General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/17/98


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/17/98 by Suzanne Lanoue

Taggert meets Mac on the docks and they talk about a drug dealer being killed on Cortland Street. Mac worries more about Felicia and tells Taggert to keep her safe "whatever it takes".

Robin complains to Jason that he has taken care of Michael all morning and Carly hasn't even gotten out of bed. Just then, Carly walks downstairs, saying she overslept. She makes a pointed comment to Robin and greets Michael. Carly was so happy to sleep in a regular bed, trying to make excuses, but Jason tells her it doesn't matter that she slept in. Robin leaves for her day. Jason and Carly coo over Michael. Jason fills her in on Michael's eating habits. She thinks he doesn't know her but Jason says Michael does. Bobbie arrives and welcomes Carly home. Bobbie gives Carly a locket with a picture of Michael and they chat about him. Jason brings Michael out, ready to leave for work, and Carly whines at him to take the day off so they can all spend it together. She backs off but when Jason tells her that Leticia can't come in, she agrees that Michael can't be left alone with her, since he doesn't know her any more. Jason leaves and Carly frets about how Jason has come down in the world, working at a garage. Then she makes fun of Robin and her house. She tells Bobbie that none of them belong there. Bobbie praises how wonderful the place is, especially the yard. Carly says more nasty things about Robin so Bobbie points out that she's not so bad. Carly bristles at her mom sticking up for Robin. Bobbie sits her down and asks her to think about how lucky she is to be out of the hospital and be grateful for what she has. Carly agrees and suggests they go out shopping for Michael.

Alan's drug dealer visits him while Felicia watches from across the hall. Alan tells him they can't meet there any more. They do a quick exchange and the dealer leaves. Felicia visits Alan and tells him she knows that was his dealer that visited him. She offers to help but regretfully he tells her there's nothing she can do. She asks to meet the dealer and Alan looks at her like she's crazy. She tells him about her writing. Alan doesn't think it's a good idea, too risky for her. He says terrible things about the dealer and blames all of his problems on him. Then he realizes what he said and blames himself. Felicia promises to "be careful". Felicia tells him he's just "going through a hard time". He hopes his new job will help him turn around. She asks him if he's okay and he says he's just taken a small amount of the drug and besides, he's only working with "charts and records". He agrees to help her and leaves for work. Robin visits Felicia. Felicia isn't happy that she's there where it's dangerous. Robin vents about Carly. She can't talk to Jason about it, she shares. She worries about losing her temper with Carly or what trouble she might cause. Felicia asks her if she's worried about her stealing Jason away, but Robin says no, she knows Jason loves her. Felicia suggests that she take any comments or actions of Carly's in stride, which will drive her "nuts". Robin's not sure she can do that. Felicia thinks Carly might leave if she's left alone all the time at home with Michael and nothing else to do, especially since Jason will support her whether she lives there or not. Robin thanks Felicia for making her feel better. Later, Taggert visits Felicia so she tells him off. He tells her he's investigating a shooting so her interest is peaked. She suggests she be an informant for him. He seems to like the idea (or pretends to). He gives her the details of the shooting. He wants to stop the "drug-related" crimes that have shot up since Moreno took over. She agrees to fill him in if she hears anything. Later, Taggert assures Mac that he's watching over Felicia.

Carly visits Jason at the garage. She is carrying a huge stuffed lion she bought for Michael. Carly worries about Jason's money, so he assures her there's "plenty". He tells her he works because he has an interest in motorcycle repair but she calls it "a pit". She tells him that she used to date guys that worked in places like this, and that he doesn't belong there. Her ranting wakes up Michael, so Jason has to calm him down. Carly bitches about how Robin talked him into leaving the mob, but Jason tells her that what talked him out of it was Robin almost being killed by a bomb one day in his car. She's shocked to learn that Rinaldo was killed by it instead and gets upset when he says it might have been Michael. Jason tells her that's why he quit. Carly has to agree but says that Jason belonged in that world and not here in a garage. Carly keeps complaining about Robin and wishes he had chosen to be an executive instead. Jason says he would be bored doing big business; he likes fixing bikes and riding them. She concludes that since he has money like he says, then she will start spending it to improve their surroundings. She starts griping about Robin's taste in decorating the nursery while Jason fixes the bike and tries to ignore her.

Monica and AJ chat about Carly being back. Monica can't figure out why Bobbie forgave Carly, but AJ suggests Monica befriend Carly to get to Michael. Monica dismisses the idea, then Edward walks in and tells AJ to get over to see Carly so they can get Michael away from her (eventually). Monica and Edward get into an argument; she thinks it's too soon to visit Carly. They also argue about Tony. Ned comes in and tells them there are reporters at "the main gate" to ask about Emily's nude photo. Monica is concerned and leaves to find Emily at school. Edward blames Ned for the mess, since he encourage her to go into modeling. He orders Ned to go visit Jason and welcome Carly back, but Ned refuses, saying he's on his way to Monte Carlo. Edward objects but Ned is determined to go on vacation. AJ tells Edward off, too, for momentarily offering the future of ELQ to Ned even though he had agreed to give it to AJ if he gets Michael back. Edward maintains that he knew Ned would turn him down to get Michael. AJ says there's a better way to get to Carly. He figures in about a week, Jason will be ready to kick out Carly because of Robin, so they can rescue her. Edward praises his thinking. Reginald wheels Lila in and reminds Edward about the reporters. Edward tells Ned to phone the lawyers and orders Reginald to get rid of the reporters. Monica and Emily enter, so Edward starts in on them. Monica tells him off, then Mr. Juergen from the modeling agency visits. Edward is not happy to see him and tells him to leave, threatening to sue. Juergen tells him that he will be the one to sue, because he has a contract with Emily. She tells Edward that she has no choice but to finish working under her contract. Monica agrees but lays down some rules. Someone in the family must always be there to chaperone her. Emily and Lila are happy, but Edward isn't.

Ned meets with Alexis on the docks. They walk, arm-in-arm and he says sweet things to her. They kiss and he asks her to go to Monte Carlo with him. He tells her that he phoned Jax and learned that Julia is there. He figured he could "distract" Julia and wants her help. Alexis easily agrees and they kiss again.

Later, Bobbie chats with Robin. She knows that Carly's being there is not great for her. Robin says she knows it's best for Michael, so Bobbie hugs there and thanks her.