picture. Jerry quizzes him about when and where he saw him. Alan tells him he spoke to him, but he doesn't think he spoke to Alan. He remembers he seemed to want to use the phone in Stefan's study.

Tony sits with Helena. They trade witticisms. She tells him that she's worried about Katherine and what side effects she might have of the medication the doctors gave her to keep her alive. Katherine arrives for lunch with Helena so Tony leaves. Katherine says she has a plan for revenge for Stefan. Helena is intrigued and questions Katherine. Nikolas comes by and orders Helena to leave. Katherine objects but Helena says it's okay and leaves. Nikolas acts manly and tells Katherine that he wants her to be with him, not Helena. She gets antsy and wants to leave, explaining that he's not "safe".